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Sterling Ranch Mayhem TORCS 2020 Open D Practice KTM Freeride 250r

In this video, myself and two of my buddies go to Sterling Ranch in Willis Texas and get some practice in. It was muddy and technical, but I discovered new enduro techniques that helped improve my riding on the day. The bike I am riding is a 2017 KTM Freeride 250r.

All right folks i’m steve harris and i have no clue what i’m saying all right how’s it going guys here we are the day after our ride at sterling ranch that is kind of a popular place to ride near houston i have to say i really enjoyed riding there the purpose of my trip out the sterling ranch was to improve my writing and in really every way as you guys know i am

A beginner racer i’ve had some experience on a dirt bike but after racing a few torx races i have not come to find that i’m definitely not that great on a dirt bike so i took that as a challenge i want to be fast like the guys that i see riding even in my class who are much faster than me and that’s my goal now any time you go riding in the woods and it’s muddy

You want to make sure that you come back and clean your equipment so i want to share a cleaning method with you guys that i asked around a little bit and it seems like not many people know about it but it is definitely magical just to kind of lay it out if i get top ten i’ll call it a win but i’m really on the drive to top five or even the push for the podium

So those are the overarching goals i’m not quite sure how long it’ll take me to achieve them if ever really but yeah that’s what i’m going for yesterday it’s sterling there was a bunch of things i wanted to work on i wanted to work on my riding posture i wanted to do that so i you know would be less tired riding the bike than i am getting in my races i find that

I deal with a lot of fatigue arm pump and i definitely know that my posture and the way that i’m riding the bike is affecting that so i was working on that i was working on standing up while riding a bit more and just overall you know kind of getting familiar with my bike the suspension is not something that i’ve had you know a lot of success with i really don’t

Have any experience with setting up a suspension i don’t know what i’m saying i don’t really have any experience messing with dirt bike suspension to be completely honest maybe even a couple months ago i’m not even sure what any of the adjustments even meant but i’ve become more familiar with that and i was able to improve my setup yesterday at sterling ranch and

I definitely felt the difference and i definitely felt how a better setup was benefiting me so yeah let’s launch into our adventure and yeah hope you enjoy good good yeah yeah well i heard it right i noticed on mine if i ride in 3rd gear so much smoother it may helps me so much i was telling them back there when i stopped i don’t normally do this but i’m

Riding in 3rd gear i’m riding in third gear because it’s just so much smoother and i haven’t really realized that on this bike for the years that i’ve owned it until right now it makes everything easier and it’s got the power to get through this sluggy stuff i can just work the clutch and i’m good right now third gear watching it tight no no issue i’m working on

Squeezing the bike with my legs that is something that i am lazy about doing and i noticed obviously when i do it it’s much easier for me to ride thank god chris waited he’s definitely the fastest of the three the power is there this stuff like it’s nothing who’s the bird i guess it’s how you say another the doodle dorf no clue what it’s called but it seems to

Be working well for me like hi dad good try neutral yeah at least you didn’t fall in the puddle speed here break time roll up an overvote hold on hold up nice jeff here we go the mudhole that sterling to me booth’s can he bang the bar really know what to do out here sit up stand up sit out oh si i’ll tell me third gear makes us so much easier so trying to get

Better every day and our writing we certainly have already with the carry on the right slide in here behind hey watch your hook i cannot get through those loops give me any pointers on the wound your boy ain’t got a clue third year nothing find i get rid of this bike after all that was bird my dog oh no oh no so that’s a wrap on our

Day i hope you enjoy what you saw i’m going to be making more of these videos just to kind of let you guys know about progress if you care at all but i want to give a big shout out to justin from biking bird and also jeremy keen i loved justin’s videos it’s been really inspiring to see the content that he’s producing jeremy have been feeling all of my questions

About horse racing and telling me all of his ideas i’m able to use those to you know kind of little a perspective of what direction i think i should go so big shout out for those guys thank you very much if you like what you see please do subscribe and hit the like button that definitely helps me out and yeah any more to come and i’ll be

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Sterling Ranch Mayhem TORCS 2020 Open D Practice KTM Freeride 250r By Low Class Media