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1974 Rickman Montessa 250 MX

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1974 rickman montesso 250 2020. this was a frame off restoration done completely in-house so so so so it’s a classic rickman matisse i don’t know if i’ve told you guys before my brother had the 72 version of this with the zundat motor which was a little brother the less expensive engine uh not nearly as good as this is a much rarer

Piece but his had the same body work in when we were kids he used to launch that thing off of jumps and like most classic motocross bikes they got destroyed and were left for dead in sheds and barns and most of them are gone they didn’t make many of these to begin with because this was a very expensive motorcycle for its day a complete custom hand-built motorcycle

Went through a full frame off restoration and it’s about to become very famous uh the full frame off restoration was documented stripped right down to the frame and every nut and bolt on the bike was polished plated repainted or cleaned or replaced and it is a full frame up restoration the engine was rebuilt uh clutch was rebuilt the paint job was done by mill

Street auto um world class paint job on the original um rickman bodywork the seat was was recovered by brian’s upholstery locally it’s got new tires new tubes new chain um it has the original kickstand uh original bodywork number plates front and rear fender it’s got a brand new number plate on the front original style bars uh levers it has the wassel grips

Period correct and we logged a total of 118 hours which uh we charged 90 an hour if you bought a bike in and said hey i want to frame off on this vintage rickman you’d be looking at a ten thousand dollar work order uh we we generally don’t do work for the public just because i don’t think they understand how much time and effort it takes to do something like

This and when you have as much overhead as we do you can’t do it for free so um the the the work order on this bike came with parts and labor came to over twelve thousand dollars for frame off restoration so it’s not gonna be cheap but it’s it’s worth it it’s an extremely rare limited edition rickman matisse i don’t have the exact production numbers but they i

Know they didn’t make many of these and not a lot of them survived and even fewer were restored so if you have any questions about the bike give us a call 860-454-7024 we can ship this to the uk for about 750 anywhere in the continental us for somewhere in the area 500 call for an exact quote bike runs great uh definitely pulls harder than the cz that i just got

Done riding it’s uh the montessori engine they use these for hill climbers flat trackers enduro bikes motocross bikes high quality engine nice uh detailing on the engine cases with the montesso m it’s got the original exhaust pipe the cylinder fins are in excellent condition as is the head there’s no damage to the fins the frame is in excellent shape i always

Recommend checking the frame rails out on this on on a vintage bike if you can get a picture of the bottom of the motor there’s not a single damn ding on the frame rail this is not a uh restored frame this is original rickman frame with the original nickel plating which isn’t perfect it has some patina on it but they’re only original once right so it’s original

Nickel plating the original aluminum engine cases are in excellent condition uh the sprockets are like new it has a original ammo carburetor on there it’s got a new air filter uh all the fluids have been replaced on the bike and it’s running vp110 mixed at 32-1 as original shocks on it it’s about as close to original you can get minus the paint job which is

Not the original paint job everything’s been replaced with nos or a good condition replacement components the original beater forks betr performance forks are in good shape as is the the chrome plating on the forks is excellent condition this was an extremely low hour bike um when we started and a lot of what you see is actually the original componentry the

Foot pegs the shifter the even the rear brake and of course the wheel set and all the brake assemblies the front end the shocks are original but professionally reconditioned by us here at the new england motorcycle museum that’s all true the uh the bike is um we got an h1 kawasaki 500 starting up in the background you can hear that triple two-stroke just an

Extremely rare i haven’t seen another montessori rickman uh matisse in decades uh at any of the hmr events we go to i don’t think there was many actually made i’d like to get to if anybody can chime in with their production numbers on this bike we’d like to know i believe one of the two rickman brothers has passed away the other one’s still alive and our lead

Technician who worked on this billy blythe actually had a relationship he knew the rickman brothers and they talked about that in the show thanks for watching stay tuned if you have any questions call us thanks for watching god bless america and long live the queen you

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1974 Rickman Montessa 250 MX By KAPLAN AMERICA