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Kawasaki Z 300 2015 | Specs, Price, Release

Kawasaki presents their new beginner Nakedbike the Z 300 based on the Ninja 300.

Hello toula 1000ps friends i am here at the acma in italy the second very big motorcycle exhibition i’m here in the area of kawasaki and next to the very impressive bike h2 there is a small bike it’s called set 300 and next to me standing martin lambert responsible for public relation in europe for kawasaki martin what could you tell me about this new set 300 well

What i’d like to tell you about the set 300 is probably shared with a lot of other models that we’ve introduced in what we call the entry level of the market it’s important to kawasaki and to other manufacturers to continue to get people into the world of motorcycling so what we’ve done at the argument show is we’ve introduced two single cylinder 250s z250 sl ninja

250 sl but we’ve also introduced this new said 300 cid 300 really shares a lot of the basic component airi with a very successful ninja 300 same very robust strong twin cylinder water-cooled engine now with the ninja of course that’s a entry level model into the ninja family what we found in europe with the zed family with 750 then z800 and zed thousand is there

A strong affinity with naked bikes so what we’ve tried to do is to create that entry level zd muddled with the z 300 so the engine will have 39 horse powers and i think more interesting is the look it looks like the set 800 is some roasted an aim to to have the same look absolutely we call the look of the bike to go me what does tsukkomi mean basically what it

Means is that from the very first design stage the look of the bike and the engineering are married together so the engine the running gear the the brakes and everything is also married to the overall designs that it arrives there’s one complete styling exercise so you’re right it shares so much with the z800 and what we’re hoping is it will attract people into

Motorcycling and then for them to either decide that 300 is exactly what they want or as you probably call it the ladder of opportunity comes in where they think oh 300 maybe i’ll go six fifty eight hundred or a thousand in years to come but really it’s very important for us kawasaki and other manufacturers to attract people to power two wheelers and we think with

The said 300 we’ll probably do that so are its we can we can already see there that there will be a easy handling what about the price the price at the moment is yet to be set but all i will say is it would be very competitive and if you use the ninja 300 as a benchmark we would expect it to be around about the same price as a ninja 300 or perhaps even slightly

Less i think less you would do thank you margin for the interview pleasure you

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Kawasaki Z 300 2015 | Specs, Price, Release By 1000PS Motorcycle Channel