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NEW 2020 KTM Freeride E-XC Electric Dirt Bike

KTM has released the All new 2020 KTM Freeride E-XC electric dirt bike.

What’s up everyone this is sam with backcountry life and today we’re gonna be talking about something unique stay tuned all right everyone welcome back i’m excited to talk to everyone about this new dirt bike that ktm has now this isn’t actually new but it is something exciting so in 2017 ktm released the free ride exc so this is a electric motorcycle it’s kind

Of a hybrid bike between a trials and a trail or enduro bike but they did a pilot program here in the states for i think 2017 to 2018 where they sent a limited amount of these dirt bikes or these electric bikes to the united states europe got a lot more of them and we only got a couple of them so for 2020 ktm has released a new version of that freeride exc and

We’re gonna be taking a look at that today so this is it as you can see if you’ve looked at their or seen the 2017 or 2018 s they look a little bit different as far as the graph is concerned that the design looks pretty much the same so let’s kind of jump into that they claim that this one’s got a longer runtime 50% more battery power this is i think based off

Kind of some of the numbers that they had you know with the 2018 but i’m not sure so they’re up on the handlebars so there are no brakes on the pegs which is gonna be something that’s gonna be interesting in europe this is a this is a street-legal bike i don’t know if it’ll be street-legal here in the united states or not oh spoiler they’re gonna be sending these

To the united states so that’s why we’re doing a video on it but let’s get some specs on this bad boy so as you can see the rated output for this is at like 4500 rpm 212 horsepower and you know 9 kilowatts or at max power at 18 kilowatts at 24 and a half horsepower at 5,000 rpm don’t let that fool you because really what the number that matters is right here this 42

Newton meters this is how much power is being delivered down into the the tire onto the ground so it’s got a ton of torque so i think that we’ll be surprised to see you know when when someone starts riding these to see how torquey and fast they actually are it’s a liquid-cooled i don’t know exactly what that’s gonna mean or how that looks if that’s a liquid cooling

The battery pack or actually look cooling the motor the electric motor i don’t know the attraction battery it’s gonna be lithium-ion ktm power pack and you can remove these i think a separate or a second battery is gonna be you know three four thousand dollars would be my guess but that’s just a guess though charge time is 1.3 hours so a pretty fast charge time

And they claimed that this also will run for for about two hours but you know with with depending on how how what you’re doing how fast you’re going so they you know they kind of do a little disclaimer saying you know it should last around two hours they have the wp forks and the wp pds shock as well so that’s pretty rad so it’s got a really good front and rear

Suspension a ktm ohms wwp but it should be a really well balanced a suspended bike the cool thing is you have multiple different power delivery modes so one two and three my guess is you know it’s gonna be basically different power curves of how you know much power is gonna be full power half power or less power i i don’t know but that’s kind of a cool thing to

Try out you see if one will give you more grip or one’s just going to be flat out trying to go fast so this is the cooling let’s check that out so yeah it’s the heat from the motor and control units dissipated by two small lateral radiators with electric water pump syrup circulating the coolant so it’s gonna be cooling down the motor and the control union that’s

Interesting the chasis so this bad boy we would go back to the engine one thing to note this has a 910 millimetre seat height so i guess we’ll go here and that’s it that’s 35 point 8 inches so the seat heights gonna be smaller than a standard enduro bike or trail bike so my guess is it’s probably more in the ballpark of like a beta x trainer or something like

That and then how much it weighs is a hundred and ten or 111 kilograms which equals to two hundred forty four point seven pounds so it’s not super light i think the love of the big bikes with gas or anywhere from you know the two-stroke enduro bikes are around 250 to 260 you know but it so it is a little bit lighter i don’t know what the beta x trainer weighs off

The top of my head but it comes with all the goodies that you’d get on your standard bike with you know the high-strength learn handlebars you have odi grips which i love those are really awesome to be able to change it comes with the i would say the xew display so this is you know gonna give you that your speedometer it’s gonna give you multiple different trip

Meters as well so that’s pretty cool and see what they say about the software electronics so the charger so you have an external charger as you can see and that battery is removable you can see a handle there you can swap it if you wanted it is going to be it’ll connect to any regular 230 volt socket fuse at a 10 a or 13 a can be so charging time is about 110

Minutes for a full charge or it’s about 75 minutes for an 80% charge just cool so yeah this is the 2020 freeride exe so they’re gonna be sending these to the united states so i’m pretty excited to see what these are you know if this is something different you know i been riding gas-powered dirt bikes for a very long time just like the world of cars there has been

Some people that built electric cars namely like tesla that’s kind of disrupted and starting changing the perspective of all the petrol heads or the gasoline powered vehicles kind of saying you know what you can do with electric powered vehicle is pretty impressive now obviously there are still limitations and i get that a hundred percent you know the range is one

Of those because of the battery and you just can’t right now we just can’t get the same amount of range out of a smaller battery as you can with a gasoline-powered vehicle or something like that but in it there is in my opinion a place for these you know it’s you know they’re starting to introduce as katie muscles introduced a sx 50 is now they have a offer and

Electric option to that and so it just means you know you can mob around and not have as much noise and you know there’s also some downside of not having as much noise that’s because then you could you know come up on people and scare them half to death or horses or something like that so you know but those are challenges i think that we can get around and work

Around as well and but i’m excited to see this is a new bike it’s new for 2020 it is coming here the united states how many i don’t know my guess is they’re gonna still do a limited release i appreciate you guys watch and let it let me know what you guys think about this free ride in the comments below if you guys have had any experience with them or anything like

That let me know in the comments and as always don’t forget to sub if you guys haven’t already and thanks for watching

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NEW 2020 KTM Freeride E-XC (Electric Dirt Bike) By Backcountry Life