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KTM RC8 – The ultimate superbike test | Prueba + Espaol

Hablamos con algunos de los primeros afortunados en probar la KTM RC8 en el circuito de Alcarrás, Almeria.

Hello out there dear thousand ps audience today we want to try the ktm rc8 r especially in white orange we like it very much we’re gonna try it here on the spanish racetrack i can ask the weather isn’t very fair but let’s see what that bruton motorcycles able to show without any kind of electronical support ktm sent the rca jar into that competition i like it very

Much in white orange but what does the lap time say and how is your feeling about it well the ktm is a bike that i like a lot suddenly you can’t see it’s a ktm the lap time was really okay the ktm power and performance isn’t as good as the japanese ones but it’s very enjoyable to drive and you can always feel safe on it and i think that this is the most important

Point for normal street driver to have a bike where you can sit on it and just drive and the ktm is like that we have to talk about ktm i think that the winner here is the top in power but i think beautiful pike beautiful shot see how was your trip powers you have lap times with the booster booster ktm yeah yeah not bad it’s a it’s a bike who can be in the top it’s

Losing a little bit on the straight compared with other bikes and but mid corner speed and going out from the corner it’s so easy with this bike it’s strong out from the corner but a little bit weak on the straights but out front every corner you you are very fast and the mid corner also the brakes a perfect but the feeling going into the corners or some corners

Where you go very fast but just a little bit leaning the the bike is a little bit too stiff little bit too hard but this is this is something you can learn this bike the ktm joins the race this year a classical superbike v2 engine without any electronical supports what about the lap time and what do two drivers say although the ktm doesn’t have that much power the

Lap times were surprisingly positive it did a good job because it’s easy to drive because it pushes forward in the medium rpm range it’s really not complicated to handle it doesn’t stress you sitting on it is pretty comfortable and that works well in combination with the good handling that way it’s easy to drive acceptable that times without beginner forwards this

Motorcycle was not spectacular because it’s easy to drive especially on this track without stress it’s precise it goes where i wanted to go the footrest is a bit too low for me but it’s possible to set it isn’t it no it’s already in the highest position okay because it touches the ground but otherwise it functions very well it makes fun okay the power’s messing in

Comparison to the others but it’s enough in second gear the paunch is missing and i think that it has an enough engine break so when you rolling into the bend in second gear it’s nearly like a two-stroke engine i’d like it more if it broke me down in sloping position but otherwise it’s very easy konzern fox motor odd function you’d see a good

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KTM RC8 – "The ultimate superbike test" | Prueba + Español By 1000PS Motorcycle Channel