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The 2021 Kawasaki ZX-10R KRT Edition!!!

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It’s been a little while since i’ve done two videos in a day on this channel but but i’ll tell you what i saw this bike sitting in the showroom today and i figured that it is absolutely the perfect occasion to bring you guys two videos in one day so without any further hesitation let me go ahead and jump right into this one y’all would you believe me if i told

You that this bike is a used unit this beautiful beautiful racing machine just so happens to be the 2021 kawasaki zx10r the krt edition and it doesn’t get much better in the used department here at velocity it is absolutely ridiculous that we got a new bike like this one with such minimal usage we’re in love with this bike we sell the new ones but this was owned

By one person and he brought it back and i won’t lie to y’all this is the reason why it’s back in homeboy did not know how to ride it necessarily and he dropped it so we had to replace that side mirror up top how to replace a piece of the handlebar and the footbags on that on our right side here but those are minimal replacements and honestly this bike is still

Running performance wise like it is brand freaking new you have to absolutely love the krt cosmetic additions to this bike that classic kawasaki green with the white and red accents on this thing and let me tell you right now this thing absolutely freaking moves i don’t i don’t think there’s any other way for me to put that other than it will fly this bike is

Actually around the same price range msrp wise as the zh2 that i did a video on just a while back maybe last week or the week before i don’t exactly remember their performance is very very comparable the h2 is supercharged this one is not however this one acts like it that’s why this bike stock is probably better than the zh2 if i’m being entirely honest got

This breastplate up top here on the gas tank so to help you when you’re laying down on this thing i’m gonna show you guys the digital display up front here as well absolutely gorgeous this is that new age kawasaki display that when you’re up to a certain rpm count it’ll actually start to blink and let you know it’s time to switch into a new gear which i think

Is pretty freaking cool and you got all your new bells and whistles on the left side you got your menu selection and everything up here and your ignition and kill switch all in one right here as well this bike i mean i’ll let the bike talk for me here that’s nasty that is that is just nasty what this bike is capable of and that’s the difference i think between

This bike and the zh2 that i was talking about is that this is a heavier bike so this bike actually makes a little bit more sense up to speed on the highway and everything this is a more comfortable speed bike you’re able to really lay down on this thing in comparison to the zh2 which sits a little bit vertically in comparison to this and i mean that’s that’s the

Thought process behind it that’s why this is the krt edition that’s why kawasaki loves their zx10rs for the track it’s because they’re designed for the track they’re designed to be able to to minimize drag by laying down on these things and and really digging into the corners and this is a quick and nimble bike for sure with an unbelievably gorgeous front end as

Well i love this new kawasaki headpiece up front here just just gorgeous the way that it all comes to a point right there towards the middle of the wheel well these bikes are absolutely nothing to mess around with and luckily we got this one it’s really really tough for us to get our hands on used bikes especially used bikes like this one right now so anytime

We get it it’s a pretty special occasion at the moment got the brembo brakes this thing is absolutely phenomenal from rubber to metal from top to bottom and i’ll tell you right now this bike’s not going to be here for very long none of these kind of used bikes are ever here for very long because they’re so sought after right now when the market is is so very tough

To get your hands on bikes like this but i will tell you that if you’re looking for something like this you know we got it we’d love to try and help set you up with something like this so you could have some fun this summer and and really let loose and i gotta ask y’all to please take care of yourselves for the rest of this week find someone you love give them

A real big hug for me and you guys take it easy god bless you

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The 2021 Kawasaki ZX-10R "KRT Edition"!!! By Velocity Powersports