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114211 – 2016 Polaris Sling Shot SL – Used motorcycles for sale

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Hey guys nick here with texas best used motorcycles in mansfield texas got something real cool i want to share with you today it’s a 2016 polaris slingshot sle this thing is an absolute blast to drive around you’re not familiar with the slingshot this is something that polaris came out with a few years ago it’s a three wheeler machine it’s got two wheels up front

One in the back kind of like the can-am spiders it’s also a convertible top a matter of fact it has no top at all but it is it can be written in all weather it’s got these waterproof seats up here doesn’t have any exposed electronics all this stuff that’s waterproof as well so if you get caught out in the rain that’s no big deal it’s got a pearl white paint job

With some nice black and red accents give me a shot of the hood right here the slingshot emblem there’s a nice fence up there it’s got a shorty tinted winds cream so you got some decent protection on here for the win so the sl comes with the 18 inch aluminum wheels up front those are some pretty nice with the wheels got a brand new tire on this side this is a

Belt-driven bite you can see the belt back here it’s single-sided swingarm it’s got the rear shock it’s a single shock in the rear brand-new tire on the rear you just put that on today a matter of fact yeah you can see the single-sided swing aren’t set up here it’s got a nice 20-inch wheel in the rear and that thing you know they can show it off real nice with

That single-sided swingarm and that that just looks real nice it’s got two integrated taillight and blinkers right here into the body i think this is your gas cap right here it’s also got some decent protection these are kind of like roll bars and it’s also got the roll bars built in right here so if you did flip it out and get thrown out or get your head crushed

It’s got some decent storage area to back here see if i can do this with one hand so it’s kind of storage compartment behind each seat not much but it’s a little something this is really not something we’re gonna take on long distances i guess you could some just to have a little fun around around town with get on on some country roads give you the shot of the

Front in here this thing looks wicked it’s got big wide front in it’s got a pretty long wheelbase it’s nice and wide so it’s pretty much planted to the ground and i really like the headlights setup here just real clean looking you got one right there two in the middle kind of looks like an indycar brand-new tire on this side as well this one’s got the 4.3 inch

Lcd screen right here in the middle of the dash it’s got bluetooth integrated into it a rear backup camera it’s also got a rockford fosgate speaker system you can see them down there i’ll be here on this lower side panel this one’s only got about 2,500 miles to 2016 low miles 2651 miles you see it’s all got all the volume controls up here hands-free phone it’s

Also got traction control abs brakes i think it’s got stability control as well just real user-friendly it’s also got the electronic assisted steering so it makes steering real easy kind of like driving the car it’s got a five-speed manual transmission you see the clutch down there i’m gonna set the camera down here for a second so i can pop the hood and show

You the engine compartment so this one’s got a 2.4 litre dual overhead cam inline 4 motor i think they actually use the motor out of a chevy cobalt makes about 173 horsepower and 166 foot-pounds of torque and this thing flies i think it only weighs about 1700 pounds so the power-to-weight ratio is extremely good on this machine right here so i mean it it takes

No effort at all to spin that rear tire and this thing just i mean it wants to go a lot of fun to drive the only thing i could find on this polaris right here as far as cosmetic issues is that small little crack right there not even the cracks a little scratch i looked around the entire bike i didn’t see anything else give me a shove these taillights right here

I think it’s got a lighter right here as well i’ve never personally came across a machine like this before so i’m having a lot of fun checking it out and driving it around it’s just a blast if you’d like to know more about this polaris you can contact our sales team toll-free at eight one seven nine eight five eighty eight eighty eight or you can check out our

Website at texas beds you some motorcycles comm and see our full inventory take almost anything in on trade and we selling bikes all around the world so be real easy to get this one to you this is nick with texas best used motorcycles in mansfield texas thanks for watching

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