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Puig Touring Screen for KTM 1290 Adventure r

Fitting and testing a Puig touring screen to My 2022, 1290 KTM Adventure R. Screen cost $235 Aus and came from an Aussie distributor, Hurtle Gear. I have no affiliation with this retailer, they are in my area.

Morning youtube mob and a lovely morning it is too we’re on a little bit of a mish today i’m going to replace the windscreen on this 2022 1290 adventure r because this one is a little bit low i reckon it’s great out the bush of course that’s what it’s that’s what it’s designed for the s comes out with a higher screen this one comes out with the lower screen

But um it’s a bit too low you know what i mean i always i ride 99 of the time with it down low like that now i’m uh 184 183 centimeters which is about six foot in the old money so i do set up reasonably tall on the bike and i find that with it down low i get a cleaner airflow so i don’t get as much buffering i want to put it right up if i put it up there i

Find that it actually makes it worse to ride in probably 95 of the situations if it’s pouring rain at least you can duck down behind it but that directs the wind in that position straight sort of right up underneath from there underneath the peak of my helmet oh what’s going on here now a couple of gopers probably looking for houses for sale um yeah so it makes

It buffeting much worse with it right up for me and i reckon it needs probably that much on top that buffeting especially at higher speeds you know like from 80k’s to sort of 110 k’s it’s quite annoying but like i say it’s you don’t i mean i ride with it 90 of the time low and especially the bush you don’t want a high screen when you duck down under a tree

Or something because you’re just going to scratch the poop out of it so i’ve ordered one of the puig touring screens and it’s a hundred and no sorry 295 centimeters tall now i couldn’t find anywhere where they measure that from i don’t know whether it’s from these top bolts or the bottom bolts we’ll work that out when we get it but it’ll be interesting to see

How much difference it makes now or not of course i’m not sponsored in any way i’m just doing this for my own benefit i guess but i thought i’d bring you guys along for the ride so we’ll uh scoot back home check it out put it on and then we’ll do a direct comparison oh i’ve got to do 100k run with this one like this so you can so you can hear the difference i

Guess foreign highway here what we’ll do is we’ll get out here and um we’ll rip her up to 110. just get a feel for the wind noise and we’ll go chuck the other screen on do the same thing we’ll get a direct comparison as to how the buffeting is going to be give it a square right square there we go 110 approximately cruise control on it there you go there’s

A that’s what the buffeting’s like screen right down like that it’s not the buffet is actually not too bad we’ll put the screen up and i presume you can hear the difference it’s quite a low subsonic vibration and ride inside my helmet back down just wind noise right here we go back the other way oh we’re supposed to stop there there was no line all right

Back up to 110 the other way to resume uh cruise control it’s a little bit more windy it’s obviously a bit more ahead wind this way looking down green up quite a bit more vibration there now you’ve actually bob down you can see the difference that makes it’s a huge amount of difference but you don’t want to ride around like a hunchback so you can see you want

To clean around with it down uh yeah so we’ll head back to the shed screen on a bit of a look at it of course okay for another test drive i won’t change any of the camera settings so we’ll get a direct comparison okay this is how we screen in here let’s turn off the damage it we’ll see how it was packed very far very good foreign foreign things

More recycling oh look the stickers to pull off it which is same slightly annoying care and maintenance right a couple of things to say this is there’s two types of main plastic that they use when they make these screens this one is acrylic and the one on the bike is um polycarbonate there’s advantages and disadvantages to both polycarbonate is very tough so

It resists breaking and cracking it’s flexible but very tough whereas this is more likely to crack if it has a hard impact it will crack but the plastic is much harder so i won’t scratch up as easily now it says in there in their blurb they’ve compensated for the fact that they um that acrylic is not as tough by making it quite a bit thicker it does look a bit

Thicker than the original all right let’s uh let’s get this thing fitted oh and uh the price i paid for this was 230 dollars australian plus 20 bucks delivery so there’s um there’s all our little bits and pieces there let’s have a quick squares what we’ve got so we’ve got some obviously rubber grommets that go inside we’ve got a couple of different spaces

There we’ll just have to have a quick look at the instructions to see which ones go where and obviously lots of little little different fittings and bits and pieces foreign so it looks like yeah it looks like the large ones go at the top so that’s the only installation thing you’ve got to be careful of i guess we’ll whack her in foreign thank you oh youtube

Free of course sometimes popular time just like so maybe not quite as robust as the lme screws okay so we’ve got the we’ve got the grommets in then we’ve got the little flange because it sits in there what language direct torque settings switch them a little bit oh yeah now i am kind of hoping that uh these stickers are going to peel off haha yes no

Residue attention to detail that’s what it’s all about on there not sure it doesn’t come off anyway all right it’s a few fingerprints on it it’s very unprofessional isn’t it give you a quick look around that’s what she looks like on the bike so you can see there’s quite a bit of height difference hang on we’ll get the comparison going here all right just have

To change the the zoom edge because i couldn’t reach ah so there you go there’s a lot of height difference there so when that’s right up now i think that should give you some good clearance okay okay there’s my seat in position so down i completely see over seal and right up oh we’ll be looking through let me get my helmet two sets get on your helmet okay

Now it’s gone so you can see the peak kind of swirling around under here causing some turbulence i think that now hopefully hopefully that’s going to go right over the top there’s only one way to find out and that is to take it for a test ride so let’s hit the road again foreign is on obviously i’m already noticing it is uh is quite a bit quieter at 60 k’s too

Far from the main road up here foreign guys here we are back on the same stretcher road again as you can see there is a marked difference in wind noise and there is almost zero pressure on my helmet now like head neck zero wind pressure it’s definitely a lot more comfortable to ride perhaps it could be just a smidge taller for us tall guys like if i duck down

A little bit almost zero wind noise so take i don’t know five centimeters off my height there’s zero if i’m sitting up straight that’s what it sounds like there so it is a big improvement and that is with the screen right up by the way if i drop it so that’s it back down again and that’s actually it’s slightly less noisy than the little screen all the way up

But it’s not quite as good as i thought it would be on the low setting i must confess yeah interesting eh all right tuck it back up again as you can see there big improvement all right guys i hope you found that interesting uh yeah look i think for 230 bucks it’s a good it’s a good buy definitely catchers new sticker on the back of the lathe looking good

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Puig Touring Screen for KTM 1290 Adventure r By DonYourHelmet