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The BEST French roads within a day of the UK? LittleBigTour Episode 1 KTM 1290 SAS & Daytona 675

Want to tour Europe but only have a long weekend free? Scared it won’t be as fun as a trip to Wales? Join me on Day 1 of a 4-day tour (on a budget). In this episode I’ll give you an overview of the whole route before heading to France and finding some of my favourite mountain roads – all within 6 hours of getting off the train. I’ve also got some initial thoughts on the Garmin Zumo XT and Cardo Packtalk Edge. Please watch this, it was fun… and there’s plenty more to come.

Hello lady and gentlemen i’m tim this is my motorbike and tomorrow we’re doing the best thing you can do with the motorbike which is to wake up really early get on a train to france and get wet for about four hours but after that it sort of gets good i’m going to take you along on this little video series on my budget sort of tour of sort of some bits of europe

Basically i’m going away for four days to prove or try and prove a couple of things number one that you can have fun abroad in only four days and that is a viable alternative to going to wales and getting wet why not go to france or germany and get wet secondly i want to prove that you don’t have to break the bank to go abroad ignoring the fact i’m doing on a

15 grand motorbike we’ll gloss over that but anyway i’m trying to do this four days reasonably cheap because there’s a cost of living crisis going on because petrol costs more than god’s own tiers so yeah i’m ready the bike is packed this is a very brief introduction introduction to tell you where we’re going because the root is quite special i put out a video

A couple of weeks ago asking for some help some tips and one person in particular he’s called matt has been very very helpful and he’s given us a vague route so day one friday tomorrow for me which we’ll get on to in about two minutes in this video you’ll join us on the euro tunnel is heading over the top of northern france just blasting out on motorways because

There’s no two ways around it really the top of northern france is about as exciting for motorcyclists as watching liz truss get naked it’s not very exciting so then we’re going to get into mountains hopefully in the afternoon and start having some fun day two is where it gets more interesting we’ll go over to the black forest and do the black forest but without

Using the b500 as far as possible and explore some of the side roads which are more exciting day three we’re gonna leave the black forest head north into the area near kaiserslautern which i’ve never been to and then overnight in trier and hopefully again find some roads i’ve never explored but which look quite good on google maps hopefully not getting trouble with

The politz eye and then monday day four come home but an interesting way that isn’t just getting on the motorway back to calais i want to explore belgium i want to eat some belgian chocolate prefer you shaped like willy’s and then we’ll see what happens and that’s it what can you do in four days on a bike can you have fun got some kit to test along the way i’ve

Got the garmin zumo xt see which garmin’s provided for me to review we’ll see if that’s good i’ll tell you if it’s bad i’ll tell you if it’s great and also we’re going to be using the latest cardo headsets the pack torque edge i think it’s called the edge i haven’t got it yet because my mate is bringing it over later hopefully it works i’m edging for it but anyway

Let’s get going go to euro tunnel by the way it’s going to rain a lot hopefully no that doesn’t make for an awful awful video unprepared ish but yeah hopefully we get some dry spells do some corners do some wheelies and generally do what motorcyclists do best have fun and then drink beers at the end of the day so yeah let’s get cracking we’re at the train we’re

Finally here not finally it took us an hour and then i stopped to buy a couple of snickers and some coke zero and get some petrol but look we’re getting on the euro tunnel except this man in orange is about to direct me to not get on the euro tunnel so yeah this takes half an hour to get to france and then we go forward an hour because oh time zones and then we

Start our adventure which is very exciting this is always a good moment well i’m not on a gs i feel very left out there’s adam on his daytona 675. hopefully you can hear me because i’ve moved my microphone around look at this we’re going on my first motorbike tripping four years i’m very excited uh it’s rained like nearly the entire way here but actually i’m dry

So far that is keeping my legs dry and cortex is keeping the rest of me dry it’s just my vines are starting to mist up a bit it’s quite having a pin log right this is probably the only dry bit of the day we’re gonna have so i’ll give you a quick walk around of the bikes here’s my super adventure and this is me packed i’ve got pretty much everything in my top box

Or in mccrea rucksack so in here very exciting got my uk sticker i’m a 44 teeth sticker and my permission to talk sticker so basically i’ve got my camera bag in here so laptop lenses gopros all my clothes uh some chargers and some chain lube and in that rucksack i basically got spare visor a tripod and some oil for that’s adam sorry but yeah this is his beauty this

Daytona 675 exactly like i had 10 years ago same color scheme same exhaust if you can’t see x’s under his jacket and yeah he’s broke something by kriegers with a tank back harness and he’s got the tail back as well so they’re super handy in these creepers because you can stick them pretty much anywhere on the bike or you can stack them on top of each other and that

Is the best sounding exhaust i’ve ever owned i’m looking forward to hearing it if we get some dry roads uh you’ve got the battle haven’t you yeah yeah it’s got the battle because it’s a quite loud but yeah that’s us i’m gonna have some breakfast and then we’re gonna do 350 motorway miles the boredom yes france look at the sun the shadows it’s beautiful over there

