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125cc Scooter Vlog 31: A Bigger Scooter?

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Scooter let’s talk about that thank you guys for attitude to tuning in to ramen known as drive-thru series video maybe you guys supported and joined in you didn’t know my dts series is where i go to a drive-thru of a restaurant or question in that video so at any point in time if you want your comment or below and write dts and then write your question or comment sign up

To you and that though like 98% of them had nothing to do with scooters. that surprised me slow down shauna are you speed and why you to the action of meat and potatoes of this conversation which was someone gave have you ever thought about or do you ever plan to get a bigger scooter scooter and i know that person means physically bigger so yeah physically the these tiny

Little ones that i keep getting it would be a honda px 150 or an it’s a 150 so engine size wise it’s not that bigger and much bigger but buggy blue it passed by you guys to the side but i saw it something but yeah bigger they get the heavier they are and that’s more energy of me like trying to bigger scooter probably physically bigger it would probably be that it’s that

Classic style of a scooter like the feet for instance like where you put kind of like a combination but both right in between but yeah say it wouldn’t be much faster it probably go about sixty miles an hour were to get a faster engine every probably the mac so we get probably italian scooter if you didn’t know i wouldn’t mind getting one of those what shana did a short

Video they’ll come out here no no thank you oh okay hmm let’s see can you see me can you guys see me so is this gonna be a someone screaming i think you had a psycho it’s not a motorcycle but thank one was like i like your motorcycle but it’s a scooter but thank you yeah on it’s just rambling if you guys want to listen listen if you don’t click out another human being on a

Scooter while driving around all my scooter and gonna drive around not on my scooter but in a car okay baby and i don’t have my real son for real the moment i’m not on this scooter you saw my whole discussions on chinese scooters and that’s another reason of saw a dude big’o chocolate looking dude on this tiny little chinese blue it was that scooter right there and he was

Riding it that’s what i’m talking about this is but thank you for watching you know under stay tuned for this next video if but shauna and ramen is out and deuces. you guys see me? yep. this is a very short video cool that means not a lot of so down come on huh.

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125cc Scooter Vlog 31: A Bigger Scooter? By Ramen On Wheels