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1994 Toyota Hiace Camper Van 4×4 28K MIles SOLD

1994 Toyota Hiace 4WD Camper Van. Very cool rig with a 2.8 Litre Diesel engine, automatic transmission, Air conditioning, and 4×4! Has 28K original miles. Very cool rig, factory Camper conversion. Has rear seats which fold into a bed or a dinette, an overhead bed, and lots of storage compartments. Rear of the vehicle has a kitchenette with sink and cookstove, refrigerator, along with lots cabinetry. New Battery. Has retractable side awning. Very cool rig that is ready for some summer adventures, and 4×4 means excellent for winter also!

Hey guys kevin here with motorcycle warehouse located in portland oregon right across from the clackamas town center today we’ve got a 1994 toyota hiace camper van this one is a 2.8 liter turbo diesel engine and an automatic transmission and four-wheel drive this one has about 45,000 kilometers on it or 28,000 original miles it’s a very clean rig took you for a

Couple drives very smooth these diesel engines for those of you who know toyota lasts forever for just a great all-around rig and a very reliable rig for camping and for fun adventures especially here in the northwest as i opened the door up here you’ll notice it’s just a very very clean rig you know as you look around look at the interior you can tell of it it’s

Just a very very light use you know things you can look for when looking at a vehicle when someone tells you there’s 28,000 miles on it or kilometers you can look at the floorboard if you don’t see any tears or rips you don’t see any stains and the seat generally that tells you about how many miles are on it this one’s got a couple cupholders which is fantastic for

An on adventures stereo heat a/c four-wheel drive down there it’s a manual four-wheel drive which is the most reliable for those of you want to be out in the woods but just a great all-around rig do a quick start up here for you this engine is pretty cold it’s been sitting overnight you see it fires right up and just purrs like a kitten very smooth diesel you can

See there’s not a lot of shaking when you’re just looking at it very very cool little engine isn’t automatic as i spoke about before does have overdrive a/c heat stereo but just a very clean little rig you know if you look at the sun the sun visors up here just see it’s very clean in the headliner no issues with the headliner just a very clean all around rig open

Up the campervan here it’s a door once again you can just see how clean this rig is all around you know we did a detailed but there’s only so much you can do this is just a very clean rig very well taken care of it’s looking at the interior just just a very very clean little guy these seats do fold down and turned into a bed you can put the table down and turns

Into a nice big bed climb inside here this right here is like your typical loft except for these pull out and set on these rails here and it becomes the bed out here so you have extra place to you to sleep if you look over here you can see that there is a little sink lots of storage down here below we’ve got some cupboards on both sides small little refrigerator

And good for small drinks and things like that and then a lot of storage up above one of the things to it i did was they give you a lot of storage understanding that this is a camper van and a little smaller than for say a typical camper but you have a lot of storage as you can see just open up the back here you can see you can access the the kitchen part of that

Or the kitchenette part of it from the backside quite a bit of room actually once you open this door up actually makes it up feel a lot less claustrophobic back i’m very much in love with this van i think it’s a very cool little rig it’s a small little stove inside of here a little camping stove you can either pull out or cook from inside it here a propane powered

Guy as you can see once you open this door it really it really makes it feel much much more usable more friendly i love this little rig come on down to motorcycle warehouse off of 82nd avenue our address is one two one one five southeast 82nd avenue hope to see you here

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1994 Toyota Hiace Camper Van 4×4 (28K MIles) (SOLD) By Motorcycle Warehouse Inc.