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KTM 890 DUKE R – Motorcycle overview – THE SUPER SCALPEL

The KTM 890 DUKE R brings out the best in the DUKE, based on the lightweight, compact agile and razor-sharp packaging, the #KTM #890DUKE R is the sportiest bike in the midweight segment and will give bigger bikes a run for their money.

Being ready to race is all about a mindset about freedom challenging yourself without getting up when you’re down about preparing yourself in the down time the anticipation for the race the wait for the drop of the flag be ready when the race starts again ktm 890 duke r the super scalpel the sharpest and most precise tool in our toolbox the ktm 890 duke r brings

Out the best in the duke based on a lightweight compact agile and razor sharp packaging of the ktm 790 duke the ktm 890 duke r is the sportiest bike in the midweight segment and will give bigger bikes a run for their money in the world of ktm only the most prestigious models get to bear the r badge although no fixed recipe is used to bestow the honor of the r

Badge the highest combination of pots and often engine tweaks are used to further enhance the riding experience the knowledge gathered from motorsports and r d filters down into the street range and for the ktm 890 duke r you will find the highest spec wp apex adjustable suspension top of the range brembo starlima monoblock calipers combined with brembo’s mcs

Master cylinder making it a true off if that is not enough the geometry has been altered for a sportier ride and to finish it off ktm has given the ktm 890 duke r an orange frame and rounded it off with the signature r styling the core ingredient necessary to hit the objectives for the ktm 890 duke r philosophy was a new parallel twin based on the ktm 790 duke

With more power and torque and thus a renewed level of excitement for the rider the motor’s output has been increased to 121 horsepower or 89 kilowatts and 99 newton meters of torque sprung from lower in the power band in terms of engine architecture the ball has been enlarged from 88 to 90.7 millimeters and the stroke lengthened from 65.7 to 68.8 millimeters

With compression increased from 12 comma 7.1 to 13 comma 5.1 an important contributor to the motorcycle’s handling comes through a new crankshaft that has 20 more rotational mass compared to the ktm 790 duke this means more stability both in terms of engine character at path throttle and consistent speed and cornering without sacrificing the agility connecting

Rod and forged box pistons construction with three rings and a shorter pin as part of the design for 2020 are lighter in spite of the grander size the cam shafts benefit from a more aggressive profile and increase lift gear changing is now faster due to shorter shift lever travel lighter spring action and improved settings on the optional quick shifter plus the

Ktm 890 duke r sports the most compact engine in the mid-class segment the ktm 890 duke r has been fitted with a wider radiator to ensure bigger surface area ensuring optimum cooling a fierce throttle response is possible due to a shorter intake funnel and new throttle bodies injection is adjusted for each cylinder individually improving engine characteristics at

Low throttle use the suspension has a very sporty setup for optimum performance on street and track the setup was adapted to suit the additional power of the engine keeping the agile character of the bike with increased high speed cornering stability suspension travel has not been reduced to keep street comfort while offering maximum performance on track the

Forks offer compression and rebound adjustment for any on the move adjustments that might be required the shock is equally as compliant and practical high and low speed compression as well as rebound can be changed and preload is hydraulically adjustable the brakes have been developed with high performance track and street riding in mind larger discs lighter

Components sharper and more precise brake feeling rainbow’s dilemma monoblock calipers are the chosen stopping force behind this precision machine lightweight stiff with optimized airflow to the brake pads reduce brake fluid volume which reduces lever stroke compared to the ktm 790 duke the ktm 890 duke r gets larger floating brake discs 320 millimeters instead

Of 300 millimeters in diameter and makes use of aluminium carriers total weight saving each brake disc is 400 grams lighter due to the aluminium carrier each brake caliper is 190 grams lighter overall 1.2 kilograms of unsprung mass reduction compared to the ktm 790 duke brembo’s multi-click system allows the rider to adjust the lever ratio and thus brake feel this

Is comparable to changing the piston diameter from 19 to 21 millimeters the rider can choose between a longer stroke or a more evenly graduated braking ratio or a shorter stroke and a more direct brake feeling essential for sporty motorcycle are the ergonomics the biggest different is found in the more attacking riding position with the user placed marginally

Higher and further forward the handlebars are lower and set further forward to provide improved front-end feel foot pegs are larger with greater surface area but without diminishing lean angle have been located higher and towards the rear of the motorcycle while the passenger seat cover has also been shaped and positioned to assist the same stance of the rider

The ktm 890 duke r the super scalpel at the top end of the mid-range segment and challenging larger displacement bikes with the ultimate street performance package it offers almost unparalleled power masses of torque great handling best suspension brakes electronics in the mid weight class this is the super scalpel

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KTM 890 DUKE R – Motorcycle overview – THE SUPER SCALPEL By Fowlers Motorcycles of Bristol