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Inside the KTM Junior Supercross – Dirt Bike Magazine

As the 2019 registration opens up for the little guys to sign up and ride the very supercross track that Marvin Musquin and Cooper Webb are on, we decided to release a video for those interested in the program. In its seventeenth year in existence, the KTM Junior Supercross Program has showcased the talents of over 3000 boys and girls in stadium racing venues worldwide, racing on the very same tracks as their Supercross heroes. While Junior Supercross highlights these talented young riders from around the country and around the world, it also promotes riding and racing motorcycles as a family activity – exciting and accessible – especially for kids!

Hi i’m mark tilley from dirt bike magazine today we’re getting to give you a behind-the-scenes look of the ktm jr. supercross challenge the ktm jr. supercross challenge has been going on for the better part of 15 years we’ve been doing it for a very long time started off as a pretty small operation now you look we’ve got a pretty big presence here in the pits got a

Factory rig right next to the red bull factory racing team started with three rounds and then worked our way up to five and now we’re at full ten rounds plus our finals at the end of the season and monster energy cup my role here is to manage the entire program make sure everything goes smooth not just on the day of the event but also before all the administrative

Stuff that happens behind the scenes and this program is really all about the kids giving them this amazing experience making them feel like they’re a factory racer this is all about the next generation of riders and really getting those kids into motorcycling and getting them to enjoy it the way all of us enjoy it one of the greatest things about this program

For me is that you know i get to meet so many different kids so many different families and at the end of the night every single one of these kids and every single one of these parents they are so exciting they’re so stoked you know it’s really been our privilege and it’s my privilege to be a part of their experience you know we we just provide them the platform

And they go out and they have the great time to see those kids really enjoy themselves and to take that next step you know it’s it’s awesome you know you there’s there’s really no way to describe it but when they walk away with a big smile on their face you know you know you did a good job and it just makes everything that much worthwhile all that hard work all

Those long days that’s what it’s all about for us that’s what it’s all about for me and like i said it’s about those smiles man it’s all about those kids and we want to make sure they have a great time it’s really cool to ktm is doing the junior supercross challenge we get a chance to spend some time with the kids i don’t usually get a chance to do this kind

Of stuff but it is kind of funny that about 19 years ago 1999 i rode a ktm at anaheim 2 supercross back before k teams were really popular and kenny bartron was the only other ktm rider in the 125 class with me if somebody would have told me 19 years later you’re gonna be back here with with your son i would have told them they were crazy so it’s kind of nice

Ktm has this thing to introduce the kids to the next generation of riders and come up and you never know he might want to race and do that stuff down the road and it’s a cool opportunity to be able to do this they check the kids grades i’ve enjoyed this experience i know that i’ve had friends that have gone through it and telling me to take a lot of pictures and

Turn into a mini dad for a day it’s all about having fun and i’m loving it so if you want to get involved in the ktm jr. supercross challenge it’s really easy all you need to do is log on to wwe and it’s that simple it’s very easy it’s very quick it’s simple you pick the rounds and then we go through the selection process and every kid i get asked this a

Million times how do we select the kids i literally pick names out of a hat i slice every single name into a little strip of paper i put it into this hat this very hat right here i walk around the office people pull names out of the hat and that’s how these 15 kids at every round gets selected it can’t be any more random and it’s really awesome just to see how

Much of a diverse group of kids we get from something that seems almost too simple to be to be true

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