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Kawasaki Teases All New Side X Side for 2020, New Kawasaki Dirt Bike Line Up, & More!

Everybody welcome to the weekly fix as always i am neil this week big news kawasaki teasing us with their new sport side by side kawasaki also announcing the k x 454 2020 ducati hadn’t back to pikes peak with a vengeance and we take a look at the new honda talon i 4-wheel drive all right so kawasaki has finally done it and teased us with that side by side video

That came out actually just yesterday so hopefully if you haven’t seen it check it out real right now it’s real short and fast but really they’re showing us is the front end of this thing so we got some headlights we got some tires some high fenders so we’re gonna go from here it looks like release date which they have given us that fact is the 7th of october which

Will be right after the sansho right after the out road show so we’re hoping maybe those events we might see something or maybe run into it camp raiser at the end of the month but anyways big thing on this the patents were released so a lot of these guys do a lot of research online and they’ll dig up these patents so the one thing i thought i saw that caught my

Eye was the roll cage looks like it is a tubular cage both front and trojan and rear intrusion which is pretty sharp so i’m looking forward to that then it comes down to the motor so is it naturally aspirated is it a three cylinder is a four cylinder is it gonna be turbocharged i’m really really hoping they are going to jump into the game with the north american

Counterparts and not so much the japanese counterparts but sixty four inch 72 inch 68 inch i don’t you can’t tell the width on the photo to seat four seat somebody made a point and said hey you got look at the back of the cage looks like there’s extra seat belts so maybe the first photo is a four seater it’s hard to tell and of course the big question we were asked

Just yesterday was how much you think it’s gonna be i think that’s gonna depend on of course the motor and then of course suspension everything else cuz it looks tall but that’s just the camera shot if you look at that video so we are super pumped though because we were joking how great would that be if that was the zx-14 motor in there or the h2 250 horsepower

Stack them up however you do it i can’t wait to see what they’re gonna show us hopefully i’ll keep dropping videos throughout the summer and hey we’ll see this thing in the fall all right and also on the kawasaki front here they have also announced their 2020 lineup for some of the moto bikes and the big one is the kx 450 cannot wait to see this thing so i like

The tag they put on this bike right away it says race experienced riders that’s a good point on theirs because they literally are just below what you know tomac and the rest of the big boys are riding so kind of a no-holds-barred machine on this one so look forward to this because for 2020 of course you’ll have the hydraulic clutch electric start is pretty much

The norm now thank god because that kickstart gets old show a suspension and the nice thing with cowie that they do and they took this from their street bikes if you remember the bulk and they started this was the ergo fit so you have different bar positions you can do different flip peg positions you can do to really dial in the fit how you’re gonna ride it etc

So these will be coming out there they kind of them speculated for the fall but 2020 i think might bleed into 2020 so we’ll find out but either way check out the whole lineup because they released a klx 300 and some new models that are really gonna bring the green back on to the scene so check them out and we’ll see what happens all right so ducati is heading

Back to colorado on this time it is to race pikes peak which will be at the end of this month if you don’t know what that is that is a ridiculously rate a fast race going up a million turns up to the top of the peak conditions can be sun rain snow you never know what you’re gonna get there but anyways it’s the ultimate testing ground for performance vehicles and

What they’re doing is they are bringing a prototype of a bike that’s gonna be coming out the street fighter v 4 if you know the new v 4 platform that’s the panigale 1,100 cc the biggest and baddest of the bikes they make take the panigale take all the plastic off put some upright bars on it probably change a few things because we don’t know what it is yet and you

Will have the street fighter and that thing was retired now it’s back and that will be available spring 2020 so keep your eye on i’m sure any internet thing at the end of this month because you’re gonna see that thing ripping all right so honda talon still giving us some good stuff here and if you check out the video they’re showing you there i – 4 wd which is

Their four-wheel drive anti slip so in a nutshell all this is is whichever wheel in the front has more grip it will automatically put more power or torque to that tire so 3 wheel motion going up and moab this thing will grab and go and and the video really shows it i mean that’s what honda’s famous for on this platform you’ll find that in the talent and what they

Did on the 4 we are the 4 seater which is coming to the 2 seater is hill start assist simply meaning you hit the button it locks the unit and then you can start again from there instead of it rolling back or rolling forward so check it out with honda and i mean they’re still crushing it and we’ll see how it goes alright and today is the 19th of june so we have to

Give a special shout-out to the man with the plan the sugar daddies super daddy sand daddy the big daddy the daddy ron happy birthday and thanks for letting us make these videos it was easy

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Kawasaki Teases All New Side X Side for 2020, New Kawasaki Dirt Bike Line Up, & More! By Bert’s Mega Mall