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Kawasaki ZX9R | Changing the coolant and a quick ride.

The poor old ZX9R Ninja still hasn’t had a wash … But at least the fluids are tip top… Today changing the coolant and of course I had to give her a test ride…

Greetings internet um it’s another gorgeous day in the uk a few clouds in the sky today but yeah pretty good nice and warm um what’s going to go for a ride on the bike but i’ve got one little job to do first i say little job because although it is a little job um it involves taking the fairing off first let me explain so basically all i’ve got to do is um change

The fluid in the radiator um i checked this last time i went out and i’ll be honest it didn’t smell good so it hadn’t been changed for well more than a few years but haven’t been changed for a long time let’s put it that way so um i think it’s time to to drop the water that’s in it and uh give it a bit of a flush and put some new stuff in it but i believe to do

That and there is a drain plug is it there yeah i think it’s in there um but to get to the radiator itself yeah this side fairies at least got to come off at least the top half but anyway so um yeah let me crack on with that get the fairing off and see where we stand oh she’s naked um so that’s got this side off um i’ve had to set the other side off as well for

The simple reason that um the water pumps on this side and obviously i’ve got to drop the fluid from there so uh yeah not too bad only takes about 10-15 minutes to get them off not too difficult and cut the screws at the top there three down there there’s one in there one at the back of the couple back here somewhere as well but um yeah just take your time and

Not too much of a bother at all right next job then is um draining draining the fluids so my calculations are correct that there is the drain plug that to me looks like the water pump which is relatively obvious because it’s coming from the radiator down there into there and that one goes up to the carbs and it’s round so you’d have to say there’s an impeller

In there so let’s crack that nut off looks like an eight might be a ten and uh well we should soon find out so it is an eight let’s just crack it off very carefully and let’s see how much of the fluids i can actually catch in my uh christmas lights box all right this is gonna get messy maybe i’ll do the clever thing maybe i won’t clever probably isn’t good

For me that’s the bets i dropped the bolt in the water it’s a long screw right i was expecting more if i’m honest right looks like i might have to drop that off let me take the cap off the radiator first because that then should help a little bit bear with okay cap off oh what we got hey look at that positive stream coming out mmm that smells lovely not

Too dirty though which is a good thing there you go so yeah just an 8-mil bolt there crack it open take your radiator cup off and out comes your smelly stuff i’ve done about you but i hate the smell of antifreeze there you go that’s about what comes out not that much to be honest and i think what i’m going to do now because that’s a little bit clearer than

Horrible in there and you can’t see it very well i’m going to drop that off and give it a bit of a clean out well clean the inside the expansion tank tanks a little bit of a problem but with a little bit of engineering and a cable tie so some a cable tie with a bit of a tissue wrapped on the end as you can see hey get in there oh reeves you’re a genius well

I’m not going to say it’s perfect but it’s a lot better there you go cable tie tissue tied on stuck in messed around with right let’s scale this back together oh no it’s a standard mr2 a noisy ice cream wagon jesus hello something went knock it yeah something’s broken who knows that’s broken what’s working with it nothing training fluids so next step top or

Back up again um yeah gonna have to get a funnel in there that’s gonna be a little tricky but um yeah if you scale the internet as you do when you’re changing stuff a lot of people recommend this prestons it’s pre-mix and pretty much good for every sort of car bike anything else good for aluminium engines which this is obviously and yeah it gets good reviews

And apparently it’s um yeah good what more can i say but this is what’s going in anyway so um yeah ready to use just chuck it in jobs are good now for this one i’m going to be using well what you’d say is a proper funnel not my uh cut up drinks bottle there you go that should do nicely right let’s get pouring um i’m not going to show you this on the video

Because it’s gonna um it’s just gonna end up a disaster if i try and do it with one hand actually i do want to show you this because look at the colour of it look fluorescent wow okay so the red’s about full as you can see um a lot of the air came out of it so i think we’re okay just obviously need to put some in the expansion tank um probably just crack that

Bolt on the pump itself just to let some air out of that and then probably strike it up and see what happens so i undid the bolt there um water came straight out didn’t get any air so what i’m going to do now is just crack that one on the block as well just to make sure there’s nothing in the block uh no air that is in the block want water in there obviously

And um yeah just see what happens okay so we’ve got it undone see a little bit of fluid coming out there we go that looks good to me i can’t see any air in there so i think we’re good to go got some in the expansion tank top off the radiator starter up right right here it’s full i don’t think there’s any in the expansion tank at the moment nope so we’ll top

That off and like i say we’ll start her up look how well that shows up now i’m impressed all right it’s that moment go through the procedure choke one two yeah i know oh straight away all baby let’s get the warm-up is about up to temperature no um no problems i thought i’d be able to be clean while the pairings off so uh there we go i think we’ll call that

Success um there you go she’s um she’s all changed so i have a bit of a clean behind here just get some of the dirt out um thank you the oil there actually comes off the chain it’s a little bit annoying um but yeah you get a lot of oil in this area here and it goes down the the kickstand obviously and then yeah you get dirty boots things like that but it actually

Comes off the stand it’s not engine oil or anything like that there’s no leaks it’s um just as the chain goes around the lube actually um drops down into here and uh and slowly gets warm and just drips its way down but um there you go um fluid’s done uh i say no leaks we’re at the same level as it was when we started so now just got to put the fairings back on

And um yeah who knows still looking okay out there grey one up there but we’re doing okay all right let’s get on with it and ladies and gentlemen that is a wrap she’s back together again i need a bit clean make some spillage there look so i’ll give her a little wipe over um because she does deserve it i’ve been promising the cleaner properly for weeks now and

Not going around to it but um it’s just such a gorgeous day it’s just been yeah some really good days lately so it’s a shame not to get out and rider because you know i’ve been saying for years i need to ride it more and i really do because it’s a brilliant bike and uh just puts a smile on your face right anyway i am waffling it’s uh still a nice day and so i’m

Missing cutting the grass and she’s watching tennis so right i’m going to get ready get my levers on and enjoy it catch you later youtube bye so so so so so uh foreign well not a bad ride and uh fluid’s spot on still which is good and uh yeah i think the tank’s about empty let’s have a quick look yep how much left in

There so um not bad just a couple of clowns to contend with but um there you go and injured to be proud today she was uh spot on let’s get back

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Kawasaki ZX9R | Changing the coolant and a quick ride. By Ade Reeves