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Overview and Review: 2013 KTM 990 Supermoto SMT

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Hi my name is albert with mainland cycle center today i want to show you a 2013 ktm 990 smt supermoto we are a brand new ktm dealer just just recently added the k th ktm line here at manual cycle center so this is part of the first little batch of ktm that we’ve gotten from them and very cool we’re getting to know the line but this is just an awesome bike i’m

Actually in love with this motorcycle 990 cc v-twin part of the ktm slc 8 engine family dual overhead cam 4 valve per cylinder of course it’s liquid cooled and fuel-injected this bike does have abs brakes antilock brakes along with brembo calipers you’ve got a 2 piston caliper there on the back four piston calipers on the front got the inverted wp suspension on

It looks like it has a little longer travel than your average street bike they have this chromoly steel tubular space frame and so you’ve got all these triangles that give this frame strength without a lot of weight of course the wp rear shock with the remote reservoir and it’s adjustable these do come standard with the saddlebags on the luggage is included one

Things just really cool is these pop-up on and off really easily so you pull that little pin and then just slide the bag backwards in the saddle bank just comes right off so if you like that little sporty er look but then you can ride the bike back and forth to work or do some touring with it the bags come on and off quite easily just like that one-handed a really

Great looking seat with the orange stitching on it it’s got kind of a suede adora brushed texture on the front part of the seat really great looking high-end feel to it i that these are it looks like they’re i don’t know how to say that but those wheels the orange striper look good doctor check and see those may be magnesium wheels again we’re still learning the

Ktm line comes with the hand guards they’re big halogen headlight clear turn signal lenses but like i said really just a fantastic looking motorcycle and great power sets real good real smooth going down the road has the set of tapered bars so a ktm tapers they taper from an inch and a quarter here out to seven eighths here at the handlebar and we’ve serviced this

One so we’ll go ahead and show you the instrumentation got an analogue tachometer there with a digital readout on the speedometer trying to get the player off of that gauge but you’ve got fuel gauge their speed odometer clock and all your relevant information and let’s go ahead and crank her up for you anyway it really has a great v-twin sound to it sound awesome

With a set of aftermarket pipes i’m sure all tank here on the front there is of course a dry sump motor that helps make a lot of the power by getting that all out of that motor not completely out but so the crankshaft is not splashing in it but just really a fantastic looking motorcycle i really like i said i’m in love with one of these right now and definitely

Looking first chance i get i’m going to spend some time riding one of these but ktm 990 smt supermoto for 2013 all right we are mainland cycle center like i said we’re now a full line ktm dealer you can find us online at mainland cycle our phone number four oh nine nine four eight four nine six nine we are located in lamar texas just outside of houston

Texas just off by 45 and we’d love it if you just give us a call shoot us an email or even better come by and see us here at mainland cycle center where we’d love to help you just any way we can hey thanks for watching

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Overview and Review: 2013 KTM 990 Supermoto SMT By Mainland Cycle Center