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MXTV Bike Review – 2014 Kawasaki KLX450R

The boys test out the new 2014 Kawasaki KLX450R of Todd Kelly to see how this machine rides! Visit for insurance on your motorcycle, scooter or off-road bike.

In today’s bike review we’re gonna have a look at the kawasaki k lx 450 r it’s jam-packed full of features let me tell you about a few of them first of all it’s got a four-stroke engine that’s derived from the kx 450 f and features several tweaks including increased flywheel mass for greater low-end torque it has a reliable electric start and a manual kick starter

Is retained as backup the k lx for 50 hours gear ratios have been selected to specifically suit off-road riding likewise the engine is tuned for a broad delivery of power to optimize the gear ratios the mx inspired aluminium chassis features centralized gravity to deliver increased traction light handling and confidence-inspiring high speed stability it also has a /

Twin chamber forks that take care of the big hits up the front while kawasaki is legendary unit rack rear suspension gets a power to the ground fully equipped for off-road riding – klx boosts a full-featured instrument panel including speedometer twin trip meters and a clock today’s blow preview we’re gonna do something a little different we’ve managed to get hold

Of todd kelley’s personal klx 450 our which let me tell you is a fantastic machine blocks basically standard except for a few minor bling parts that have been fitted most notably pro-circuit muffler which really helps this engine to open up and breathe the engines really good it’s strong yet it’s still quite manageable and it still has a lot of lowdown talk turning

This bike is fantastic with the chassis that it’s got it really does turn quite well once you sort of tip it in it turns all right one thing i did notice that was on it apart from the muffler and all the other bling is this fantastic element back plate yeah i must out in the bush it certainly is isn’t it it’s something that you really do need when you’re riding out

Of the bush it’s really really smooth i was quite surprised at it together with the suspension that i found absolutely awesome i really enjoyed that the brakes on the front were so good you could really get a lot of feel out of that leader and you could leave your braking to the absolute last second which is a good thing to have now the early guys on the bike for

Me perfect i can move around on this really easily as i said it felt a little bit heavy but that’s because i haven’t written a 454 sometimes in the day of fuel injection we’re still looking at a carburetor on this machine not a problem you know it makes it a little bit easier for the standard guide to to jet it and specifically tune it to where you’re riding if

I had this at home the only thing i would do to it is the suspension i found that a little bit stiff for me i’d have it say that it suited my weight my riding style if i was going to own a klx 450 r i would probably change very little on the bike apart from a muffler which most people do personalize your suspension there’s basically nothing you need to do to this

By well jamie i’ve had an absolute ball but we must think todd kelly from kelly racing for giving us his bike it’s been a great day at he hasn’t it has az and we haven’t broken anything no well maybe we might go and have a lovely ride and see if we can give it another flogging your fixit he’s got plenty of machines at his workshop for all your motorcycle insurance

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