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Oil change on a Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom.. and the oil screen

Hello adam hamrick here again we have a 2008 callous aki vulcan this is my bike it’s a 900 custom it’s in pretty good shape for my spark dog scratches rector everybody know it happens saying i need changed on it today and so you go get you four quarts of whatever will you prefer to put in your motorcycle as it doesn’t matter to me like it does some people but anyway

So in order to get to your oil filter you’ll have to take this bolt loose right here be a bolt in here and a bolt on the other side right there take it loose the rectifier cover you will have to take it off to be able to get to this bolt right here so take your rectifier cover off which is a 10 millimeter and then the bolts that are here and here sorry it’s really

Sunny out so i can’t really see if i’m very good but here and here are 14 millimeter so you’re just loosen this one up just a little bit and take this one out here and just swing that down and it’ll go out of your way out to the side and you can get to your ole filter pretty nicely see and then you want to either need a strap i can’t find my strap my old filter strap

So you just grabbed old trusty ones there so get the old filter to come loose and then when you go for the backyard swing just back up like this put your boat in there put your two bolts back in your rectifier bolt it back down make sure you put your oil filter and always check for the rubber o-ring on the old filter i don’t know how many times people’s forgotten

Them on there that i know of but a lot so i’ve got my new rubber on filing my new wheel bearings and all that stuff put in i have to get to for some reason the video wasn’t working very good for the wheel bearings i’ll have to get back to it and fix it but in order to drain it i just set mine up on a cinder block and put a block behind the tire or set it up on a

Brick i’m sorry or a piece of wood and the drain plug is a 17 millimeter it’s right here in the center i don’t know if you can see that it’s right here in the center and then i don’t know a lot of people know this the kawasaki vulcan 900 custom this 2008 has a plug right here so you got your shifter linkage to come out of your transmission straight behind it it’s

Like a pre-filter for your oil before it goes into your old pump it’s an old pump screen i think so what it was called but anyway you pull that out and clean it and put it back in there earlier a lot of people don’t even know that piece exists i forget what size it was i think thank you it’s a 13 millimeter i thinks what it was but yeah pull that out clean it put

It happy careful with the spring pull it out clean it put it back in there see this bikes been a while since i had a old change so i’m letting the drip out real good make sure all that old craps out take this out here cleaning it cream clean the screen and stuff put it back in and then put your rectifier and your no oil filter and all that stuff back together like

I said this is adam and this is my 2008 kawasaki vulcan 900 custom and when i had it apart for the wheel bearings everybody’s having a lot of problems out of the pulley paint coming off i mean it ain’t too much perfect job cuz i done it when i had the wheel supporting i wasn’t really expecting the boot do it because the wheel bearings was been a pain in the butt

But i went ahead and took this off and wire brushed it down and got all the bad bad flaking stuff off and went ahead and painted it black just because i was tired of seeing it all nasty tore up looking so anyway yeah keep adding more videos to this and put the mirrors on it and put a bar on been working on this thing slowly getting it to where i want it all righty

Well i hope this helps somebody change their role on the 2008 kawasaki vulcan 900 custom y’all have a good day and thank you very much

Transcribed from video
Oil change on a Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom.. and the oil screen By Adam Hamrick