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Yo guys what’s up this is tim worldwide pro got another sweet bike we’re gonna put up for you guys this here is a 2006 kawasaki vulcan 2000 as you can see it has a little something on the extra spot the other side there’s a little sidecar from bella rix so we’ll do the close-up and walk around here in a second and you can see the sidecar along with the bike so a

Little bit about the bike is it is a 2053 cc liquid-cooled v-twin it’s an overhead valve push rod style motor kind of like the harley and the road liner this book makes a lot of power on this one is all stock so you can still add pipes and stuff if you want very few add-ons this one has does have a custom corbin seat they’re actually nice and comfortable along with

Hard locking bags and a give each rgv trunk there for the passenger tooling line other add-ons consist of a nice bull little horn there looks like it’s wired up correctly and highway bigs i’m gonna make sure you’re nice and comfortable on your long trips see the really cool texture on the cases here i really like how they did that into it durable quite hard to keep

Clean but looks really nice this bike is two-tone black and silver i believe this is the lt model because it comes with the windshield and the the backrest when it comes back turi so dual disc brakes in the front disc brakes in the rear belt drive this is a 5-speed liquid cooled bike you can’t take the sidecar off this so if you did want to ride as a two-wheeler

It does still have the kickstand right there so you can’t still write it as a two-wheeler rich don’t tires on the front plenty of tread left on this tire first for the back it’s a big bike big fat tire probably a half life or more on that tire so you can see the trunks they’re like a hard blocking bag slip this little latch here careful to carpeted bag there looks

Like they may be water-resistant got you a nice cool eagle sticker to match the sidecar little top trunk there to put your helmet in or any kind of gear you want to take with you so on around as you can see stock pipes no air cleaner this is a nice little villa wrecked sidecar pin to match on the actual badge of the sidecar it says the sidecar is a product of 2007

So the sidecar is a little bit newer than the bike not much i’m about 5 foot 8 a little less than 5 feet 4 5 foot 8 excuse me about 200 pounds and i’m about as big as you want to be to get in this sidecar here i tried to get into it while ago i could fit in there just flying at plenty of legroom but it is hard to get in and out of with just this little step here

But if you’re a smaller person probably won’t have any problems whatsoever get a nice little windshield here to block the wind will rick’s they make nice little side cars and they’re pretty universal so you can put them on a lot of different bikes you can see how the connection they’re just bolts count on to the crash bar or the highway bar someone would say and

Just both falling back to the rear swingarm and to the lower lower part of the frame they’re pretty easy to do it looks like just a few few points of contact we’ve gotten a few of these sidecars in and they seem to be pretty popular they’re really white they’re not as heavy as some of the other side cars so it’s a little bit easier to ride now that do come up if

You don’t have a ballast in there so don’t forget to put a ballast in it if you ride this by yourself we’ll go ahead and do the start up so you can hear what this thing sounds like and see what the mileage is so before i started up you just want to go over the quality of the paint job really nice-looking paint job not a lot of scratches or swirls or anything just

Normal wear and tear this bike has twenty four thousand eight hundred and twenty-four miles so pretty low mileage one thing you’ll see here is this throttle lock catalina cruise control some people like those some people don’t now this is a fuel-injected v-twin nice – chris throttle response go ahead and hit that horn so she sounds like nice little train horn style

So you got good running bike you guys if you have any questions on this or any of the bikes that used to be on our website please give me a call ask me as many questions as you can check us out at my ride procom and if you see us on facebook give us a thumbs up and if you’re watching this video go ahead and hit that subscribe button and that thumbs up button also

Any comments you may have go ahead and drop those down below and if you’re in the tampa bay area i know it’s warm up north you want to come down south and get you a new bike you enjoyed the pretty weather a little bit give me a call and i can help you get that set up until next time guys thanks for watching remember ride safe happy thanksgiving to all you guys out

There traveling and i’ll chat with you guys next time

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