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10 Newest Adventure Motorcycles for 2021 MY Comprehensive Buying Guide

It is obvious that the class of adventure tourers is one the rise, since even the most conservative manufacturers are carefully eyeing this segment for the market expansion. After all, these motorcycle alter egos of off-road pickup trucks can fill the rider’s routine with a whole new dimension of excitement on two wheels. Today, we are taking a closer look at the newest adventure tourers of 2021 that are making the market assault across all displacements and sizes.

It is obvious that the class of adventure tours is on the rise since even the most conservative manufacturers are carefully eyeing the segments for the market expansion after all these motorcycle ultra egos of off-road pickup trucks can fill the rider’s routine with a whole new dimension of excitement on two wheels today we’re taking a closer look at the newest

Adventure tours of 2021 that are making the market assault across all displacements and sizes subscribe to automotive territory and you will always stay up to date with the motorbike news enjoy the ride ducati multistrada v4 and v4s positioned as the flagship representative of the multistrada family the new model sports a number of chassis improvements and an

All-new 4-cylinder engine labeled to the gran turismo the 1158cc mill is more compact and 2.64 pounds lighter than the previous v2 but of course it is also more powerful peaking at 170 horses the engine offers four riding modes urban enduro sports and touring the bike sits on a monocoque frame inspired by motogp that is fitted with a two-part rear subframe a

New generation double sided swing arm and a fully adjustable upside down fork and monoshock the wheels measure 19 and 17 inches in addition ducati launches a more equipped version of the v4 labeled s it gives you more sophisticated semi-active murzaki skyhook suspension brambus dilemma brakes 6.5 inch dfd dash radar enabled adaptive cruise control and blind spot

Monitoring ktm 1290 super adventure s arguably this is the most compelling long distance adventure bike of 2021 with a complete chassis overhaul this 1290 boasts improved weight distribution and ergonomics lower seat height and a longer open ladder swing arm that helps maintain stability during acceleration the seat itself becomes comfier while the adjustable

Windshield and 7-inch tft display are fully in line with the bike’s aerodynamics being wind tunnel tested the suspension setup is represented by the new generation wp apex units with semi-active technology the power comes from a euro 5 compliant 1301 cc v1 engine that produces 160 horses and 102 pound-feet finally we should mention the super top of the line

Electronic aids five riding modes traction control bosch to channel aps radar reliant adaptive cruise control with emergency braking and blind spot detection yamaha tennery 700 rally edition the release of the midway tannery was a breath of fresh air for the segment and an instant success story for yamaha in 2021 the japanese are building upon this triumph by

Releasing a more off-road focused version that pays tribute to the brand’s legendary the car rally racers apart from blue and yellow livery the rally edition differs from the standard 700 by additional features and higher standard specification the model is built upon a lightweight double cradle tubular steel frame gets off-road handlebar grips led flashers

And an exclusive one-piece rally seat a heavy-duty skid plate chain guard and radiator protection guarantee that nothing distracts the 689 cc four-stroke engine from a torque ridge performance the two-cylinder delivers the same 73 horsepower and 50 pound feet as the stock model but sounds differently thanks to the akrapovic slip-on muffler smash the like button

To promote the class of adventure tours and let’s meet in the comments section to discuss these new models let’s proceed harley davidson pan america after the abrupt cancellation of the bronx and a change within the harley-davidson management the fate of the pan america was hanging on a threat however it appears that harley will dive into the uncharted waters

Of adventure bikes after all the tour is already in a press tour in europe and the first deliveries are expected to begin during the current model year this model is built around a liquid cooled 145 horsepower revolution max 60 degree v-twin with 1250cc displacement and 90 pound-feet of torque harley worked in a close cooperation with brampo to develop a

Model-specific radial monoblock for piston caliper plus michelin co-branded with them a special set of tires of course it comes packed with typical adventure features like handguards adjustable windscreen skid plate luggage racks and panniers ktm 890 adventure r rally the exclusive r-rally edition borrows the 890 adventure r platform but packs it with a host

Of premium upgrades found in the ktm power parts catalog the bike gets the wp explore pro suspension kit with the progressive damping system which adds 1.6 inches of ground clearance over the our sibling there are also an acropolis exhaust muffler high strength rims and quick shifter plus from the outside the r-rally is easily recognizable by its carbon fiber

Tank protectors rally food truss and a flat racing seat its 889 cc twin engine dumps out 105 horsepower while the maximum 74 pound-feet of torque is reached at the rather low mark of 6 500 rpm the rally bike is scheduled for a limited production run of 700 units but all of them were sold in less than two days after the announcement bmw r250gs adventure the gs

