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Okay we’re gonna take a look at this 2014 zx6r ninja we’re going to grab the camera have a good close look around the bike for you okay let’s go and take a close look at this kawasaki it is hpi clear it also comes with a spare key in the pack and it is dirty tagged as well so we’ll start at the front we’ll work all the way around the back get a good close look

At the condition of it point out any extras that it’s got on it as well start the front over on the left-hand side and it does have abs brakes on this fully adjustable showa forks you’ll also see it’s got the rng fork bungs on there as well it says in the kawasaki green and black see the adjusters on the top there you can adjust your forks there’s your dare to

Tag on it as well it’s also got the rng frame bombs on there and the gb racing engine covers as well let’s get a good look down the plastics on there you can see that looks like a new oil filter as well let’s get a look at the chain and sprockets has also got the uh palace stand bobbins on the back as well r g again good look at the back wheel because i have

The solo s8 on this as you can see the uh three of pegs have also been removed look over the top of the tank got the easy grip protectors as well on the tank as you see it’s also got an rng tail tidy on the back there so let’s move around to the right hand side take a close look at this plenty of life left in those pads it’s got braided bray courses on it as

Well it’s also got a pipe works exhaust on this with a carbon tip on it get a good look at that let’s get a look at the plastics on this side oh looking nice there see the uh gb engine covers on this side gb racing get a little close look at the plastics just a bit of a bit of dirt on there we’ll finish up at the front on this side so what we’ll do we’ll go

And take a look up at the dash and controls and we’ll get the exact mileage off it all right let’s get a look up the controls so pretty standard layout front brake kill switch starter throttle on this side over on the other side you’ve got your clutch your lights indicators horn and that’s your power and your ktrc traction control switch on there so we’ll turn

That on and it’s done 8271 miles okay let’s start this up listen to it run all right ready and there you go if you’d like any more photos or videos anything you want to see in close up we can do that and send it over to you on whatsapp if you want to give don or dave a call 1061-713-3219 they’ll be happy to help you finance is available on this bike we can

Also offer contactless free delivery anywhere in the mainland uk there’s also extended parts and labour warranty available and a 30-day money-back guarantee you can visit us online at or you can call us by phone on all one six one seven one three three two one nine or you could call in to our showroom in greater manchester by appointment

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