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On sale now ,299: 2013 Kawasaki ZX6R 636

Please enjoy Mainland’s look at the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R 636. Now is the time to get your new ZX6R 636 from Mainland! Mainland Cycle Center is located in La Marque, TX just outside of Houston, Texas. For more information, please visit:

My name is albert i want to welcome you to mainland cycle sitters new vehicle department today we’re going to take a look at this 2013 kawasaki zx-6r 636 ninja of course this one’s in the block brand new bike for 2013 big news is kawasaki increased the displacement from 599 to 636 power throughout the rpm range they were already very powerful but alex gave even

More with m 636 cc motor a lot of people are very excited about that great looking bike i’ve got a combination of this metallic spark black i think they call it but it’s a gloss black with a metallic in it very beautiful and then we have some flat black finishes so up here on the fairing this is flat black we’ve got gloss on the mid fearing their gloss on the

Tank the lower fairing is flat black or satin black this panel here is a satin black and then the tail section is satin black with a little bit of the loss in the decal they’re really looks fantastic nice contrast between the satin gloss black gloss black wheels the buffers kind of blocked out which i like so we’re different from the 2012 still at the four piston

Missin calipers inverted front forks this is a new fork from showa is still a big piston fork but now it’s an sf f a separate function for and what that means is that you have all your dampening is in this side now there’s springs in both forks but you make your spring adjustment your spring tension adjustment with this left side for and then you make your preload

Adjustments for compression and and rebound over here and so very cool what that did is just let them have more adjustability a lighter weight just really really cool what they’re doing there the other big news for 2013 is the kawasaki added traction control to a spy and this bike is not service me there’s no gas in it there’s no s the battery the battery’s not

Hooked up yet so i’m not gonna be able trying to gauge but this one has traction control there’s three traction control modes one two three and then you can turn the traction control off and it also has power modes full power and low power on these but the traction control is really great for street riding even good for on the racetrack because it can predict slip

Really no interference with everyday riding unless you’re in the mode 3 which really designed for rain but in those wanted to every day street riding is talking to give you any interference unless you have some rear wheel slip so very cool thing that they’re doing there with the traction control really great instrumentation got a analog tachometer with a digital

Readout on the speedometer it does have gear position as well as temperature engine temperature coolant temperature and all that relevant information they’re very compact lightweight package on these these are a six-speed transmission of course these are ram air aluminum chassis aluminum frame aluminum swingarm on the led rear taillights very light very noble very

Smooth package got the pedal style rotors so the little cuts there and the rotors allow for greater surface area just to payee also on the exhaust on the 2013 g now this connector pipe between cylinders two and three where before we only had them in one and four that increases the low end power into work stainless steel exhaust this also has an exhaust valve in

The exhaust system right here is the cables right here going up to a motor and actuator for them and that builds back pressure at low speed to give you more power down low more torque and so that’s cool too real quiet with this exhaust on it which is nice i like kind of being so stealthy a lot of people change the pipes and put really loud ones on them but i kind

Of dig them quiet and that one’s not real offensive looking either cuz that type transmission we talked about this before so my videos with the cassette type transmission basically what that means is that you can service the transmission by removing the clutch me do not have to fully disassembled the motor remove the motor from the frame to service the transmission

That’s really nice fully adjustable rear shock with spring preload there’s some right height adjustment not really to lower the bike for shorter people but for setting it up for track use is what that’s designed for there are ways to lower it if you need a low okay flush mount led turn signals in the front 2pcs these do require 90 plus octane fuel focus but anyway

90-plus octane fuel all right well that’s a look at this black 2013 kawasaki zx-6r 636 this is not a ps version we are going to offer this with abs brakes also we should be getting some of those soon we’ll be doing a video on one of those and we get it all right hey we’re mailing cycle center we’re located about 30 minutes south of downtown houston just off live

45 in lamar texas our website is mainland cycle center com our phone number is 4099 48 49 69 give us a call shoot us an email come by and see us we’d love to help any way we can hey thanks for watching

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On sale now $9,299: 2013 Kawasaki ZX6R 636 By Mainland Cycle Center