Family of dual sport motorbikes has been on sale since 1980 so this year marks its 40th year’s anniversary just in time for the celebration the company brings to the market an updated top of the line r250gs model in standards and adventure guys the bikes use the same euro 5 compatible 1254 cc two cylinder boxer with bmw shift cam technology 136 horsepower and

105 pound-feet of torque as standard the models get full led headlights that can be optionally enhanced by adaptive cornering aware technology newly kit is integral abs pro as well as dynamic traction control while the health start control pro is available as an option lastly the equipment lesson includes a 6.5 inch tft screen three riding programs including newly

Added echo and an off-road hungry suspension with 7.5 to 8.7 inches of travel honda craft 1100l africa twin the africa twin is one of the most capable motorcycles in the adventure bike segment and in 2020 it received a comprehensive redesign both on the surface and under the body work the biggest change to the gorilla 80 is the bump and engine displacement

Placing it in the 1100 category the liquid cooled unicam 1084cc parallel twin is boosted to 100 horsepower at 7 500 rpm and 77.5 pound feet there is this lightweight reduction due to the reworked frame subframe and swing arm while the electronics package goes miles ahead the new six axis inertial measurement unit features rider assists like wheelie control

Cornering abs dct cornering detection and rear lift control in 2021 the model also gains the iconic pearl glare white tri-color exterior that previously was only available on the adventure sports version usqvarna norton 901 remember the stunning concept that was in the spotlight at the 2019 milan motorcycle show well after a long delay it was finally confirmed

To enter the market by the end of 2021 most likely the husky norton will share underpinnings with the ktm 890 adventure hence the 889.5 cc pearl twin should be good for 105 horses and 74 pound-feet despite these similarities the model is expected to offer a more refined ride than its ktm sibling it gets unique bodywork mismatched wheels 21 inches up front and 18

In the rear wp suspension vintage round headlight simple windscreen and a set of pannier packs it is rumored so that the long waiting time for the norton 901 will be compensated by the introduction of the adaptive cruise control and blind spot detection systems that debuted with the ktm 1290 adventure s cenos d380 model x this bike is manufactured by the chinese

Giant song shen that has been disguising itself as the uk-based zenith motorcycles since 2005. on the home market it is known as the rx3s the bike’s front end boasts a claw-like fanta and a tall windscreen while the twin projector headlight has an asymmetrical shape and features the so-called soft glow etch technology the d380 is equipped with full chassis guard

Rails preload adjustable front and rear suspension and dual purpose tires as a part of the standard kit of the a2 compliant adventure bike is the digital instrument console with bluetooth connectivity and a 12 volts power socket the 380cc liquid cooled parallel twin delivers 36 horsepower and 26 pound feet of torque with a top speed of 92 miles per hour apart

From the solid performance this powertrain offers impressive fuel economy of 300 miles on the 18 liter tank bmw f750gs gs and f850 gs adventure the middle class dual purpose bmw gs models are joining the aforementioned heavier and stronger 250 gs siblings in the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the line the trio appears fresher and more dynamic thanks to

The slightly tweaked styling and wider equipment selection for the ultimate gs experience the shared 853cc liquid cooled four cylinder already meets your 5 emission standards so the mill does not go through any changes the model’s output is still rated at 77 or 95 horsepower and 61 or 68 pound feet respectively finally the top of the 2021 range sets the special

Of 40 years gs edition that adds black yellow and gold exterior highlights and some unique patches other changes to the lineup include new led flashing turn indicators usb charging port standard abs pro and traction control ktm 250 adventure the smallest model of the ktm adventure family was revealed back in 2019 as an asia bound model but at the time it got

Overshadowed by the new 390 bike from the same series now the 250 is going on sale in the uk and some countries of the eastern europe the bike boasts rally derived styling with 14 and a half liter fuel tank with extensions tapered steel handlebar and a step up style single seat the headlight houses a halogen unit but it is aided by led drls and turn indicators

The power comes from a 248 cc liquid cooled single cylinder that produces 29 horsepower and almost 18 pound feet of peak torque while the standard equipment list includes dual channel aps wp apex suspension kit by bra brakes and mismatched wheels wrapped in two plus mrf mocrip meteor fm2 tires how would you like to tour the world riding a classic heavy tour or

One of these adventure models which entry from this list of newcomers would take your money let’s talk this over in the comments below smash the like button subscribe to automotive territory and consider watching more 2021 liner previews starting with the suggested episodes on the screen may the torque be with you

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