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Racer X Films: Rocket Exhaust Kawasaki KX250F

Today’s production bikes are making the same power the factory-supported teams were making 10 years ago. Getting a couple of extra ponies isn’t too difficult, but getting five more on pump gas, increasing torque and power evenly, and not breaking the bank is a tall order.

Everybody it’s david pingree we’re out here at pala raceway today with a garage in stock project it’s a 2016 kawasaki 250 f and donnelly that rocket exhausts helped us put this one together this was kind of his his baby he took and obviously added one of his rocket exhaust systems with the rocket engine package so he takes a cam from web cams they do their own

Specific grind on it he uses a valve for it called excel dine valves stock piston now it’s made to run on pump gas they do run a vortex ignition with this to get all the mapping and things right and i’m anxious to see how that engine package works donn’s does a really good job with all that so anxious to try that out race tactic the suspension on this and valved

It for me so this thing should work great for me today if we can get sag and and clickers set up right rent all handlebars and steve mathis will be very proud to know we’ve got some ex brand grips with soft idiom very excited to try those on top of that some tusk wheels on this thing with a sun star drivetrain an arc a chain on the back we’ve got the tusk wheel set

There hub and spokes and rims that go along with the moto stuff oversized front rotor if you’re familiar with crf stuff a lot made a lot of stuff for honda’s back in the day this is the same company now they’ve spun off and just making products for all different brands so this front brake is actually really good i’ve used it on honda’s before i’m excited to see

How their stuff transitions to other bikes i’m sure it’ll be great as well past that moto seat did the seat for this we’ve got split designs that did the graphics for us we’ve got a couple other really cool parts on here want to mention the titanium pro pegs foot pegs these things are great i’ve used them on other projects they look super cool the grip is really

Great so those are an awesome part also the psycho plastic all green i think it looks really cool that it’s all one color this is their high flow stuff that brings a little bit more flow to the radiator i really like that also hinson clutch we’ve got a full hinson system in here which hinson always works great those guys doing awesome job building good products

Cv4 radiator hoses in green which really ties the bike in nicely and i want to mention to don went to icw and got these radiators all reinforced so that they don’t bend in a fall that’s a really nice detail done did a good job with that and on top of that we’ve also got the cypress skid plate which is a great feature for protecting the water pump in the cases so

A lot of cool parts on here and you know i’m excited just take this thing out dunlop tires obviously given us subtraction on the front and rear we’re going to go out and get this thing dirty see how it works and we’ll let you know you right i’m off the rocket exhaust cowie to 50 here and initial impression is really impressed with the way this engine accelerates

Out of turns really good throttle response the injection hearing throttle body and the rocket engine package exhaust really really good throttle response and pull out of turns i did occasionally want it the gears to pull a little bit longer i would kind of start bumping against the limiter talking to don leave there at rocket he said that was that’s just a factor

Of running the standard drivetrain you know they can make the thing rev higher but then you run the risk to starting to blow parts up and reliability and durability is obviously a big part of what they were shooting for on this thing something that you can get into without spending too much money and having to worry about that high service interval portion of it

So considering that it was really as long as you kept grabbing gears and didn’t try to pull too long out of it out of a turn with one gear thing worked great really really good throttle response i loved that was a lot of fun never had any issues getting over jumps or anything else worked really well the race tech suspension was really good i added a little bit

Of preload to it felt like the front end was kind of riding low we just did a turn of preload into it and it balanced the ride out really good on the bumps and chop really stable never really wanted to step out or do anything weird which for me just instills confidence lets me ride and just have fun not worry about whether or not the things that will flick me off

So super good suspension set up on and i’m really happy with that love the tires the brakes were really good clutch action was good i did have the one issue i had this is a little free mechanic tip for you our throttle got pushed all the way on when it got built and so i kept feeling like the throttle was sticky and it just got pushed in too far the end of the

Throttle tube was rubbing against the bar so i brought that thing out a millimeter or two and it’s it’s back to being normal so it’s a free little mechanic tip for you you can go ahead and put that in your back pocket past that i really liked everything about this bike good grip with the seat good grip with the tires the mx 32 rear which is my favorite and this

Is one of their off-road fronts that kind of mimics the mx 32 but just more of an off-road capacity still works really well in moto so we like to kind of bounce back and forth between those and you know the pegs pro pegs really really good on these super sticky good platform the x brand grips pretty good malthus and rich tailor nice work soft idiom rent all great

Bars this is actually the first time i’ve written with the the seven eighths bars in a long time and i could really feel them flexing and i actually like that i’ve been running a fat bar for quite a while and i may go back to these so now they bend a little easier but i really like the way that i could feel the bars kind of moving and flexing and so i may go back

And and get onto some of those again so i was a great great project a lot of fun engines really good suspensions good great all-around package so check out rocket exhaust if you’re looking for a package on it one of your motorcycles thanks to all the companies involved and thank you very much for watching you

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