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KTM RC8C First Impressions & First US Trackday

After a week at the dealership for display, I picked up my KTM RC8C and brought it home for a nice wash and then quickly took her to the racetrack here in Houston. Join along for the pickup as well as my first impressions with the bike stateside. Thanks and don’t forget to subscribe! 🙂

Yo all right it is a uh a week since we were here at wild west motorplex in katy texas and we are back to pick up the uh the rc-8c saw super super jazzed uh peter’s gonna meet up with this as well and uh should be really fun let’s go take a look and and get the bike yeah got the check hello hello hey good are you here to pick her up yes yeah yeah here it

Is yes yeah thank you thank you thank you very much thank you everybody’s been loving it thank you awesome oh yeah it’s time to go home we should get one of these that’s a way to load a bike oh nice put it in gear so it doesn’t roll back oh my god it just that would be that would be heartbreaking i’d just be screaming yeah sweet i love the fender the

Fender’s so beautiful the carbon fender and the wings so clutch yeah it’s still got all the track dirt and dust you want to make sure that you have your spain does it’s the authentic experience yep you have your first lives yeah all right guys welcome it’s the line of the wild west motorbikes i’m with ben one of the lucky guys they got the rcac thank you man

I feel good man feel good pretty awesome so excited to take it home uh take it out on the track and make it do what it’s meant to do right so it’ll be really really fun wow yeah wish you luck i hope you don’t ever lay it out i think this makes it official right so excited man awesome do so i didn’t actually record too many laps that day because i was there to

Have fun and also just to get re-familiarized with the bike it’s been almost four months now since i got to ride it at herrera and in a lot of ways it felt like it was the first time i got to write it again especially because we’re not on this beautiful spanish track in the sun and you know it’s perfect weather with the ktm staff and team there to support you it’s

Really just me out there with some friends riding right so i think this is a more realistic impression of what it’s like to ride a ktm rc-8c now i think there’s a couple of very important things in terms of my impression one the bike is just a stunner it’s absolutely beautiful people are gonna come by and talk to you about it and take photos of it take videos of

It and i think that’s part of the fun of the ownership and i’m really really really excited to be able to be that guy you know to have that bike and share with the track um so that’s super fun now let’s talk about the actual riding impressions for the bike and i can tell you that it’s just different it’s so so so different and um it’s it’s just a complete package

For a track bike right out of the box so you don’t have to do anything right it’s it’s already built safely wired you know there there’s no headlights no mirrors to deal with this is ready to go which is awesome now in terms of the writing impressions that i got there are a few things that really stand out the first one is how much torque it has a and and just

For clarity my point of comparison is going to be mostly uh inline four 600 cc super sport class bikes um i have a lot of a lot of time in saddle with the zxxr and i also got a recently a 2020 r6 track bike that’s going to be what i’m comparing the rc-8c with now the torque on the rc-8c is a claim 74 and a half passenger torque it is substantially more than my r6

Which produces 45 and a half pound foot of torque at 10.5 000 rpm and the torque comes much earlier in the rev so you’re gonna feel that punch coming out of turn much much earlier on so exciting it’s fun and it’s like whoa it definitely wakes you up when you come out here which is super fun for me so it’s actually very very similar to um how much torque a panigale

V2 produces though but keep in mind it comes at a much lighter weight now all this talk about torque it actually leads to the next thing which is really really different than riding say your traditional inline four 600 supersport bike which is you have to short shift a lot more and you’re shifting a lot a lot more when you’re going up the gear because the revs

Just come right away and also the gearing is just shorter than say your r6 right so you don’t really get to wring it out that long you kind of just have to like click through you come out of a turn fourth to sixth and then down and and that changes what corn what gear you carry through a corner especially for long sweepers so here in houston we have a sweeping

Left hand turn called the carousel and typically on the r6 i’m carrying it in third gear here i have to definitely do it in fourth gear just be able to you know keep just in order to keep enough of a speed going through that turn right and so you have to change how you how you ride in that regard so um so that’s that that was different and i spent a good chunk of

The day just trying to figure out like what gear should i even be in right a lot of it is similar to the 600 but a lot of it is quite different as well so that’s going to definitely be a learning curve for me one other really fun impression that i got is the sound oh my god it is so distinct it’s so different now the other thing that really stands out is how

Lightweight the rcac is it is it is insane just like wheeling it around in the paddock you feel it right it’s a 308 pound uh bike when it’s dry it’s probably 340 ish wet um compare that to r6 which is north of 400 pounds when it’s dry and then add more you know 4 24 30 when it’s wet of course if it’s a track bike trim it’s going to be a lot lighter um you can probably

Get it down to the 380 390 range but it’s still substantially heavier than the rc-8c now how that translates is that it’s much lighter and more agile through the corners and it’s kind of crazy because you have more torque less weight which in my opinion means more fun so super super awesome really love it and um the last thing is that’s a really interesting kind of

Like tidbit that i’ve learned now that i have a little bit more time with the bike is that because of the engine configuration itself right it’s not a it’s not an inline four um and because it’s an l twin configuration it sits a little bit further back i’ll try to show it forward or something but it’s a little bit further back in the chassis so there’s less weight

Over the front which means that the front gets a little bit more wiggly a lot easier and so i had to turn up the steering damper quite a bit i added three more clicks there’s only six clicks left to add but i had to add three more clicks on the steering damper um just to reduce a little bit of the head shake coming out of the turn and it’s not like i’m i’m not even

Railing it you know at all but you still you still get that sensation and when i did that it helped kind of steady down a little bit it was just interesting to see you know how the engine configuration affects kind of the weight distribution on the chassis on the bike itself and how that might affect the way you ride it as well and the way you come out of turns or

The way you dive into a turn um and then i think the last thing here is the braking impressions it uses a brembo rcs19 uh corsa cord uh with this limit with the brembos dilemma calipers um the brake feel is very very good you can trail really really well on it uh one of the conclusions that um i and some other guys in europe had was that we want to experiment with

Different brake pads and so i know that um one of the other rc-18c owners is going to try out a brembo z04 brake pad um so i’m gonna follow up and see how he feels about that it’ll be fun to try out different brake pads on this bike as well right now there for me at where i’m at right now uh there’s really no brake issues at the moment it’s just getting used to how

Lightweight how torquey and how much corner speed you can carry through a turn with this bike and i think once i get more comfortable with that engine i expect to get a lot better in terms of my pace relative to my r6 i’m about two three seconds off that pace right now um which i think is a success for you know having uh having ridden only this one time here at this

Track um i’ve been the r6 quite a few times at the track so if i’m within two three seconds of that bike on a very kind of not ideal day um on a relatively new bike to me i’m pretty satisfied so i’m super excited to go back to the track we’re gonna be back here a couple more times and uh you know one of the things i’m really excited about is that i’ve decided to

Go ahead and try to get my cmra license to join the local racers here in texas and then see if i can put the rc8c in the heavyweight twins class which i think will be really fun i haven’t done a club race in like seven years and uh you know it should be a really fun um you know effort and endeavor and i think it’ll just give me more motivation to write even more

And to practice even harder to get even to become an even better writer and what’s what’s more fun about that is i get to race a really unique machine so super super excited i’m looking forward to sharing the experience with you guys alright stay tuned for more content okay make sure that you guys hit the like button um leave me a question or comment below super

Curious to see what you guys think and then also please hit the subscribe button if you haven’t done so already we’re getting a lot of views but we need more subscribers so please do that and thanks so much and i’ll see you guys in the next video you

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KTM RC8C First Impressions & First US Trackday By Viet Tran