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SALE ,399: 2016 Kawasaki ZX6R 636 KRT Edition Ninja Review!

Please enjoy Mainland Cycle Center’s look at the 2016 Kawasaki ZX6R 636 Ninja KRT Special Edition. Mainland Cycle Center is located in La Marque, TX just outside of Houston, Texas. Please contact us TODAY for a NO HASSLE drive out PRICE. We want to earn your business!

Hi albert here with mainland cycle search today i want to show you a 2016 kawasaki zx6r this is the 636 and the krt edition the kawasaki race team graphics very cool looking bike i love the graphics on this bike really really pops you know the 600 cc super sports 600 cc class we should say 600 cc class because this bike is 636 ccs so kawasaki i guess maybe it’s

Cheating a little bit but 636 cc’s really gives it that extra 36 ccs a little more power these bikes will really run good but it is just amazing to me how fast these 600 cc sport bikes are they’re just amazing and i think they’re really a fantastic value for the performance and the quality of the machine that you are getting and i say that really not only about the

Kawasaki because kawasaki is building some of the best quality motorcycles that they have ever built without a doubt they’re better now than than they’ve ever been and i’ve always been good and but the quality the attention to detail the kawasaki puts in these bikes is absolutely amazing very high quality bikes virtually no problems with these modern sport bikes

The majority of problems we see any of the products a lot of times is customer flicked it to be honest but these bikes truly truly amazing the horsepower that they’re putting out how light they are just absolutely incredible and then the electronics is just getting more and more sophisticated on them all the time but so inline four-cylinder motor dual overhead cam

Liquid cool fuel injected all that is pretty standard that’s not new and one of the cool things about the kawasaki is that it has a cassette type transmission most motorcycles a lot of motorcycles anyway in order to service the transmission on that motorcycle you’ve got to remove the motor from the from the motorcycle from the frame and then totally disassemble the

Motors split the cases and this bike has what’s called cosette type transmission so remove the fairing remove the clutch cover remove the clutch and then the transmission will pull right out of the side of the cases here and the transmission is serviceable without removing the motor from the frame so instead of having a two-day job repairing a transmission this

May be a two or three hour job so a very cool feature you’ll probably never have to do that but it’s nice knowing that if you do need to that it’s not a big hairy deal so i really dig that also the collar sakhis have what’s called a positive neutral finder so if if you’re in first gear and you come to a stop and you kick the transmission up to neutral it will go

To neutral i would bet you 99 times out of 100 it’s going to go right to neutral and that is really a cool feature if you’re a kawasaki owner you know that when you get on somebody else’s another brand bike that doesn’t have that future and you’re hunting for neutral it’s a real pain and really makes you appreciate the positive neutral finder on these bikes this

Bike is equipped with traction control this is the non abs model there is an abs version available the abs version is about $1,000 more but this does have the traction control and so with the traction control basically you can set there’s three different modes on that plus you can turn it off contrary to a lot of people’s belief the traction control really doesn’t

Limit the power unless there’s will slip maybe somewhat in mode three but it’s not really changing the power delivery so much as it is killing it when it anticipates wheel slip or when it experiences will slip so traction holds your friend it really is a good thing these electronics are becoming more and more common even in the racing those guys are taking evangels

Electronics because you simply cannot react as fast as the computer can and at least not most of us showa front forks inverted front forks these are the separate function big piston forks so what does that mean separate function means that one fork has the spring preload settings in the spring in it the other fork has the dampening cartridge in it so you set your

Dampening on this side and your spring tension on this side so what does that accomplish it accomplishes having a little less weight because you don’t have a spring in this side and you don’t have a dampening cartridge on this side so you’ve got one spring one dampening cartridge but also lets you have a higher quality dampening cartridge because you’re simply

You’re not trying to fit a dampening cartridge and a spring into one fork you know the forks only so big there’s only so much real estate in there there’s only so much that you can put in there so really a cool things that they’re doing they’re a great instrumentation analog tachometer digital readout on the speedometer of course it’s got a clock it will tell you

Your power mode your traction control mode all that stuff it does not have a fuel gauge but does have a fuel warning light and it will tell you the fuel light will come on when you get low on fuel this bike is a high-performance motor cycle so they do recommend 90 plus octane fuel to put to pc kind of a non-slip surface there has a little ninja logo embossed on it

I hope you can see that led rear tail light these are really cool it makes kind of like a z on each side and really looks great clear turn circle lenses this does have a coarse disc brakes front rear it does have the pedal style rotors so these little cups in the rotors allow more surface area dissipate me got a nice little green stripe on the wheel with a 636

Logo there and then four piston missing calipers readily mounted on the front and then you’ve got a floating rotor on the front there so a pedal style rotor and it’s also a floating rotor these bikes are also ram air so as you’re driving down the road air is being forced into this duct and that of course adds to the horsepower especially at high speed aluminum

Chassis aluminum swingarm like i said just amazing the technology and the quality and the performance that you get out of these bikes for the money they’re an excellent excellent value and again very high quality made in japan all right well that’s a look at the 2016 kawasaki zx6r 636 ninja and this is the k rt edition graphics all right we are mainly on cycle

Center were located in lamar texas we’re about 30 minutes south of downtown houston just off the i-45 you can find us online at main land cycle center comm by phone at four oh nine nine four eight four nine six nine and we would just love it if you give us a call shoot us an email or even better come by and see us in person here at mainland cycle sur or we’d love

To help any way that we can hey thanks for watching

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SALE $9,399: 2016 Kawasaki ZX6R 636 KRT Edition Ninja Review! By Mainland Cycle Center