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Upgrading my KTM 250 DUKE with full system exhaust while visiting Akrapovič company. It’s always mindblowing to see their unique craftsmanship paired with advanced technology, 3D scanning, sound engineering and dyno testing. All that and even more in RokON vlog #58!

What’s up guys it’s a new week new vlog and we prepared something very special for you this time you can see there right it’s a lot of exhaust that means one thing we are at a crop of which factory actually we are in the racing car and diesel is the place where they make new exhaust for the new bikes they test them they build them and that’s exactly what we’re gonna

Do for my new 250 duke that’s my 2nd 250 duke and it still has the original exhaust on it so we’re gonna build a really nice akrapovic exhaust for it and we’re gonna compare also the original versus the racing exhaust so let’s get to work first thing what we’re gonna do is take down the stock exhaust and then change it with our cropper which one but safety first

We are preparing all the 3d model of my exhaust next stage welding station we already have the tubes freethought and free bandit and my friend it’s another rope and he gonna weld it together to make my link pipe exhaust is non link pipe muffler so before we put that on the bike we also have the stock exhaust here so we’re gonna measure the difference right peter

Yeah we’re gonna scale the difference in weight because the weight is very important for handling and so on exactly so i can throw the tricks much easier if the bike has the less weight and peter i see there is not a lot of balls we have a water off here on the original one and just like three pieces to mount it so yeah we try to minimize the fitting materials

Simple tomorrow also very important at the crop which is easy plug-and-play system okay enough of talking let’s see the weight we’d have a 6.4 kilos let’s check no they’re crap which the whole 2.1 kilo that’s about 4.3 kilo difference with the original one that’s a huge performance improvement so yeah let’s put this baby on the bike this exhaust is

On so time to go to the dyno and let’s see now the performance okay now let’s go check the data okay the pike is set up now the throttle response is approved so now it’s time to go to check the exhaust that’s the thing that we came here so let’s hear this bad boy i just love that new exhaust it has an amazing sound so people can finally hear me on

The show and before we end this vlog now i have something special for you we are actually closing to 200,000 subscribers so i’m gonna give away that exhaust this piece of art that was a part of me for the last five years with my 200 duke and it has a lot of memories as you can see i crashed a lot it has also my signature and my logo and yeah it’s just an amazing

Piece so i need to know a crazy idea for our next 200k special vlog so drop some comments below let me hear your ideas i’m gonna choose the best out of it and this exhaust will be yours ok guys that’s it for this time i hope you liked our acropolis vlog special now you know how they build the exhaust and yeah don’t forget to hit the subscribe button see you next week until then

Transcribed from video