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1963 BSA Trials Motorcycle Competition Live Draw

So we’re back here again to do the live draw then of our bsa trials bike good luck to everybody that is in the draw you’ve got a second crack at the whip and so to speak so we’re delighted to be able to read your list find out who our lucky winner will be i mean this is such a fun cool classic trials bike bsa is a really renowned charles bike going back to the

1920s and the first vsas and it’s an awesome bike to win really fun to ride and it’s really easy to ride as well so i’m really excited to have somebody that maybe isn’t they might be a bit of a novice on the bike as well to uh to win her so we’re gonna go ahead with the draw and find out who the lucky winner is so let’s head over to the laptop and show you guys

How it works so here on the website you can see we’ve got our entry lists so there’s the trials bike entry list there if we download that this is what you’ll get is a list of all the ticket numbers and names so there’s 999 tickets on this competition and there’s 14 then unsold tickets can you just have a look at 197 which was the ticket number yesterday so

If you head back up there hopefully 197. what’s 197 okay unsold is now saying unsold so any that haven’t been sold are not allocated so we may well it is completely at random when we do these draws of course so we might well find that an unsold ticket number comes up if it does and then of course we will go again and we’ll uh draw another number so if anyone

Watching at home if you can let us know if you can see the screen clearly now i’m on um google random number generator um so that we can go ahead with the draw and find out who our lucky winner is just let us know if you can see the guy um the screen clearly please so i’ve just put in some random numbers for the moment just to test it out um we’ve got three

Thousand to five thousand just to test that this is working and thank you then perfect thanks connor right well let’s go ahead i think connor’s in the drawer i saw him yesterday so ah good luck fingers crossed and so you’ve got between 1 and 999 tickets good luck everyone fingers crossed one eight one let’s go back to our published entry list one eight one have

Far to go one eight one i’ve got that let’s double check that i’ve got that right one eight one i make that as dylan griffiths well done dylan congratulations dylan congratulations dylan this is your new bsa trials bike you’re going to have so much fun riding this let us know if you’re watching but we will be getting in touch with you very soon to let you

Know the good news if you haven’t found out already by watching live but that vsa bike is now yours so congratulations and for anyone else watching let’s have a recap of our current competition lineup we’ve got our fantastic mini this is our rover mini as you can see in awesome bright yellow she’s had a fresh paint job tickets seven pounds on the mini there’s

Only five hundred five five hundred today tickets left um so over a third uh two thirds of the tickets have sold on this in only a third of the time the competition’s been running um so yeah get on that if you haven’t already and now we’ve got our tr3 this beautiful iconic classic has been restored to its original beauty tickets on this just 15 pounds there’s

Cars valued at over 60 000 pounds so it’s a hell of a lot of car for your money 15 pounds tickets on that and we’re hoping to do the draw as soon as we sell out all the tickets there’s only a thousand just about a thousand left so that’s hopefully not a long time fingers crossed get on it get your tickets on that one and uh a sneak preview as well into our next

Competition car which is this lovely triumph tr4 further details yet to be announced on that one when we go ahead and finally launch that as a competition prize so we’ll keep you posted um but yeah well done still and congratulations the bsa bike will be on its way to you shortly and join us again for another live draw soon take care

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1963 BSA Trials Motorcycle Competition Live Draw By Bridge Classic Cars