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10 MUST HAVE Motorcycle Essentials

Are you prepared for the unexpected every time you go for a ride?

Hi this is alex from lonerider and today i’m gonna show you how i organize my essentials for the everyday ride stay tuned so you went down with your bike hard enough to smash something out of its position and now you don’t have the right tools to do a simple fix because the screws and bolts don’t match the tools you usually find under the passenger seat now

All of this can of course be avoided by doing some simple pre-planning uh over the years as an active adv rider i’ve compiled a list of a few crucial items i never leave behind while heading out for a bike ride now i’m not gonna state the most obvious things like wallets insurance papers riding gear good mood no i’m aiming for more of the things you’ll need in the

Case of emergency all of those can be stored these three bags so starting off with my toolkit i keep my lone rider 2 roll inside the tall bag it fits perfectly and inside i have all the necessary tools to perform any kind of maintenance while on the road a custom sorted collection of all necessary tools for emergency repair adjustments and re-tightening of

Bolts and screws if they come loose these are the tools i use for maintenance and by compiling a kit like this i’ll have the optimal conditions to fix what i can by using mechanic and nitrile gloves i avoid getting oil and dirt in my hands because this is something i don’t want to ruin my expensive riding gloves with and i also use a small towel to wipe parts

And tools clean if necessary and the perfect place for a two roll if you don’t have panniers on at the moment is either on top of your luggage rack or in my preference in the front so let’s see what i carry inside mini bag number one cutting yourself on a sharp part of your motorcycle while doing an emergency repair or getting burned by your exhaust it’s

Always good to carry a first aid kit in your daily setup a tire repair kit will come in handy sooner or later maybe you won’t need it yourself but maybe your body will nevertheless this kit can save both time and money so make sure you always bring one portable compressor is a fast and easy way to fill up your tire after a punchy repair or if you air down

Your tires for off-road riding and are about to hit the road again it plugs in fast and easy and is completely powered by your motorcycle’s battery for quick fixes without pulling your complete toolkit out i personally use the leatherman oht as i can operate all 16 tools with just one hand leaving my other one free for when an emergency strikes after sunset

Or when you simply could use some extra light this makes it a lot easier to fix whatever happened without having to hold your smartphone in one hand while trying to fix the problem with your other hand so with the first mini bag on place on my crash bars here let’s see what i have inside mini bag number two extra riding gloves if i wear summer gloves i keep

My winter gloves here and the other way around of course having the opportunity to switch gloves depending on the situation and the temperature will make your ride more comfortable luggage straps i truly must have because you never know when you’ll need them if you want something to be firmly attached to your bike like a dry bag or a tent a set of good luggage

Straps is the way to go i’ve literally lost count on how many times this bungie net has come in handy to strap down light yet bulky stuff like boxes and packages make sure though to not use it for securing heavier stuff as it can cause your luggage to start moving around if it’s too heavy so with my second mini bag firmly attached to my crash bars i will have

Everything i will possibly need for a day out on the road you probably noticed something in the background here this is our overlander bag it’s one of our most modular bags it can be used as a top case it can be used as a luggage expander to your aluminum panniers or your motor bags but it can also be used as a backpack i’m gonna show you more this is the smaller

Version that holds 30 liters and it truly is my perfect companion for a day out of photoshooting inside i can easily fit all of my camera gear a lunchbox soft drinks an extra mid layer and all the other stuff i might need during the day the overlander attaches nice and easy to my luggage rack thanks to its modular fastening system you can choose to mount it across

The rack or in alignment with the bike depending on your personal preference and if i need to leave my bike for a moment the overlander can quickly turn into a backpack leaving my hands free to carry other stuff like my helmet and that’s it for me guys hope you liked this video if you did give it a thumbs up uh subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already

And i will see you in the next one ride safe you

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10 MUST HAVE Motorcycle Essentials By Lone Rider