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THE SMALL but scary UPHILL – KTM Freeride EXC

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I can’t be here the whole day doing this you know let’s do it forget that no g good not as good at those things so last time the video i made was to figure out the file like dirt biking or not i guess i do so today it’s gonna be day two of training because what do you have in mind for mutilate oh try a little bit of the same that we’re done before if it proves

To be too easy then we’re gonna go out and try to play around in the snow see if we can get some polling going on yes i need i need to get some energy on the ride feel the rhythm while you ride that’s the most important but today you have changed the level so i find a little bit more difficult so the bike has three levels its number one it’s four for babies it’s

Basically no power no nothing no no and then you have level two which is it’s possible to get full power if you’ve really twist the throttle and go full speed because in the third level you have full power as much as it dares giving you at the moment that you twist it which means you you’ve already noticed you’ve had a couple of rounds and if you just pull a little

Bit then it sounds like you didn’t scare you a little bit so you have to be very very clearly with your hand and that’s very good for when you start writing the bigger bike okay let’s do this what did you see what i do what i did you see what i did what i did did you see what i did did you see what i did did you see already did you see that did you see

That i did you need to make it three times in a row and then you’re good i’m ready for the next level well actually the best tips i can give you is don’t go through slow because if you go too slow then it’s gonna stop and then you’re gonna spin okay this is gonna be really difficult to lift up the viking is now know you’re a grown woman with lots

Of muscles you can do this why are you not trying oh there’s many things that can go wrong but that doesn’t mean they have to if you minutes later look at that poop tower because if you put the weight on the back wheel and it easier to get traction but you have something wrong with one of your new design he’s just away off the world another thing like that

Okay here you go again people here you go again this is enduro 50% of the time you’re lifting the bike up go out there it’s big she has no idea what she’s put herself into i think i’m just losing all of my energy now this is really really tough it is hinder oh yeah and i mean i’m not even doing proper trade well this is proper training lifting the bike up every

Time you fall that’s proper training that’s the most important part that you should know about enduro and then you learn how not to fall look where you go before you go there and then plan where you want to stop yeah that’s my problem because i don’t really plan i just go and then once i’m there i’m like oh now it’s too late to do something you know i think that’s

Part of training and i needed to go through that to realize that i have to be certain about the decisions i say and just make them and analyze before i take them hope stuff like this doesn’t happen it’s a very tiny heal but it looks pretty scary to me crazy very good i just is my first he’ll get it right the bike goes but i don’t can i see how you do it you’re

Good yeah so the rules are simple right driving back to this table now where you start you have to finish i’m really exhausted now and my knee hurts all of the excuses but uh but i’m actually getting quite hungry where have you been doing down here in kicking horse canada was that the place no whistler i went to kicking horse but we went to we stuck together first

Time everything downhill it was crazy fun and super scary it was really cool where did you go downhill after you did well didn’t do i know you told me i was falling the whole time but i would you know button myself again on the bike and then i fell a lot everyone were to fall a lot it was a lot of fun let’s go the right you got it come on come on go on you’re such

A chicken go go there you go there you go beautiful oh there you go oh how was the day intense is it too difficult for a beginner yeah i would say it is difficult you know cuz it’s a lot of things you don’t know like how the bike is gonna behave how you handle certain things when you feel the bike is sliding how he’s gonna behave decision-making is crucial and i

Just learned that today you have to know what you want to do from the start and if you don’t know you have to stop observe plan and execute and i i found that very difficult yeah i was difficult today but uh but needed i guess they are i’m quite exhausted now i have no energy left good job thank you good lesson today we’re done for the day

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THE SMALL (but scary) UPHILL – KTM Freeride EXC By Halventures