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First Time Jumping a 2 Stroke got Sketchy – KTM 125 SX

Took my new KTM to another motocross track and had too much fun! This is the first time I’ve ever done mx jumps on a 2 stroke and it was a great learning experience. I feel faster on the KTM compared to my previous KX250F but still need a few more rides to get fully comfortable and confident on this orange machine. Hope you enjoy the video and thank you for watching 😁

All right guys so this is my uh officially the second motocross track ride on this i wrote it once on trails before i wrote it on a trash but i came here to a pretty hard packed like almost concrete track today a couple days ago i rode a super deep sand track for the first for the first ride on this so this is gonna be entirely different just like an entirely

Different animal and i haven’t really jumped this thing yet so i’m a little uh a little nervous to see how it handles jumps because i don’t know something in my mind just tells me that two strokes handle jumps differently then four strokes so we’re gonna have to like take it easy figure out how this thing uh how this thing handles i think the main thing i’ve

Noticed with the two-stroke on this track is it really really just need to be conscious of waiting my outside peg a ton oh my god that’s exactly what i get so scared of oh i put i gave it way too much throttle on the end of that jump and i was already going too fast holy crap um it’s just easier to slide out on this thing in the corners except to be a little

Bit more careful oh oh man i saw a bike when i was going over the jump and i got a little nervous you all right somebody like cut the track like right here they came up this yeah it’s like went over the handlebars but you’re all right yeah i’m good man i’m good because i’ve seen some people like break their wrists in this thing yeah i’m good but she’s running

Great i’m still a little still a little timid to hit this jump obviously if you’ve seen anyone videos before i hit that thing every single time no problem on my kx but this is the first time i’ve really ever been hitting motocross so i’m trying to learn exactly what it takes to jump these things there we go but it’s been so much fun suspension on this thing

It’s just good a lot of people i heard a lot of people complain about the air force on these i have no problem okay yeah so fun it just screams around the track it’s so good i want um hit it so bad i’m just a little scared just a little nervous and when i’m a little scared and nervous i know i shouldn’t shouldn’t try it you should be you’re not fully committed

No point trying my front tire almost slides out there pretty much every time this thing is so freaking sweet dude 450. how about that josiah he didn’t think that was clear on that thing yeah oh yeah that was as close as you’re gonna get yes thank you guys so much for watching the video i greatly appreciate if you made it this far please leave a like if you

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First Time Jumping a 2 Stroke got Sketchy – KTM 125 SX By Derek Hallman