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Husqvarna 701/KTM 690 Adventure bike

I chose the Husqvarna 701/KTM 690

Okay let’s talk about lightweight adventure bikes for the past 10 years or so i’ve been on the big gs and i really love this thing i’ve been up to the arctic three times with it and countless other trips but i wanted to start doing some more uh technical and demanding uh routes i i plan on taking this bike here with me to the arctic this year last year i took

It out to the desert nevada and it was great this thing cruises really well this is of course a husqvarna 701 and uh let’s go ahead and talk about put it in the same group as the ktm 690 also now i had one of those also so they’re pretty close so i’ve been fixing this thing up to be my new lightweight adventure bike i’ve done some things to it to make it a

Little bit better i put on the this new tank bag it’s waterproof endural stand and then i’ve got a pack on the back now this is just for like day trips more than anything else for the long trips what i’m gonna be doing is taking this luggage right here these two panniers will fit on my rack perfectly and then i’ve got this bag here which i’ll put on the back

That’s got all my camping gear in it last year i got home and i weighed everything the panniers in the back bag and i was at 90 pounds and i’ve been trying real hard to get it down to 60 and i believe i’m there right now i may even be closer to 50 pounds i went through all my gear and took some of it out the stuff that i never use you know like my rain gear when

I go to nevada i i take wrangler with me just in case and i i got to start doing that there’s a lot of bulk that’s some weight and the fact is is my uh client gear is is waterproof anyway and the chances of hitting a rainstorm in the bed is pretty slim at least the time i go another thing i’m going to start leaving at home is uh this is my camping chair and a

Lot of people don’t wouldn’t agree with me on that to leave that behind but the fact is is i’ve been on so many trips when i hold that thing with me and i’ve i’ve never used it i’ve always got a picnic table i’ve always got a tree stump that i can sit on i can also take my panniers off and sit on that if i want so those are a couple of things and then some other

Things that i did is i went from a uh a large wolfman bag down to the small and then i got a uh a one-man tent and i’m selling my my three-man tent that i’ve had for so many years i had kind of a fuel issue in nevada there’s some long stretches and i ended up putting a uh another fuel tank in the spike this is under the seat that’s good for well i think i’ve

Got a total of five gallons right now which is which is plenty for what i was doing uh last year i had problems with this seat now this seat is seat concepts everybody loves these things but you know it’s still a hard seat so i went ahead i didn’t want to you know go on to a full custom seat because i’m not really exactly sure what i want so i put an air hawk on

It and let me tell you this is gonna this is gonna do it i think this was 75 or something like that on uh on amazon so yeah i recommend these things if you want a little bit more comfort this is the dual sport size oh let’s see what else that i did oh yeah i uh mounted two tool tubes to my racks here that’s what i like about the the solid racks is you can you

Know mount other things to it also i’ve got a tube here and a tube there that holds tools and it holds holds my uh spare tubes also okay now let’s talk about this here let me get on the other side of the bike here this has been a good bike i haven’t had any problems with this it’s all it’s all sorted i bought this in 2017 used it as a dual sport mostly and uh

A couple years ago i i started thinking about using it for bigger trips or longer trips this bike is so much easier to pick up than that bike okay that’s what it boils down to i’m generally solo when i’m when i’m out and i’m i’ll get very remote sometimes and uh it’s really nice knowing that you’ve got a bike that you can pick up easily if this bike goes over

I can generally pick it up no problem with the panniers on and i can also these panniers come off in seconds so that’s really nice and i can get into them in and out of those things you know really easy okay let’s talk about the weights of bikes because there’s a lot of a lot of uh mid and lightweight bikes out there and this is the way i look at it okay my bmw

That that bike right there no and i’m talking bear bikes now without luggage or anything on on all of these so it’s a it’s a good accurate comparison okay that that bike the gs is uh 550 pounds okay now if i went to a lighter bike you know i lighter bikes like the uh the ktm 890 adventure r is 430 35 pounds so you’re a little over 100 pounds difference which is

Which is big it’s big okay now the uh i even put the the t 700 yamaha in here too that’s 452 but that’s a wet weight where all the other weights are dry i believe okay now my ktm is in the husqvarna 701 you know 320 pounds 320 pounds okay i’m gonna miss the comfort that thing is a cadillac it goes down the road really nice a lot of comfort i took my wife to

