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1970 Rupp Enduro

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If you were six to twelve years old in the 70s chances are you lusted after a rupp and arrow or hustler with the tc one torque converter this one we just picked up from jeff castine and i went up there with shaylen the visit the manic mechanic and he had just finished up our up enduro and this one was ready to roll i just took it for a quick rip and warmed it up and

I’m gonna show you guys what you can do then we’ll come back and i’ll read the work order but enough flapping on the gums guys let’s wrap it be prepared because the neighbors are going to call the cops on you for having too much fun it’s a flagrant offence one of my good friends maverick alan ohio was telling me that his neighbor had one of these bikes back in the

Day and he just he always wanted one who never could afford it and i just hooked him up with a rough hustler so he could fulfill his childhood dreams ravinder oh this is essentially as simple as it gets for a 70s minibike guys very basic in design easy to work on and maintain in just an absolute blast all right get the kids out on it i let my girlfriend shaylen

Take a rip on this rough and she loved it actually she’s coming here in a couple minutes hopefully we can get her here in the video the hawk in the river yeah i wish maverick were here with your riff around on a hustler and the enduro here i think i got him covered off-road on this thing we got that front suspension travel huh i got to show you guys something

Watch this could be a weapon at mickey pipe mania at the museum here oh yeah we shut her down the ripper the ripper what’s up dakota cody that’s the beautiful pup right there where’s she going yeah really nice when we pulled the folder on this guy show you what was done by jeff i know we got some notes on it from in this shop here so all right blue and silver

Enduro 30 series torque converter clutch with the belt brand-new brand new carburetor was installed new pork converter cover moose cool for 20 teens air cleaner assembly inline petcock inline fuel petcock synthetic gear oil and gas new grips pro grip eatin ones these are pretty fresh correct on the on the enduro rider with all the gray on this bike fuel line and

Clamps parts $242 labor 275 this is our cost and the services on the bike it’s got the tecumseh hs 40 engine which is completely rebuilt jeff writes the cylinder bores nicus l plated he was explaining to me that these were built to be throwaway engines that they weren’t necessarily made to be rebuilt so essentially it came with a raw aluminum bore and when it was

Worn out they were pretty much garbage jeff knows how to rebuild these new camshaft or nuke i’m sorry new crankshaft in connecting rod new valves new piston and rings in the nickel plated cylinder new gaskets and seals synthetic oil any notes that you can use in synthetic oil with the nicus ill or guys this has been freshly rebuilt by jeff casting he knows his

Stuff rebuilt in the in his facility in orange mass and i have notes from the detail shop hand wash mortar and chassis strip and touch up in some spots that we painted the center stand cleaned up some of the chrome and wiped her down one of the boys here in the detail shop an absolute ripper it needs nothing today calls for a coolant transport messages your zip

Code further quote any questions eight six zero four five four seven zero to four if you want a rupp enduro ripper to rider show give us a ring link to the ebay auction will be down below good luck bidding guys in god bless america and god bless rupp for building bikes like this

Transcribed from video
1970 Rupp Enduro By KAPLAN AMERICA