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1913 Excelsior Board Track Racer Tribute

This video is of my 1913 Excelsior board track racer tribute.

Hey guys so this is my latest uh build uh i wanted to do a replica of a early uh board track racer um excelsior now i’ve done several of the indian bikes and a couple of the harleys as well and i just want to try something a little different this one again is in excelsior so i got a little fancier with the graphics on the on the tank um it is still run by one of the

Gc160 motors it is a centrifugal force type of transmission which makes it very easy to use one of the improvements that we made on this bike was this drive system and i know that confuses a lot of people on how that’s put together and i know a lot of people have been trying to build their own bikes and and figure out how to make this thing work with three chains

Well that’s uh that’s the i made another video that shows how i actually put this together but this is the uh result of it now to be honest this bike is fairly modest and when i say that i have a regular air filter on here still if there’s a muffler on here um if you have seen some of the videos of my other bikes i get a little more aggressive by uh opening

That air horn up and then using a straight pipe exhaust similar to the original uh race bikes um this one i i have not tried to top speed this one at all a lot of people ask me how fast do these things go well i mean i there are so many different options and different things that you can do to make them go faster i know that we have clocked this one at over 50

Miles an hour um but to be honest i don’t always ride it that fast most of the time when we’re riding i riding my son a lot and we’re usually riding somewhere around you know maybe 25 to 30 miles an hour and that’s a good cruising speed for these things and how you paint these things how you finish them off is you know totally a personal preference i personally

Like the the patina look this one i added just a slight bit of of patina some little imperfections and you can see kind of some light flat brown which kind of simulates a rust type thing happening if you looked at some of my other bikes you can see that some of those look like they’re straight out of a barn i was able to get some of these pieces to kind of surface

Rust just a little bit it’s very structurally sound there’s nothing uh that’s dangerous about it as as far as that’s concerned but it does uh kind of let make it look more authentic and when you’re at the car shoes and things like that um these always make the jaws drop so some of the performance upgrades that you can do on these uh that i have not done on this

Bike but i have done on some of my others one of them is the different type of clutch systems you can get some clutches that were will grab a little harder a little quicker things like that i have a 3d manual clutch on on my harley tribute that i love and it lets out just like a regular motorcycle it has a clutch handle and as you let it out it engages and when

You’re completely off of it it is fully engaged and you better hold on so um one of the other uh things that is commonly done on these is the muffler this one has the stock muffler on it for a gc160 or the gc19 these are the same thing if you take this off you can weld a little flange onto some pipe and actually have it come down as a straight pipe cut it at an

Angle and it looks like the original exhaust that would have been on these early bikes that alone it adds sound it makes it more authentic sounding for sure because it is a little bit louder and then it uh allows that motor to to breathe probably a little bit better the other thing is the intake this one is again modest because it has the original plastic box

Here that has an air filter in it what i’ve done on some of the others is uh take this air box completely off and i put like an air horn the ra again the way the original ones were and yes you have less of a filtration type system you can put foam and make a custom one in there or if you’re as long as you’re not in a sandy dusty area it’s going to be just fine

But it will um also allow the engine as a pump to perform even more efficiently so it it does add more to it um and and of course you’re going to add a little bit of horsepower i don’t know um never dynoed one of these before but it will add some performance that you should consider if you are really trying to take it to the next level all right so there it is

That’s the one that we just finished building i hope that it inspires you guys uh to build something of your own uh of course you’re always welcome to buy one that we build you can check out my facebook page at edg classics you can see some of the other projects i’ve built and some of the other bikes that my son and i like to ride i hope that you guys get out on

The road and enjoy uh your knuckles in the wind with two wheels because uh i know we do but again have a great one and stay safe while you’re riding take care

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1913 Excelsior Board Track Racer Tribute By EDG Classics