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My Honest Review of the Kawasaki Z650 Part Two

Welcome to the video! Today I will be reviewing my Z650 after having it for a few months

Hi everybody welcome to the channel today i’m going to be doing part two of my honest review for the kawasaki z650 there’s anything you’d like to know anything i’ve missed please drop it in the comments and i hope you liked the video okay so here is the super naked it’s kawasaki said 650 in its beautiful form a couple of things that i don’t like about this bike so

We’ll get those out the way to be honest i really struggled to find something that i disliked there are just a couple of things so this is not the original tail tidy and this has been fitted kindly by my fiance i can drop a video in the comments if you’re interested in how to fit tail tidy uh so this is actually the original one i’ll show you where it comes from

So attached around about here the tail tardy come right out so basically the manufacturers have to legally have the whole tire in order to let the bike out of the showroom so it is pretty ugly i gotta be honest but that’s fine we’ve dealt with that and there are various different things that you can do uh the second thing so the throttle just jump on throttle

Is very reactive so by that i mean when you pull it it’s you know you can latch forward so you’ve got to make sure that the ratio of the handling and the clutch is all in the right balance so you’ve got to have the ratio right for both your clutch and your throttle but to be honest that’s about it the handling it’s very easy it’s very light i am five foot four

So for this particular bike is fantastic for me i ride sort of on the the toe and base of my foot when i’ve got both feet down so when i am at standstill i do sort of have to lean the bike just to go flat-footed but it’s no problem picking it back up again uh with the screen the various buttons i’m sorry various you have to so if you hold these down it’ll then

Bring up your menu screen so you’ve got vehicle settings shift lamp which is on engine speeds so when you are riding along we’ll just close this for a minute there we go when you’re riding along what you’ve set your engine speed to or then flash orange basically with regards to your uh changing gears and things like that i i’m confident where i need to change

It and i’m happy about where i change it so when it gets to about here it sort of flashes at me it’s like okay you know gear’s a bit too high there so that that’s basically what that means so going back into the menu got your display screen you can level up your brightness there is a way to change the screen so that’s just how you do that there i want it quite

Bright so yeah you can change the color of your screen i will need to find out how to do it my fiance did show me but i’ve completely forgotten how to do it i it can go white or black actually i prefer the color that it is at the moment so you’ve got your date there you’ve got your time 24 hours come back out of there a little click through so you can change this

White personally i prefer it black but when you’re riding along you’ve got your hazards here got your lights here indicators then you’ve got your so you’ve also got the kill switch the dvla don’t like the kill switch apparently uh so they call it an engine cutoff switch if you are taking any lessons or anything can they ask you what that button is don’t call it

Kill switch apparently they don’t like it and then you’ve got your stuff foreign so a couple of modifications that you can get obviously we’ve spoken about the tail tidy just swing around here which you can get various different ones i’m really happy with mine it’s really close love it uh so you’ve got a couple of things here so you can actually get a rubber

Ball that will come around here so if you drop your bike i mean sadly it does happen eventually so if you drop your bike that will basically come out and catch and catch the floor before your bike does hopefully to prevent much damage if it’s a high speed one i don’t think it’s going to be able to do too much unfortunately so you’ve got your passenger passenger

Footrest there and you just click it up and down if you want to remove them you i can just by rem removing these it’ll come out quite easily and then you can get a top box so this back seat will actually come out which i will i will show you shortly so yeah that is pretty much it guys i would highly recommend this bike for new learners old riders everybody in

Between it’s it’s quick and you don’t really you know you don’t need to put much power in the throttle for it to move but you can also have a comfortable ride as well so i would very much recommend this bike as i say i did struggle to find things that i was not happy with the throat on the tout id really is minuscule but i absolutely love this bike if there’s

Anything you’d like me to go over or anything do let me know and i will show you how to remove the seat right so to remove the back seat you’ve got a key here so this is just where your normal ignition key will go in just turn it right so turn that key so it’s a bit awkward to record turn the key simply lift it out then you’ve got your seat there so you’ll get

A cover across here and a couple of bars and then yeah you’ve got your top box so i hope that was helpful um to put it back you just this clip here then there’s a little bar in there clip it in so you so to get the seat back in place there’s a clip here and then you’ve got this little red bar so just slot it in whilst once that’s slotted in you can then clip

That into place hit the click and then pull your key out just one last thing to mention is the bikes have a wheel locked so if you just turn your engine off turn your handlebars all the way left it can’t go any further key down turn it left pull it out so your handlebars won’t move it’ll make it harder for somebody to wheel the bike away but i would recommend

Getting brake disc locks they’re absolutely fantastic we’ve used them a few times and we can never go too far wrong to be honest

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My Honest Review of the Kawasaki Z650 Part Two By Faye’s Out