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Live exhaust sound reveal on a Kawasaki Vulcan S 650 and a quickshowcase of DRIFT MOTOR Speedway!

DRIFT XAUST on a 2022 Kawasaki Vulcan S 650!

Hey guys good morning good afternoon and welcome to another live drift exhaust sound reveal it’s been a while since our last sound reveal and that’s really pretty much because we have been very busy finishing our drift motor speedway which i’m going to showcase to you guys in a bit that’s what we have in the background right now which is our drift motor speedway

And so this is the topic at hand we have the vulcan 650 again before we start we’re going to give a shout out to everyone who’s watching us right right now i am so excited to show you the speedway in a bit as soon as we have you know more than enough viewers uh but at the same time also equally excited in showcasing the exhaust sound on this bike all right so

Before we start again we’re going to give a shout out to everyone who’s watching right now and uh we want to give a shout out to june luvid and to my dad in the u.s good morning good evening good afternoon to you dad i don’t know what time it is it is there but i hope you are doing well uh jerry gomez good afternoon all victorious good afternoon guys um okay

Jun lubid hello from radio tv malaga young bikers club you know and uh larks clark good morning good afternoon uh keith anthony uh you shout out sir uh looking forward to unleash unleashing the boxer rumble of your uh subaru yeah see daniel avanya is also watching hello idol gm servants yeah yeah and it’s really because we have been very busy working on our

Speedway which i’ll show you guys in a bit sobrang uh jeff hero good afternoon uh jb libago good afternoon jovan shout out to you unfortunately we don’t have a pattern for your bike yet so uh we we normally custom make it in our shop um we can wait make one for you but uh we need the actual bike to fabricate your exhaust or your piping one mix i the raymond of

Monster works uh solis good day gm norman katakutan is also watching michaela lilton is watching good day brother it has been a while uh luigi mabao is also watching john tayo i’m back watching from icu uh i hope you are okay our vc is also watching uh jerry boyco is also watching so i’m diving up on another and uh why don’t i showcase or show you guys the

Drift motor speedway so for those who have been watching us uh you have you haven’t seen this yet but uh because this we just opened last sunday uh so it’s been how many days now three days since it’s a tuesday and i’ll show you our go-karts guys so we have really been doing a using a very professional electric go-karts for both adults and kids alike and

In a new steering wheel geiso the steering wheel is actually made out of carbon fiber and actually in the steering wheel there’s a digital um display so you’ll so you’ll see your speed as you cruise along our track and marami to guys and you kind of have like an ester in here and then barikuli so this is very exciting for both kids and adults alike yeah and

Champion aloka you have the podium over there for the first second and third winners and if you haven’t seen yet i’ll show you the the coffee shop that we have we have our briefing area over here and you have the helmets uh so this is the orientation area where we explain uh the rules and predicaments trap and we have our suits here if you become a member you can

Take home these suits and of course we have uh because we’re going to have competition at the same time we have world class coffee shop in sata and uh okay so i hope you guys will have time to visit us uh we are in taitai rizal so the drift motor drift exhaust uh or the drift motor speedway is located in one area now okay all right so this is the going back

To the topic at hand this is the bike that we have um so again this is the kawasaki 650. before we start the bike i want to give a shout out to the owner see george oji mon fero i also want to give a shout out to his swift see charissy uh mon ferro and salam kid see kylie and cassie and if you want to catch them they have a youtube channel which is bon pero

Tv all right so this is what we’ve done with the bike guys so full exhaust system so starting with the headers over here i’m going to we use the black bomb muffler to complement the matte finish of the bike so yeah all right so because we tested it earlier so right now you’ll hear the low rumble don’t get pulled because once you rip this bike it’s gonna

Sound like a monster um you’ll hear the low rumble idol actually all throughout the rpm bandwidth um i just want to give a quick shout out to my brother berman so shout out to your brother who helped me with a lot of stuff from wilcon people yeah all right uh i guess that’s pretty much it guys though if you want to try go karting and literally so i’m

Sure you and your entire family are gonna have fun driving our gold cards tonight so i’ll catch up with you guys again soon and thank you and god bless see ya

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Live exhaust sound reveal on a Kawasaki Vulcan S 650 and a quickshowcase of DRIFT MOTOR Speedway! By DRIFT XAUST