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Kawasaki Vulcan S | So You Wanna Join a Motorcycle Club Ay? | What to Expect | Davao Work RIde

I decided to commute to Davao on my Motorcycle for work purposes. On the way out of the city, I decided to talk about being in a motorcycle club and what you should expect. Hope you guys find this interesting.

With the bigger capacity he had the right of way she was on the pedestrian lane holy crap it’s hot i am in denver right now i’m not in jensen yeah i got some washing machine cleaners because that’s what i do i wash clothes for a living and ride bike and welcome to devil and here we go heading back to jensen catch you guys on the road carrying a heavy load i’m

Carrying two gallons of liquid chemicals for the machines anyways what i what am i doing in davao well this is where the only shop where they sell the stuff i need it for my shops and it was a good excuse for me to use my motorcycle and test out my my shared boxes and yep each shad has one bottle one gallon a bottle of the cleaning agent i bought each along with

Somewhat t-shirt emergency ass wipes and what else cell phone stuff so now i know where to get the chemical agent cleaning thingamajigger for my machine i can come back here next time pepsi tips this i’m a coke guy coca runs through my veins i’m sorry i grew up on coke yeah i think i should get some gas before i leave though gas up full that’d be power 95 start

Zero and see okay yep gassing up likes my brake everyone staring at my plate okie dokie how the hell am i supposed to get out the hot day boyle ooh let’s go yeah i mean i don’t want to my own horn but i get a lot of looks with my bike i mean yeah she’s a sexy bike if i do say so myself anyways i don’t really have anything to talk about really yeah the other

Realest thing i’ve been bugging me you know talking about to really talk about is motorcycle clubs if you want to join a motorcycle club you got you got to go through the process of being accepted by the group a very good motorcycle club will have governing rules and regulations and constitutions that are shared by other motorcycle clubs and they have schedules

For event and rides every month or whatever for example my group does one ride at least every month sometimes when people are too bored we organize open fun rides or any cc a motorcycle can join and we do that a lot frequently and also we get to hang out with other motorcycle clubs like in the national convention and etc so there’s a lot of benefits of being in a

Motorcycle club you got the camaraderie of having and being in the group and getting to places that you don’t know but your group member does but the main thing that you got to do once you’re in the motorcycle club is you got to follow the rules and regulations the constitution there’s the reason for why those rules and regulations were put up in the first place you

Guys in the beginning when the motorcycle group was a little you know small you know they a group of friends start out riding together eventually they’ll experience some crap if you don’t want to happen again then therefore over time the group evolves into a motorcycle club and if they’re real serious yeah it becomes to an official motorcycle club like for example

They did like a little documentary on the president the dirties motorcycle club he’s associated with the sunday riders here in davao and they used to be like a group of guys who like to do rides together but eventually love you know drama and crap happened that they have to put up rules and regulations and that’s how normally what normally happens you know so you

Got if you were looking to join a motorcycle club for the sake of writing and you know going out having some fun with the bunch of friends who share the same interest passion as you do in terms of motorcycling yeah you’ve gotta abide to the application process in my case in my groups case we do three official ride and you got to have everybody’s vote to be able to

Be part of the motorcycle club yay yay no yeah i mean yay nay nay oh i mean oh yay yeah and mostly we look for attitude in a good attitude good behavior and writing demeanor yeah that’s a proper work demeanor so if you take all the right boxes we’ll all vote and you’re in you’re one of us it’s like a brotherhood you know and you get to join on events that we take

Part in charity rides and mindanao and national convention we’re all motorcycle club in the philippines who share the same similar governing principles and are registered you cannot mess around and go against through because that’s a surefire way of getting your butt kicked out for you and in the motorcycle world here in the philippines or here in mindanao anyway

Everybody knows everything about who’s who will what bike who’s in what club so you know if you basically screw up everybody will know you as word gets uh gets around real fast you know this this so and so is that don’t go with him or whatever you really got to be careful with it how you how you are because motorcyclists get together they hang out regardless of

You know whatever federation or whatever event they do hang out and they talk about stuff you know like bikers night looking over you next tutorial just you got a you know you really got to stick with the rules if you’re in the club you have to follow the rules you know otherwise don’t join that club or don’t join a club at all because these are real clubs

Have you know these rules they’re there for a reason it’s for not just for safety and for everybody to get along with i guess and be able to have some fun and not have some social issues and drama yeah we’ve had some drama in the past oh don’t want to have that crap again yeah so it doesn’t matter what cc bike you have picked a club that particular has yeah

Particularly have that capacity of motorcycle that you have right now my motorcycle club evolved from being just purely cbr 150s like what i had in the past and now we’re all about 300 and above and a lot of the guys now have 650 s so we’re slowly evolving and because of what happened and how there are the discrepancy between the ccs and the bikes going going on

Long rides we learned that it’s really it’s really tedious to you know have like big bikes and go with small bikes going that long distance over four days going to lose on so i am we noticed all other motorcycle clubs that have been established in the philippines they have their own like lune groups within the club like oh the scooter group of this club will take

This route they’ll go on their own and the gf group or the bmw group of this club within the same club all right we’ll we’ll go ahead and they’ll all just meet up at the venue because like i said it’s better to take a little bike fast and a firefighter slow so and right now our minimum entry to the club is you got to have a 400 cc motorcycle because we really do

These long distance rides and some of my buddies who have a 150 and above and we did the ride from surry county jente they were suffering you know and that’s the main reason you know they were suffering they’re really tired anyways i’m heading back to gen thanh i don’t want to kill my battery run the gopro you know i’m using it in my dash cam on the way home so

Anyways from here in thrill ride safe everybody have a great day and if you’re new click like subscribe and check out my other content for other videos because i do my best to regularly update my channel you know these guys

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Kawasaki Vulcan S | So You Wanna Join a Motorcycle Club Ay? | What to Expect | Davao Work RIde By Sinbad683