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1991 Tomos 50 – Nice little bike for you? Ride n Review.

It’s a nice, clean & fairly complete running stocker from 1991. With an engine of 2 strokes & 2 gears, it’s ready to be a little daily commuter of you.

Okay hello welcome to another video on another bike here and this one is a thomas 15 2-stroke little uh motorcycle nice and uh straight bike very true to itself and little two-stroke engines they’re pretty well known they’ve got a cool fat following for them on the thomas it’s a 1991 model in white as you can see but not too much to talk about a little rear

Rack on it and running very nicely and registered so we’ll now move to the inspection okay let’s have a look at the condition of this thomas 50 front tire then perfect front mud guard you got a little bit of things again like i said it’s very true to itself it’s not an absolute minter and i’m not going to point out everything you’ll probably see it as you go

Through on the camera here so you can have a look at yourself indicators front headlamp the actual gauge itself odometer i should say fuel tank you have to put your own two-stroke in the engine area all that kind of stuff you see like marks throughout uh the bike i believe it to be original paint though even the wheels and the chrome exhausts actually nice

Condition and the rear rack there you can actually get pillion stuff on as well as a little thing at the back 1991 plate rear brake lighting indicators left hand side of the bike oh very nice very true to itself as i said from the start not trying to be anything else thomas 50. there we are moving up and around and that’s what we have to finish on with our

Little thomas 50. okay where we going the thomas it’s got two gears it’s two-stroke and it is what it is there we go kicks into the second gear indicators are working is it gonna kick into first gear for me there we go turn that off i think if i maybe if i try to force it in there we go up to 23 kilometers an hour there this gives you a bit of a bit more of an

Accurate uh assessment of the speed that we’re doing 30 kilometers an hour in an age this is all these things for is it just a bit of crack getting round doing a job there we go this thing needs to be written as well hasn’t done much mileage since uh for a long time i’d say going uphill now as well so we can see that dial there telling us their speed going

Uphill it probably needed to be in first gear there to get it up there but i’m not sure if i can force it into gear or tell it what gear to do okay and around oh i mean it’s like a friday nearly going into saying here it’s craziness let’s give it some oh ah great nearly had someone have a heart attack there but that’s going to be this really for this uh thomas

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1991 Tomos 50 – Nice little bike for you? Ride n Review. By Retro Bikes Dublin