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001513 – 2012 Can Am Spyder RTS SE5 LIMITED – Used Motorcycle For Sale

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Hello folks gino here with american motorcycle trading company in arlington texas with a slick 2012 can-am spyder rt it’s the sc 5 limited this thing is sweet beautiful white paint nice chrome mag wheels and the excellent tires on it front and rear a little ding right there on the point a little rock pack right there this thing comes with a thousand cc liquid-cooled

V-twin it’s automatic shift you shift with this paddle right here because you’re travelling along you don’t even have to let off the gas just touch that plus side of the paddle and it’ll up shift for you and it down shifts automatically as you slow down or you can downshift right there electronic cruise control here on this hand grip am/fm got a garmin setup on

It here for gps emergency brake heated grips it’s got an adjustment here that you can adjust your ride hard ride or soft ride got a adjustable windshield you can sit here and i think that i’ll need to crank it up for you to get that going got this is i guess this is a heated grip back here for the passenger as well sales guys know more about this than i do i’m

Sure fired off and let you listen to it it’s only got six thousand eight hundred and thirty three miles fires right up and very well taken care of beautiful condition full instrumentation up here at the digital display of your radio temperature trip meter odometer all of that back here and open this tour pack i noticed it’s got a an insert here this insert had

Actually come out if you want to carry your stuff in there a little vanity mirror that’s pretty handy a little plug there for board electronics and the levers right beside it here you pull those and the bags side bags open they’ve got inserts in there as well removable inserts big nice comfortable touring saddle on this thing passenger backrest and speakers back

Here very comfortable these are fun to ride and they’re easy to ride but button opens them front lid here it’s got an insert as well oh carry bag it’s like it’s got the little handle that you pull out of it like you know more about this can-am call our sales team toll-free at 888 411 51 they can tell you all about it i’m going – our complete inventory of good clean

Used motorcycles at clean harley’s dot-com scan went through our shop was checked out serviced and it’s ready for the highway qualifies for some good financing and extended warranties you take almost anything in on trade and we sell and ship bikes all over the world so it would be easy to get this one to you this is jino with american motorcycle trading company

In arlington texas thanks for looking

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001513 – 2012 Can Am Spyder RTS SE5 LIMITED – Used Motorcycle For Sale By americanmotorcycle