Uh we’re going over there where it is darker than my soul right this is a very boring bit of this video but we’re settled into our rhythm to get down to the rouge mountains we’ve got 370 miles to do today hopefully we’ll get there for about 4pm and that’ll leave us a few hours to go and have some fun in the mountains look at this garmin super oh actually no look

At this first let’s see the e92 m3 and an aston martin green it’s amazing but anyway look i’ve got let me just clean you up a little bit so you can see we’ve got weather map got a weather radar that shows what we’re about to go through what we’re going through but most importantly to fly morale and my shriveled genitals right now that we’re going to come out of

This block of rain around about san quentin so we’ve probably got about another half hour of this and then i’ve got a morale boost because i know it’s gonna finish and life is going to be better than there are going to be friends girls on sunloungers bringing me cocktails and saying you ride a ktm you’re awesome there you go yeah isn’t it handy right we’ve done

Our first petrol stop it is very very wet but i’m feeling all right i started to get some water up this sleeve but i think i’ve sorted that out and uh yeah the weather radar is quite handy i’m listening to adam urinate at the moment which is really quite lovely there you go look we’re nearly out of the rain so we’re just outside aris combrai and we’re going down

Another cross happy days we’ve got 300 miles left so another two three tanks but it’s all good all good in the hood quite happy i’ve got my debit card in there and i’ve got my little paige ticket as well and that is actually waterproof which is quite handy uh this risha glove is looking at a bit of water as i said but that’s just because my calf game was weak

I feel very happy considering it’s pissing her down and i want to motorbike and i’ve got to do loads of masks oh there’s adam look did you turn your whole thing off while you did away oh oh okay so the cardo packed talk edged loses some points for disconnecting what adam was doing a wii because of the range he got as far as your rhino when it disconnected loses

Points ricardo i want to hear another man’s stream uh adam still lights just come on and we’ve got 13 miles to the next fuel stop it should be fine but we’ve worked out he’s behind me if i stand up he gets much much cleaner air you probably can’t hear me on the gopro but um team hyper miley i don’t know if you can see this on the gopro but yeah sunshine happiness

Joy delight and all that promises and behind us uh misery who’s riding in daytona six and five but find him there’s some cloud all right rule number one about touring on a motorbike is that you need to be ready for payages which is where you have to take a ticket then about 400 miles later put a ticket back in that ticket needs to stay increased and unwet for it

To work otherwise you have to press a button and have a french man shout at you and then uh have your card in your bike somewhere so you can tap it and pay and be on your way but usually what ends up happening is one of the group struggles that is happening right now but that’s got a part of the course look adam what the chances of this i know he’s made friends

Hello definitely spoke to you soon we just had two hours to keep your sunshine and now the lord is urinating on us again i think it’s because the queen died yesterday everyone’s a bit sad about it experiment how to say my richer armada pro gtx dgx pro pro vortex jacket it’s kept me bone dry well we’re getting very close it’s getting a bit there’s been about it’s

Gonna be about six hours i think from getting off the train to get here that’s including three or four fuel stops and a half hour for lunch so i don’t think that’s too bad because hopefully we’ll get some hotel at four check-in dump our stuff and then head out into the mountains to reap the rewards oh my slightly ass numbing day and to be fair i think adam’s ass

Is actually okay mine is a little numb and miniserable it turns out my bike is the irony is a bit a bit more on the gs but i think i do that when i bought it and my voice is gone because i’m a bit ill but yeah adaptive cruise control has been amazing i’ve used it 90 today it’s awesome so look at these twisty roads we’re getting to our hotel and we’re all ready on

Some decent roads and the surface is so insanely griffin it’s really quite lovely so there we go my bum is a little bit sore but i don’t care now because i’m here and i wake up tomorrow morning with mountains to explore we’ll probably be snowing but uh but whatever well it’s from abs i’m going to kick it right so welcome to the verge mountains this is the roots

Decret it’s a bit greasy it’s a bit wet today so be taking it easy but this is what you can get to in six hours ride from calais so why wouldn’t you i mean obviously was that six hour ride but if you’re out here for a week or two then this is a really really good first day of your motorbike trip the road sources aren’t always perfect up here and sometimes late today

Is a bit wet because you end up in the clouds however you get some beautiful beautiful views i want to show you some of them on the proper camera in a minute when we stop but yeah really nice road to ride at your own pace this the route today correct them so c-r-e-t-s and there’s a few cafes up here there’s a few ski resorts so there’s places to eat places to stop

Lots of bikers hang out up here on the weekend loads of walkers they had to be a bit careful going past all these as people parked up you don’t want to cut a french labrador in half with your gs it’s ill-advised basically um and yeah some of the cores do tighten upstairs just be a bit circumspect really ride it like you would any other road so yeah i woke up in

