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000119 – Can Am Spyder RS-SM5 – Used Motorcycle For Sale

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Hello folks gino here with american motorcycle trading company in arlington texas today i got our 2010 can-am spyder i want to show you this is the rs model it’s got a 990 cc liquid-cooled rotax v-twin 5-speed transmission it’s got the manual transmission here does have a transmission based reverse on it they’ll drive bike then upgraded with really nice seat Ășltima

Seat with the spider stitching in it it’s like a like an ostrich or something in lay they’re adjustable rider and passenger backrests passenger grips here you notice it’s only got one it’s got a brake pedal with no brake lever so the brakes are synchronized break all three brakes work at the same time i noticed a few little spots on and i’ll show you right here

On this fender it looks like somebody got a little close to something there’s a little scratch here or scuff here and then here on this edge and then also right over here in that plastic it’s like it got buggered up just a little bit this up here on the front looks like a rock pack or two on there little the spot right here on that plastic a little bitty scratch

There rub right here i also notice back here on the rear fender had a couple of little chips in the paint a little scratch right there this kind of em’s got excellent tires front and rear check the mileage on it fired off and let you listen to it windshields nice and clear it’s got 5,000 551 miles fires right up another emergency break over here on this side

Nice digital dash here and then it’s got the speedometer and tach red lines that red lines at 10,000 rpm open up the trunk show that to you yeah my wife set you down for just a second to do that maybe i’ll have to do it from the other side there we go and noticed it’s got another windshield in here and then it looks like some papers on it pretty good bit of

Storage storage in here noticed right here on the tank i didn’t see it earlier right on the this little ridge on the tank it’s got a couple of little spots on it nothing major you’d like to know more about it call our sales team told for it eight eight eight four hundred eleven fifty one they can tell you all about it online check our complete inventory at clean

Harley’s dot-com you take almost anything in on trade we selling shut bikes all over the world should be easy to get this one to you this gino with american motorcycle trading company in arlington texas thanks for looking

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000119 – Can Am Spyder RS-SM5 – Used Motorcycle For Sale By americanmotorcycle