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Best Adventure Bike Ever: 2022 KTM Super Adventure R

When KTM names something Super, it is going to be a super serious bike! What we have here is the Super Adventure R 1290, 2022. This version has some changes and improvements from the previous years.

When ktm names something super it is going to be a  super serious bike what we have here is the super   adventure r1290 2022 this version has some super  changes and improvements from the previous years   full specifications it is a 1301 cc lc8   bhp and 138 newton meters of torque it has four   valves per cylinder with a

Double overhead cam this  engine comes with a dual spark ignition to comply   with euro 5 emission norms the pistons come with  a new grafal coating on the skirts also to improve   efficiency other changes being the radiator which  is a two piece unit for better cooling the exhaust   has a new header with more sensors to comply

Again  with emission norms the air box is different to   allow the dust and sand to settle at the bottom  instead of getting into the slats of the filter   designed for the hardcore adventure rider this is  a bike that comes with total ride by wire system   which is cable free to give better response and  feedback to the rider’s

Wrist movements as far   as handling goes the frame has been redesigned  on the 2022 super adventure r it’s a brand new   chrome molybdenum stainless steel trellis frame  which is shorter than the previous version   with the steering head which has been moved back  and the engine has been slung at a different angle  

The swing arm has also been made longer the ktm  of course comes with the amazing wp suspension   in this case it’s the explorer forks this bike  has independent fully adjustable front forks   with inverted and open cartridge front fork travel  is 22 centimeters the rear shock is around pds or   fully adjustable rear suspension

Travel is 22   centimeters now as an adventure bike it comes  with a 21 inch front and an 18 inch rear tire   short with battlelax adventure cross tubeless  to ensure tubeless tires on a spoked rim   ktm put o-rings on every nipple of the spokes  instead of just a rubber ceiling linked between   a wp steering damper

As standard fitment   all of these features contribute to an amazing  handling capabilities of the bike both on road   and on dirt bimbra brakes with bosch abs equipped  with cornering abs and off-road abs that work   you get a 23-liter tank that gives you a range   riding style and you get a storage compartment  

Along with a tank with a usb connection this bike  is not designed to stop and what is amazing with   ktm technology is that the service interval of the  bike is 15 000 kilometers that is a lot of riding   ground clearance which is at 242 millimeters and   you get a sturdy robust skid plate enough to ride  over most obstacles in

Your path with effortless   ease seat height is at 88 centimeters now let  me show you how a 5 feet 6 inch person sits   on it it’s not going to be very easy for everyone  unless you’re a seasoned motorcyclist but then as   i said this is an adventure bike it was a tough  ask for someone like me to get up and sit on it  

I’m 165 centimeters tall but then again there’s  an adventure bike i do not have any problems   riding the earlier versions or on a gs or on our  tiger on this you also get adjustable footpegs   it is a fantastic motorcycle we are beginning  to see why the prefix super is fully justified   talking about all the features of this

Bike like  the modes sport mode rain mode off-road mode rally   traction control cornering abs off-road abs   the rally pack that you can add on talking about  everything will be beyond the scope of this video   but you have further questions feel free to write  them in the comment section down below and i’ll be   glad

To answer them what adventure bike have you  written is this a bike that inspires you would you   pay this amount of top dollar to get this kind of  a bike i’d like to know your impressions i’d like   to know your opinion do leave your comments in  the comment section down below and click on the   like button and i will definitely reply to all 

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Best Adventure Bike Ever: 2022 KTM Super Adventure R By Krishnendu Kes