My bed in surrey uh not even 12 hours ago and now i’m here on a motor i got my motorbike that’s the important thing um it’s hard to really get across the magic of motorbike tools i think part of it is to do with knowing you’re not going to sleep in your bed that night and your motorbike is your only means of getting to your rent in bed uh this is something really

Deeply cool about that i’m a big fan of it and you get to see different parts of the world which are beautiful foggy um full of brand new captures pulling out on you but we’ll gloss over that and and yeah you don’t have to come here and go bands though especially when it’s wet like this because it is quite slippery i’ve had the front abs kick in but yeah lovely

Lovely part of the world this and cars will randomly stop in front of you and park up at two miles now so just be aware here we go though look blood that you look at that i’ll get a better view once i got around this corner and negotiated these cyclists without murdering them there we go look at that ski lifts up here oh i’m in love there are cows the scenery

Yeah delicious delicious those mountains i’m sure it’s not the alps it’s not as dramatic as the alps but again as a first stage of any trip i highly recommend you come here and there are loads of roads you don’t just have to the root to crack like over this mountain range there are so many nice little roads the northern versions i’ve never done uh that’s the

Bit with a few more bits of world war ii history behind it but yeah i mean look at this i should probably pull over at some point and take a photo before i go off the edge of the road yeah it’s been raining all day and it’s clearly rained up here as well but look at that can you see that viewed the sun piercing through the clouds like a spam javelin is beautiful

Anyway i’ve got a ride on stop grappling and just enjoy it oh it’s so beautiful oh hello i don’t think the view from this layby is going to be quite what i’ve promised as soon as it’s in a cloud now coming out of the fog my favorite view in the rose it’s from this lay by here that’s uh abs into this neighborhood oh yeah oh yeah i’ve pulled over in the layby of

Chisholm oh yeah it’s so beautiful foreign sorry for the wind noise it’s pretty windy there’s clouds boiling up over the hill behind us my voice has gone but this is the view you’re treated to on your first day on a tour if you come to the rose mountains it’s amazing there’s a little lake thing there’s there’s hills there’s mountains there’s clouds there’s

Uh some crappy old austrian bite dumped in the way there but let’s go and see what adam thinks of his verse very brief visit so far to the verge i mean we’ve literally been riding half an hour what do you think hi all right that is adam how’s it going what do you like it here it’s all right isn’t it it’s not bad it’s not bad it’s not i mean the damp cold and dark

Rosin sorry this morning were quite good i’ll be honest but this is somewhat better yeah the m25 is quite nice but there’s a lake on this one yeah and also like the mist that keeps coming up and it kind of looks a bit like uh new zealand and the isle of man combined it does yeah it’s kind of got a yeah a slightly antipodium feel to it but anyway look beautiful

Beautiful white daytona just ignore the slightly milky eye they go they go grubby really quickly which is quite nice i did a smiley face on mine but yeah look at that we’re going to carry on but yeah this is the rooted crap that we’re on it is a bit greasy at the moment and you need to be a bit bit careful but i don’t really care because look at the views i’m not

In croydon it’s fantastic anyway do more riding yeah before my bike falls down the hill yeah pull your bike falls down before i put my battery charging various things that we brought um yeah oh yes point out i’m really really impressed with the zuma xt so far it’s actually been a doddle to use it’s been a doddle to find petrol stations ad hoc on the route and that

Kind of stuff it’s just very easy to live with i’m sure i’m using barely any of its functionality but i really like the weather radar which is uh takes a while to load it takes five seconds to load it doesn’t take ages um and i’m not sure how much signal we’ve got up here to be honest but then it’ll show you all the rain that’s coming and going uh and snow as well

Anyway i’m gonna let that load and i’ll come back to that also what i haven’t shown you is the new cardo pat talk edge which is very good actually it’s been we’ve had a few crackly moments and i always find cardos that my voice isn’t the right i don’t know timbre to set off the voice sensitivity activation thing so sometimes adam just can’t hear me but anyway

We’re going to crack on probably see you in a bit maybe with some beers you say bye it’s a radio mic oh yeah but i have got a mic on that one such was the excitement of being on fun roads after a day on the motorway i unplugged my helmet mic by accident but we still have now as fun left chasing the light as it flickered and finally disappeared into the clouds

Before descending the beauty of the bose mountains isn’t just the scenery there are some beautiful towns too some interesting history and a good mix of fast and slow corners more of which you’ll see in the next video day two of our trip after we had some pizzas beers and whatever this is thank you for watching this stay tuned for episode two when we embrace the

Continental diet we explore more of the bows we’ve crossed the rhine into germany enter the black forest eat some more food find some epic unknown roads i ride a triumph daytona for the first time in 11 years andy to cow see you then

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The BEST French roads within a day of the UK? – LittleBigTour Episode 1 – KTM 1290 SAS & Daytona 675 By Tim Rodie Rides Motorbikes