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1995 Toyota Hiace LH129 CAMPER Diesel 4WD Walkaround

Okay today we’re taking a look at this 1995 toyota high ace camper van this one is a really cool van um it is a longer wheelbase heist it’s the lh-129 body style let’s see if we have the awning out here it’s a full camper setup so lh-129 gives it the long wheelbase a high roof and the 3l naturally aspirated diesel it’s a 2.8 liter and this one gets full-time

Four-wheel drive just walk around here yeah this one is super clean it’s right around 50 000 miles and in great shape it’s been really well maintained there’s no rust or anything all that looks awesome so you can see where it’s extended there’s an extra little window there and kind of a cut out so added a little bit to the wheelbase for this model go ahead and

Check out the interior so the front is just a standard high ace dash you do actually get a third seat in the middle here so this these cup holders will fold up into a seat if needed you also get it’s a normal height ceiling here but you have some storage so this panel opens up and you can see in there just an extra storage space for a few cabinets in the back

Aren’t enough so yeah 77 000 kilometers comes out to around 48 500 miles pretty simple naturally aspirated diesel starts right up engine sounds super healthy and so you actually have a couple of switches up here those will control your main power for the rear area um so actually i’ll leave that one on so when we go back there we can check out everything but go

Ahead turn on the lights hazards check out all the lights on the outside this awning is awesome it’s the perfect height i’m around six feet tall and we’ve still got a couple inches above me under there also some nice alloy wheels on these and great tires they are deep tread but um not a very aggressive tread they’re just highway tires like light truck style they

Look good we also have an aftermarket double dig navigation system here this is all japanese so got some options there cd you know bluetooth all that stuff um the japanese radios do only tune up to 90 fm so a lot of people end up replacing that anyways that’s easy to replace go ahead and shut it off and we can move around to the back and actually well you can

See how simple it is up front you have manual windows everything is just kind of plastic this is a lower trim van at the base with a sort of custom camper build so in the back here you have actually two tables two rows where you can sit at a table um so right here and this can fit quite a few passengers while you’re driving there’s two seat belts here three seat

Belts in the back but yeah nice little dinette here and then cupholders all the way around and an extra dinette back here cup holders as well um then you can fit some more passengers in the back and this will actually all fold into the bed area so um we can either rotate this around or flip it over so that you have the seats facing that way then you can all sit

Around one table then this will if you pull the headrests out it’ll all fold flat and then you have an extra panel there to fill in this space if you remove that table and another one to fill in this space along the door here if you take out this rail which pulls out super easily um so there are photos on the website of it all converted down into a bed but there’s

A lot of bed space that this opens up uh it is really nice and good sleeping area you got some lights up above there and super old crt television that i have not tried to work yet because i don’t have a vhs sitting around but that can also be modified down the road there’s just kind of a blank space there if you want to take that out this is not the soft closed

Door so you do have to slam it a little bit more but um you also have tinted windows all the way around with fly screens on each of the windows and they are split windows so they slide open all the way then back here you have access to your kitchen so you can see there is the sink there water pump does work just takes a moment it goes so that’s that switch

Right there you have all kinds of drawers tons of cabinet space all the way around and they all have this nice little kind of push button latch style functioning microwave there all the controls are in japanese but it works just fine um fridge works and one of the greatest benefits of this van is the wabasto diesel heater so spin that green light turns on that

Kicks on it works great and it just sits off the main diesel tank so it’s super efficient super simple one of the best kinds of heaters that you can get for these campers that’s a really big highlight in this one and then yeah just more cabinet space over here you do have this that’ll open up and kind of uses a counter space and some storage in there a little

Dark in here but you get the idea there’s more shelves up in this area so yeah pretty cool little kitchen back here um definitely a unique camper build hardwood floor you know it’s it’s a pretty cool one um and down in there you have you can’t really see it but there is an inverter with some simple outlets if you want to just run 12-volt accessories um plug them

In there it also has two house batteries so there’s a lot of potential to do solar on this one if you’re planning on doing some more off the grid stuff it’s got the batteries and the space for wiring to do so you also have a trailer hitch already installed in this one with a plug-in right there tug master so that is pretty cool not something you see too often

On these vans in from japan and then your shore power plug is right here and actually let’s just slam this a little more so it closes all the way so short power plug in right there it does have a short power cable stored inside and it plugs into normal 120 110 volt 4 power so yeah that’s pretty much it with this van um it’s a really really cool van it’s a really

Unique one that we don’t see too often i don’t think we’ve ever had one this specific configuration but you can see just how clean it is on the outside it looks pretty immaculate and with the four-wheel drive and the diesel um it’s a great kind of off-the-grid overland van you can really take these things anywhere and it’s a great camper configuration super simple

So yeah awesome van that’s probably not going to stick around too long at all so check it out on the website jdm car and motorcycle dot com it’s super clean honestly one of my favorite campers we’ve had come through so yeah 1993 or maybe hang on we double check the year actually yeah 93 high ace camper lh-129 four-wheel drive diesel thank you for watching

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1995 Toyota Hiace LH129 CAMPER Diesel 4WD Walkaround By JDM CAR and MOTORCYCLE