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KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S Feature and Technology

KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S Top Feature and Technology.

Covering ground quickly and effortlessly is what the ktm 1290 super adventure s is made for an adventure specs v-twin with 160 horsepower and 138 nm means that entire cross-country journeys are dispatched easily while adaptive cruise control and semi-active suspension together with reworked rider-focused ergonomics and technology bring agility and long-distance

Comfort to an entirely new level it’s a bold claim but we’ll make it the ktm 1290 super adventure s is the new benchmark with a sledgehammer hit of 160 horsepower and a massive 138 nm of earth-twisting torque the proven v-twin lc-8 engine once again takes the accolades as the most compact lightest and best-performing engine in the segment it’s greener too

Meeting all euro5 regulations and will deliver 15.00 kilometers service intervals and low fuel consumption trip after trip mile after mile helping the ktm 1290 super adventure s shift in more ways than one is a six-speed pa nkl transmission with a new lighter aluminum shifting drum with optimized tracks for faster smoother gear changes shifting forks have

Also been coated in copper to reduce wear and tear this also helps the quick shifter plus engage quicker for ultra-fast slick gear changes not only does the slipper clutch open when the engine back torque becomes too high it also assists when you open up the throttle the former prevents destabilizing rear-wheel chatter when braking sharply or decelerating the

Latter reduces the lever force required for changing gears allowing the clutch to be controlled with one trigger happy finger saving you energy while riding the new reworked hand lightweight chrome molybdenum stainless steel trellis frame featuring laser-cut tubes combines with forged elements for an ultra-strong component on the ktm 1290 super adventure s the

Steering head has been moved 15 millimeters rearwards to shorten the overall frame for improved cornering behavior while the front engine mount has been rotated forward by two degrees to aid in hard acceleration keeping the front end firmly planted on the ground a newly designed lightweight and high-strength aluminum side stand completes the package extended

By 15 millimetres to optimize tracking stability in conjunction with the shorter frame the die cast open lattice swingarm retained it lightweight and pinpoint manufacturing to provide stiffness and uncompromised control when out on the road there’s no modest way to say this but the ktm 1290 super adventure s is fitted the most advanced suspension system on

The market featuring a new generation of innovative wp semi-active suspension technology sat with electronically controlled magnetic valves for variable damping providing a wide range of adjustability for maximal comfort and safety best yet all the settings and adjustments to the suspension can be made via the dashboard and are indicated on the tft screen in

Addition the optional suspension pro package allows the rider to benefit from an automatic setting of the rear shock preload or individually adjustable settings for the shock or fork featuring bespoke media’s tara force r rubber which is specifically developed for new ktm 1290 super adventure s provides exceptional grip handling behavior and optimal stability at

High speed precise powerful consistent just as you would expect from a set of brembo brakes up front you’ll find twin 320 millimeters diameter discs which are radially mounted plus four piston fixed calipers at the rear excess speed is taken care of by a generously dimensioned 267 millimeters diameter disc and in case of an emergency bosch’s two-channel 9m

Plus abs is there to save the day wide adjustable and ready for long hours in the saddle the high-strength tapered aluminum handlebars are designed to provide riders with greater control and uncompromised comfort newly developed and robust handguards have also been designed for optimal aerodynamic behavior when it comes to high-speed stability turning night

In today the new cornering integrated lead headlight has been designed to integrate the front radar sensor on the ktm 1290 super adventure s flanked by cornering and daytime running lights this results in a clean ktm distinctive look which provides impeccable illumination with a wide beam pattern to light up the road ahead the standard cruise control is ultra

Convenient on long motorway journeys switches on the left side of the handlebar on a display in the tft dashboard allow the writer to intuitively set and change the requested speed so you’ll arrive where the real fun begins with energy to spare you

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KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S Feature and Technology By Umraity AutoMags