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KTM & Husqvarna Ogio Dakar 3L Hydration Pack

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Hello everyone i’m chase of rocky mountain atv/mc giving you a closer look at the ktm in husqvarna dakar hydration pack alright everyone thanks for tuning in today we’re giving you a closer look at the ktm and the husqvarna 2 car hydration pack made exclusively for these two companies by ojio i’m gonna say this is a medium to large pack you have a three liter hydration

Bladder that comes included plus as you’re about to see a lot of additional storage capacity so that’s what you’re in the market for and your ktm husky guy well this could be a really good option now looking at if we talked about construction first i think that’s one of the strong suits of this pack i think it has great durability the main construction is this 100

50 denier mini honeycomb rip stop material so great durability there and if we start with the shoulder straps so a couple things i like about these you’ve got adjustability with the straps you can see it right here underneath this velcro so these are adjustable you’re also going to have adjustability down here at the bottom so the way this works is pretty simple

You’ve got this strap so right now you can see i’ve got it on the second buckle but if i wanted to for larger riders i want to expand this you could just pull that out and loop it just around this first buckle and that’ll give you some additional length again for those larger sizes so you’ve got plenty of adjustability with the straps here’s another feature that i

Like you’ll notice down here this center buckle this is going to pivot it’s gonna help reduce any binding that the pack would have and then also these buckles down here with those bottom straps connect also pivot as well so they’re doing everything that they can just to help this thing move freely not binding as you’re riding you’ll notice the sip tube it’s coming

Down the right side you can write it down either side if you do want to you you do have this clip right here that will come on the right side right on the bag but you can’t take this off and move it to the left side if you do want to so a couple different options there underneath all that if you undo this real quick you’ve got some nice padding so the shoulder

Straps you got some padding in there along with mesh to help this thing breathe you’ve got these shoulder pads going along the back and then you can see you’ve got some mesh padding down here along the bottom as well but for ground we look at the front let’s talk about your pockets that you’re getting here like i said a lot of storage capacity so first one you’re

Gonna notice the side pockets you’ve got a zip pocket here on the side i’ll put my hand in there just to kind of see how big so i can get my whole hand in there pretty easily and then on the other side you’re just gonna have a mesh expandable pocket here now here you’ve got this evie a molded pocket so it’s going to offer a little bit of extra protection for the

Items inside here this will open up if you look in the inside here you’ve got a couple zippered mesh pockets here on the inside of that lid you’ve got a clip for your keychain couple more mesh pockets in a zippered pocket here but something that you’re going to notice is you have these male ends right here these buckles and then up on the top you’ve got the female

End so the purpose for these if you want you can open up this molded pocket help it expand and then you can take these straps and clip those just to get a little bit more expansion out of that pocket now i will say on the product page they say that you could fit a helmet in here i don’t think you’re gonna get a motocross helmet in fact i know you’re not going

To you’re not gonna get one to fit inside here i’ve tried it doesn’t work but for say mountain biking if you have a half helmet that you’re wearing i think a mountain bike helmet you could get to work with that set up so just something to keep in mind there next up on the top you’re gonna have a fleece lined pocket here on the top it’s pretty deep actually it’s

Gonna be bigger than the one on the side that i showed you so easily gonna fit your largest cellphones your you know electrical accessories inside here that you don’t look at me don’t want getting scratched and then undo this here on the side other side this is gonna be your largest compartment so this is just one large pocket there’s no other zippers in here no

Organization so take your extra gear your clothing your food whatever you want stuff it in here just gonna be one large storage compartment now the last one is going to be where your hydration bladder lives so first thing you’re gonna notice you have insulation material on the inside what’s nice about that does they say it will help insulate your drinks up to 30%

Longer so you put your water here in here when it’s cold this will help keep it cold throughout the day you’re going to notice to the sip tube which is nice the attach is nice and easily right up here from the top and then that’s just going to go down and what i like you can see you’ve got this hard plastic piece that goes from the top of the hydration bladder all

The way down to the bottom well that’s what they call just our anti slash and the purpose for that once you have the bladder full that will just help keep it in place so it’s not sloshing all over the place when you’re riding so that is a feature that i do like on these hydration packs also the way you open and close this is a little bit different so you’ve got

These blue tabs up here at the top so the way you work this is you’re just going to press these up and once you’ve done that just open up the hydration bladder so that’s how you’re going to open this up so it’s not a slide closure i’ve actually used a bladder like this that works really well it didn’t leak on me and then to do it back up you’re just gonna close

It close those back up take your sip tube reconnect it and you’re good to go so very easy to do so that is it that is the k10 and the husqvarna dakar hydration back again made exclusively by og oh you guys have questions or comments leave those below we’ll get those answered to pick yours up you can click on the link or head over to rocky mount atv mc com remember

Orders over $75 ship free if you guys like this video and you want to see more just like it make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel and i will always keep you guys up to date i’m chase we’ll see on the trails you

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KTM & Husqvarna Ogio Dakar 3L Hydration Pack By Rocky Mountain ATV MC