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2023 KTM MX Quickshifter – First Experience

2023 KTM MX Quickshifter – First Experience

All right i’ve been waiting to do this for a while let’s do a quick shift test you got a little sideways on me there all right guys if you’re not familiar with the quick shift the sensor and the shift drum when you have quick shift on it senses the lever move and it hesitates the ignition enough to where you don’t have to run off the gas you don’t have

To pull in the clutch you don’t have to anything it’ll just shift very common on the adventure bikes very common on the street bikes never been on a dirt bike let’s test it first ever start on this bike second it only works from second up guys i’m actually going to leave my foot on the flipper for this whoa that’s interesting guys let’s do that again let’s

Do it on the dirt where we can see what’s going on so guys i’m not going to let off the gas at all you guys any hesitation you hear is going to be from the bike the quick shifter in second gear did you guys you guys see that there’s actually whoa had a stall there it’s actually a little more pronounced than what i thought what’s weird is if you leave the

Quick shifter on you know it’s gonna do it all the time so let’s not do a start let’s just roll into this straight away and shift from fifth to second to third first down dang guys that’s pretty cool i see it being way more beneficial there than i do in the starts getting like some flame out action going on here all right i’m gonna go up here i’m gonna go

Around this turn i got quick shifter on and i’m not gonna touch the clutch and i’m gonna shift under the heaviest load i can first second all right guys you heard it i never let off the gas and i never touched the clutch i could not do that on any other dirt bike i’ve ever owned without the ktm would have probably shifted but it wouldn’t have felt good it

Would have been clunky my calories wouldn’t have even shifted let’s do this again second gear i’m gonna i’m just gonna hold it in second second here gosh so sick i love that yeah i was all thinking it would be sweet for the starts and it might be but uh it’s hard to tell but for the corners it’s so sick all right i’m gonna do a foot down start now and i’m

Just gonna shift as my foot comes up like i would if i was starving did you guys even tell i shifted second oh maybe i didn’t shift let’s try it again then first second all right here we go and it’s like you don’t even need to shift that much on these bikes guys because they pull so far and they seem to rev out me whoa hey listen to the quick shift

When i come around this turn i’m going to come out in a second and just hold it so um did you hear it it sounds like but you yeah but you could tell i wasn’t touching the clutch i didn’t let off the gas and it shifted by the time i got to the turn i was in fourth you can’t even tell yeah it sounded like you know what i mean yeah like it just i thought

It would be really sick on the starts but it’s way sicker just coming out of a corner you don’t you just don’t even you don’t even think about it because i never use my clutch to shift i just let off the gas right but it’s sweet now you don’t have to do that yeah but i’ll also doing that i’ll try to shift something miss a ship again on my ktm it would normally

Shift but it would sound kind of clunky yeah on my calories it wouldn’t even like it won’t even shift yeah like cowie transmissions are garbage yeah this will shift pretty good but it just sometimes you don’t let off enough it doesn’t give me reasons to have to go buy anybody so you

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2023 KTM MX Quickshifter – First Experience By MXG