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Ride MoTo: Kawasaki Versys 650 Bike Feature | Discover Aurora Province | Season 2 Episode 3 Part 2

Ride Mo’To Official

Guys as promised we have here the vs 658 on a cigarette my totally nothing middleweight brother of the flagship adventure model of kawasaki versys 1000 pero unabomb phenotyping on 1000 sir 650 cc and even people even wasn’t brought hold of the new more people igloo 650 cargo pockets are lightweight prof. hindi nominee beach i mean my lateness our molybdenum bike

Dependency food is a quality thing in a hand applause if you’re looking for top and power and top speed you 1000cc see we’re on bobby sale parabola in a high not low is lighter weight a more nimble bike at super tippet politics a bi hey the 650 could be what you’re looking for on that note why are you going don’t want in also 650 say indian man was speed freak down

Again high speed pardon sir 1000 cc i like the fuel economy and nimbleness machinist mo we’re the six people find out is that i got the magnet though let’s talk about some of its key features cigna no man i’m very aggressive styling mia a tone adjustable windscreen nuts tools free by the way sample crop i’m getting more parent io adjustable long travel suspension

Upside-down ports we have 17 inch front wheel and a 17 inch rear francelina nanaka cast alloy rims and road blowing tires pay a major road oriented adventure szeliga unquestioning young versus 650 pop wanted easily good pants in his own boat comfortably seat you can go many many miles in great concord wake up bro dignan urine and relationships and seat to foot

Peg to handlebars now papa confortable in en long long miles in comfort and ease up on featuring a gustavo remote preload adjuster where they mostly adjust at me on suspension bicycle solo right calf nay pillion rider or heavily loaded with pioneers or bags adjustable on suspension yon rough begin monogamy not wanting technical specs about this engine alamo

Maganda not enormous our vision out engine relegated summer see 68 parallel to it it’s a category of engine design what that means is medicine bella wants a stone that is side by side nguyen it goes up and down like that at madhvi delivery or rotational power sap rear wheel on that note there are different kinds of designs for engine metal in line for apache on

Parinama v-twin a parameter parent of v configuration a villain apparently in a thousand thumper single t story i’m different somalian i’m erin surround distinct power delivery number armed demand more with the parallel twin like this one um power delivery nia i know to mid-range if it should be you know i but little ride knudsen our prevention chemical at napa

Africa you low-end torque and first gear very smooth very may be gonna fit feather in a clutch but delilah rumor you throttle and everything very controllable muscle option to meet their purpose but no mobile scanners are offered that that’s a mountain twist is gonna mention mid-range power and i’m on a very smooth in the quarantine gunfire fighting among mcgee

Mean both overtake romanovna right there it’s a highway in a mine on straights bumaba china 180 km/h nos but despite that nalini current actual world use data in fuel efficiency 21 kilometers per liter one more thing little boy – that’s a yabba you know you fight me abuse amy lerner nasa a lolly you naina that means well are gonna fight just aside now that we

Begin on heat selects mcleish am i in it at niren a papa so iman i said i’m up on the dismount xena they are very lightweight the less metal they’re gonna gram it not very out of the way so four million current to the right maybe suss habits have become a flare more well i’m sorry and i got over 650 brock you’ll notice this particular bike has been outfitted with

Some aftermarket accessories mer entire entourage gauge auxiliary lights and guards in a wrap for a top box but other than that what you see is what you get in the showroom pea broth i think that in have a massive on and keep amenities mount versys 650 hanuman cutting cotton are you bubble swimming trunks the vanilla coke are among swimming deep rough back elena

Men manly pattern & chandon an atom of viewers wound up ethan i’m not a swimming the hyneman oh you must be in it for my spell ratings no tv show not a of a panel are nothing wow very impressive take a vago and opanka any proper booty poppin or a nutella my highlights not adding destination let’s watch this what you swimming muna rising star in an aurora

Province and by a nom de bacalhau guy an embraer didn’t do moved animal a percussionist and apollo died second ala moana beach natal laguna and in a jawa paran americans at the parallel weddings a cabana to one or sun her said wave i see a mug start mcbride tapas dad anti-animal air kaka a bank and then a highway dito saarinen keith amor philippine sea at silicon

Neto and pacific ocean certainly one a man kita more northern sierra madre mountains nasa kubuntu veneto an anomaly of naca moobot and filipinos mula bellaire 40 kilometers long and lion on the bacalao onboard a motorcycle kaien guyana 30 minutes or less and abroad is a semi-open upon taha nidito and anchor beach hindi banks women ampere beach dial in business and a

Malaysian bacala man uncle ambassador neto arrow eben class cinema angelito perfect background kongu stoner and dramatic the prenup okunoshima non-carbon ootd personal instagram account perfect long right companion on vs. 652 lagana panel anya antonin kalina al-majalah tank versatile system nepata all-around nun versus 650 it has ample power for highway riding

Super constable economics at fang maha bandha i am comfort level up juanito milan to london adjustable windshield at over long miles on the open road at an appreciated and unfriendly power in an engine nastiness a yamaha owner a huma abedin 20 to 21 kilometers per litre although billed as an adventure bike my son on road adventures on set a pedo bear economist ma

Box a gravel roads and very light trail conditions breaking is strong and handling is lighter than its leader by brethren making this an ideal choice rapa intermediate or must experienced rider after a few more minutes of riding through awesome scenery narrative innum ennum in american business typical out in a jawa sabi nila andina jawan unless her exceeding

Talk of attendance a bond is normally open unless hexa a tottenham on maganda lugar the cream whites and the blue others and the chill vibe are perfect for relaxing maraming options dido para smog wisdom bug overnight aaron is asma pablito punta hanumana riders vito i am pacific villa resort sipar kingdom at or while i’m problema dito moorabbin in salem cottages

Now preyed upon a trip up when during an overnight comb trip puma camping by the beach after a long ride i know papa and messiah possible to swim in somali knees at presscon karaage bank and deena joanne beats sedative hola aurora competent abaddon after my beach political image explores a map illumina patent apostle and ito to learn an element falls bottle

Falls dirĂ­a bastion islet at lipid beach polygon among my tutoring nissen paraiso and apollo aurora a began sassa guten anumana my experimental professor a missus a maharaja began issue solara an apartment or a tb began there in a minute i mean verdicts of versus 652 taklamakan midori right not all will be right back

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Ride Mo'To: Kawasaki Versys 650 Bike Feature | Discover Aurora Province | Season 2 Episode 3 Part 2 By Ride Mo’To Official