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Rear Shock Removal – KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas dirt bikes with linkage rear shocks

Rear Shock Removal – KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas dirt bikes with linkage rear suspension.

Hey guys matt here with kref moto today i’m going to show you how to remove this linkage shock out of one of our test spikes now we receive a lot of calls from riders who are attempting to remove this shock prior to sending their suspension off to us and we have to say there are a lot of ways that you can do this we’ve seen some that are completely unnecessary

And quite frustrating so today we’ll show you how we do it here we’re just going to remove the swing arm let the shock drop right out and we’re going to get started by removing the rear wheel so i have my breaker bar i have a 32 millimeter socket i’ll go ahead and break this loose next i’m going to take my cable cutters and remove the zip ties on this frame

Protector with those out of the way i’m going to take my 6 mil socket i’ve got a t-handle here remove this bolt here with that off we’re now going to take our 19 mil socket we’re going to break loose the swing arm nut all right now we’re going to step around to the other side of the bike i have my 17 mil socket my breaker bar i’m going to break loose this pull

Rod pivot nut with that nut off i’m going to switch over to my 13 millimeter socket and we’re just going to break loose the upper and lower shock mounting bolts and to the bottom all right with those cracked loose we’re gonna remove this frame protector here now with this frame protector off what we’re going to do is we’re going to drive this swing arm

Pivot bolt out using your mallet and a punch or some sort of dowel once you get that started you’re ready to catch your pivot bolt set that aside now i’m going to use this punch in place of that swing arm pivot to help support the swing arm while we remove the rest of the fasteners so to make sure that’s secure i’m going to come over here i’m going to remove

The brake line from its retainer on the swing arm now we can remove this caliper let it hang freely we’re going to remove the pull rod pivot bolt and set that aside we’ll remove the lower shock mounting bolt with those removed we’re now going to support the swing arm right here grab on to our punch or our dowel we’re just going to move this swing arm out and

Down now with that down out of the way we’re going to go to our base here remove it from the linkage knuckle then all we have left is this upper shock mounting bolt and then we can work the shock right out we’ve removed the rear wheel we’ve removed our swing arm and linkage pivot bolts the shock dropped right out as a placeholder while this bike is being stored

We have this dowel pin sitting in place of the swing arm pivot i highly recommend you take the time look at your linkage bearings look at your swingarm bearings grease them service them replace them whatever you have to do now’s a great time to do it that shock drops right into the craft moto suspension box if you have any questions regarding removal of the shock

Or anything during this process please call the team email us check our website out we’re happy to help also we’re going to be doing a lot more videos coming up soon if there’s something you guys want to see or learn about or have us talk about please drop a comment below email us let us know what you’d like to see keep an eye on our social media instagram facebook

Page we have a lot of content coming out a lot of cool bike builds coming up and we’re stoked to help you guys out in your process getting your suspension to us getting the craft moto experience again thanks for tuning in guys let us know if you have any questions you

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Rear Shock Removal – KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas dirt bikes with linkage rear shocks By Kreft Moto