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New 2023 Kawasaki Ninja 650 & Z650 Update Announced!

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Today kawasaki announced their 2023 updates to their super popular parallel twin middleweights the ninja 650 and z650 and there are a couple of choice updates so in this video we’ll go through all of the details as well as look at the stiff competition that they’ll be up against in the next model year so first up both bikes now get ktrc or kawasaki traction control

Which is new for this year previous generations of this bike have been electronically pretty simple with no riding modes or advanced ride arrays to speak of just abs of course which is mandatory in order for the bike to be legal for sale but this year you’ll get a traction control system with a few different settings so firstly off so if you’re not somebody who

Likes traction control intervention or perhaps you’re at the track and you don’t want it getting in the way then you can still turn it off but there’s also now level one for moderate levels of intervention but still allowing for sporty riding and then level two with which kawasaki say the traction control intervention occurs earlier and is well suited to challenging

Riding conditions such as poorly surfaced roads wet manhole covers and cobblestones nice and specific there all of this is managed through the full color tft display that was already available on this bike and it is a nice feature at this price point especially given that it includes some smartphone connectivity and that adds a whole bunch of extra features courtesy

Of the rideology app i should also mention that our channel sponsors speedo angels make a dash protector for this bike and it only costs a few quid but could save you hundreds if you scratch or damage the dash so head to the link in the description to get yours and you’ll also find a 20 discount code down there for my viewers and they sell products for most other

New bikes from their major manufacturers so do check them out even if you’re not a kawasaki st still the question i’ve got around this traction control situation is whether you really truly need it on a 67 horsepower bike with 64 newton meters of peak torque it’s not exactly going to tear up the road surface but then again i guess it’s a bike that will be popular

With beginner riders and so it’s probably one of those things that is better to have than not but let me know what you think down in the comments there’s also some new fresh paint for both bikes so previously the z650 was available in candy lime green metallic spark black pearl robotic white metallic matte graphene steel gray or metallic spark black metallic flat

Spark black but for the new model year there’s metallic spark black metallic flat spark black but with the red accents instead of the green there’s a metallic matte graphene steel gray ebony and then this metallic phantom silver metallic carbon gray with the red wheels which i reckon might be the best of the bunch it’s got a bit of that 50th anniversary edition

About it very nice indeed and a little more lively than the darker schemes that just get a few accents here and there of color pops as for the ninja there used to be lime green ebony pearl blizzard white pearl robotic white metallic carbon grey and metallic matte graphene still gray whereas now there’s an update to the lime green so they’ve taken off the white

Panels and that makes it a little more green then there’s a metallic matte graphene steel gray in ebony with green accents for a more stealthy aesthetic that means the white one that was previously available has gone from the lineup but come on you just buy the green one anyway obviously now unfortunately the price has crept up for both bikes ever so slightly but

They’re still super competitive so the z650 previously ranged between 7 349 and 7449 depending on which color choice whereas now it starts at 7399 so that’s 50 quid up on the last model year and so given that you now get traction control i don’t think that’s too bad at all if anything it’s quite good i mean see how you get on building your own traction control

System definitely costing more than 50 quid for a little bit of context the triumph trident 660 starts at 7 695 pounds so that’s a good 300 quid on top although to be fair to the trident you do get a fair bit more power quite a lot of tech features and a more refined feel to that triple cylinder engine then there’s the v-twin powered suzuki sv 650 and that comes in

At just 6999 pounds which is a snip really considering how good a bike it is but perhaps the hardest one to resist especially if you’re on a budget is the mt07 at 7 200 pounds which is a really fun bike to ride with a proper lively little engine still it doesn’t get traction control or the tft display and so if you like a bit of tech and the edgy kawasaki looks

That an extra couple of hundred quid might not look too bad now the ninja 650 used to go between seven five nine nine and seven seven four nine but that one’s also crept up a little bit it’s seven six four nine so again 50 quid on top but again not too bad for traction control now this one’s going up against the yamaha r7 which is a much more aggressive bike in

Its riding position a lot more track focused than the ninja which is really quite an upright road bike with a fairing but the r7 comes in at 8 400 pounds because you get stuff like adjustable suspension and radially mounted brake calipers so there’s a little more performance but of course that’s going to push the price up you’ve also got the honda cbr 650r which

Has plenty of power quite a bit more than the other two and that’s because it’s powered by the revi inline four which gives it a proper sports bike feel and sound it is a little more heavy though and the price is eight four nine nine or at least for the 2022 model and so again the kawasaki comes in quite a bit cheaper certainly seems like an affordable way to get

A little slice of the ninja action as always though let me know which bike you’d pick down in the comments below and if you’re new here and you want to see more videos like this hit subscribe and i’ll catch you next time

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New 2023 Kawasaki Ninja 650 & Z650 Update Announced! By MOTOBOB