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How to Change Gear Oil on a 2020 KTM Freeride E-XC Electric Motorcycle.

Just a brief video of me performing maintenance on my 2020 KTM Freeride E-XC. The Owner’s Manual calls for the Gear Oil to be changed every 50 hours. It is fairly simple and easy to do!

Hi everyone this is george from gt outrider in today’s video i’m going to be changing the gear oil in my 2020 ktm freeride exe electric motorcycle so i’m going to be using a 5 millimeter allen 13 millimeter boxing wrench and a torque wrench also the manual calls for 200 ccs of 80 weight 90 and i’m going to use 75 weight 90 mobile one synthetic i’m also using a

Syringe to place the oil into the bike so the maintenance schedule says to change your oil every 50 hours also your motor should be warmed up i’m gonna go warm it up okay so i have the bike up to operating temperature now first thing i’m going to do is take my five millimeter allen wrench loosen the fill plug i’m not going to remove it reason why is oil level is

Above this i’m just going to break it loose gently okay next is the drain plug so notice the 13 millimeter socket will not fit directly on a drain plug due to the fact that it interferes with the skid plate that skid plate is a stress member of the frame i’m kind of afraid to take it out for the frame might spring and be difficult to get back in that’s why i’m

Going to use a 13 millimeter box in wrench and just break the drain plug loose next i’m going to take this drain plug out by hand i have my milk jug ready to catch any oil that comes out the next thing i want to do is inspect the drain plug so notice there’s a little bit of debris on there not a whole lot what i want to do i want to take that debris and just

Check it for anything gritty gritty is bad this is nice and smooth that’s typical and just fine the bike has 37.5 hours on it since the last oil change this oil doesn’t look too bad at all and i’ve cleaned the plugs up and cleaned the mating surfaces time to put these plugs back in with the fill plug and the drain plug you have copper washers on there those are

Fine to reuse okay so the drain plugs in and if you remember i’m not going to be able to get my socket on there this will tighten this to 20 newton meters and again i’m not going to be able to get my torque wrench on there i’m not going to buy a boxing wrench extension for it just going to use my box in wrench i’m going to tighten it up to just as snug a little

Bit just go slightly past there it just kind of feels like around 20 newton meters to me should be good next step i’m not particularly fond of but you have to lay the bike on its side which i did very gently and put in 200 cc’s of fresh oil so i just put in the 200 ccs of new oil and i’m going to put the fill plug in it’s been cleaned and the mating surface has

Been cleaned and again i’m reusing a copper washer and we’re going to torque this down to eight newton meters there it is so i got the bike back up it’s all ready to go for another 50 hours and that’s it so i appreciate you watching and please stay tuned because i am working on a video comparing this ktm freeride exc to my 2018 ulta exr should be an interesting

Video thanks again take care

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How to Change Gear Oil on a 2020 KTM Freeride E-XC Electric Motorcycle. By GT Outrider