The arctic ocean with me she was on the back we had all her luggage for camping and cooking and everything with me i mean what other bike you need a big bike for that you know you could do it on a oh yamaha you know super adventure you know the bigger the bigger bikes that’s what it takes if you’re going to be doing that but the fact is is i probably won’t be doing

That again and i’m i’m really looking forward to a lighter bike because i really enjoy getting way out and a lot of times i’ll get into some deep sand or some real rocky areas and it’s too much of a struggle with the big bmw okay so the huge huge weight difference now some other considerations when you want to go ultra light should i call this ultra light or light

Let’s call it a lightweight adventure bike this bike in most dual sports if not all duels dual sports take tube tires the bmw and most of the big mid-weight and heavyweight adventure bikes are all tubeless tires it is way easier to fix a flat on that bike right there because it’s tubeless you just go ahead and plug it with this bike it’s got tubes in it you got

To take everything apart patch the tube put it all back together but you got to remember is if you need to put tires on or if you need to take this tire off for some reason i can’t imagine really why you’d need to do that unless it was a real extreme situation where you ripped the tire really bad and had to replace it to seat these tires out in the wild is hard

To do i’ve done it two times in the yukon and it can be done but i was very lucky to do it uh with the tube types you know you can you can pump it up with a hand after you get your your tube fixed put it back together you can pump it up with a hand pump and it’s no big deal so you got that to consider to take into consideration also okay again that there is a

Cadillac this here is the there’s no it’s not nearly as comfortable as that and you can look at it and tell i don’t have the wind protection i’ve got a little bit of protection here and care but that’s it and uh this is so much lighter and it doesn’t you know it’s not is uh is smooth flying down the freeway now i will say this you can when you go to nevada the

Speed limit in a lot of places is 80 miles an hour that means everybody’s doing 90 or 95 and you can still keep up with this bike even with all the luggage i know i did it okay now the dual sport of course way superior off-road when things get tough you want this bike not that bike that’s you’ll struggle with it when you get in a deep sand or rocky real rocky uh

Terrain and it’s gonna wear you out i know i’ve been there okay fuel range is another big deal when you get into a uh a heavy weight or a mid-weight adventure bike most of them have a lot of fuel they carry a lot of fuel you know like the the gs adventure what a god what is that seven or eight gallons or something like that this is i think a little almost right

Around five i think uh a ktm 690 and this uh huss minus uh 701 have very small tanks this came with a 3.2 i think a ktm is a 3.4 that’s not enough to really do adventure riding you get into the the iris the yukon northwest territories you get down in the nevada you there’s stretches you’re gonna have to you’re gonna have to go 200 miles sometimes and i couldn’t

Do it on the fuel that i had that’s why i put that extra tank in here and i really haven’t used this bike too much since i did that but i think that will fix my problems probably two foot of snow on the ground outside right now so i’ve been in my garage looking at it trying to figure out you know what exactly i needed and i’m i think i’m there i’ve got a uh the

Garmin xt that goes up here and hey look at this a machete anybody that carries a machete is legit okay now i even started packing my bags look at there uh this is all packed so when it comes time to uh to going this next spring then this next summer you know i’ll be ready to go this is all packed all i have to do is just take this stuff throw it on a man

I’ll tell you i should be good to go everything else is in order i uh did my veil check and everything i always do that way ahead of time and and i’m using a uh a moto z desert ht on the back which is really too aggressive for what i plan on doing when i go to the arctic i should have put on and i still may have time this is a moto z adventure tire and this

Would probably be a better choice for even on the the husqvarna so anyway if you guys have any uh questions i’m sure you will if you want to hey let’s let’s talk about this you know ask me questions and uh you know i’ll try and answer them for you if you’ve gone this route too uh please stay in touch let me know know what you’re doing uh i’ve got a uh another

Friend a a lady friend that’s doing the same thing she’s on a 250 and uh she’s been uh she’s got a pretty much dialed in too so anyway i hope you like this video uh there’s gonna be more to come i’m always finding out you know something else that i’m doing you know tweaking it a little bit here there to make it a little bit more uh adventure worthy okay okay

Talk to you guys later i’m out bye you

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Husqvarna 701/KTM 690 Adventure bike By BlackdogADV