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2 Hidden Storage Compartments Found on The R3/25

In this video I show you 2 Hidden Storage compartments that I have found on the R3 Perfect to fit a first aid kit and a emergency tool kit. Now these areas are for things that you will not be accessing on a daily basis and to always have something on your bike at all times without needed to carry an extra back pack.

Hey there youtube fans ac productions here and today i’m gonna be showing you on these two hidden compartments on the r3 where you could actually keep stuff now for most of you guys i know that riding with a backpack you know it just doesn’t feel comfortable so right without a book bag you know it feels really good but you know sometimes you need a place to keep

Your things you know having on the back seat you really can’t fit much in there so i actually found two spots on r3 where you could actually keep essential things like first-aid kit and then the other one is going to be an emergency tool kit so there’s gonna be the two little things that i’ll be showing you for this video now you’re wondering you’re like alright

Afonso just hurry up and tell us where these two locations are at now before i get to that point there is gonna be some tools that you’re gonna need to actually remove these parts to actually get access to these two spots on the bike now one’s gonna be a four millimeter allen key and a small phillips screwdriver alright enough of me talking let’s hurry up get to

The bike and let me show you exactly where these two parts are at for you guys to actually put things in all right now the two spots i’m actually talking about is actually these two areas where these panels are at a panel here on this side and the panel on the left side now as i was working a lot of my bike i was looking in this area and it’s actually a perfect

Spot to fit things now like i said you’re gonna need a four millimeter allen key and a small little phillips screwdriver go ahead and remove a bolt here and a bolt here once you remove these bolts guys and those two small ones on the side you don’t to put the small ones on the sides anymore and these you could actually replace with these quick-release pins so

Let me go ahead and remove this piece and then show you what i’m talking about as far as storage now this is a very uncommon place that you would never think to actually put anything but as soon as i remove this plastic piece now let’s go ahead and grab that first aid kit that you saw that i try to put in the back seat but didn’t fit now here is my first aid kit

Now as you could see right in this area alright right there you could see this well obviously on my bike i do have a ton of wires here but in your bike you’re not gonna have these wires so this is a nice little pocket area and in that little pocket area you could actually fit this first-aid kit which i’ll show you right now so as you could see a good spot to put

Something in go ahead and put that first-aid kit you know would be my first thing to put probably on this side so let’s go ahead fit that in there like so and then once you get it in there go ahead grab your cover and like i say kit always replace those bolts get some quick-release bolts and and put those there so at this point you could just go ahead as you can

See my first-aid pouch is right there and then it’s gonna go ahead and put the cover back on here in the book to actually get the cover but once you get the cover on there you’re all good to go and like i said guys you don’t have to go ahead and put those two little spit-up pins that go on this side just get the quick-release screws they could put over here and

Back over here on this side now you have a hidden area away from everybody no one’s ever gonna know that you have something in this little pocket area the nor nor even you know either on this side or on that side like i said on this side a little bit more easier on this side just make sure whatever you put in there goes towards the front a little bit because at

The bottom part over here you could do got your radiator and the cover for the radiator so definitely whatever you put on that side so make sure it’s more towards the front as compared to this so you have more leeway on space and whatnot and and storage or you could put this little guy now you stay tuned for another video where i’ll be showing you what’s exactly

Inside this pouch so but same thing you could stick this pouch in there like so and once you get it in there nice and tucked away you go ahead and put your cover back on and like i said you know these are two spots that no one has ever thought of actually putting stuff because you know you never think to put anything in there for me i’ve since you know i wouldn’t

Like to ride with a backpack all the time and having you know things that you’re not really gonna get to all that often i would say it’d be perfect you know having this on one side and then having a you know oh first-aid kit on the other side and perfect like i said these are not things that you’re gonna be constantly going in and you know grabbing all the time

You know just in case another emergency that you need to get to this pouch or if you need to get to your first-aid kit you know you’ll have this stuff always with you on your bike at all times so i think having a nice little storage space where you could actually keep this kind of stuff is perfect so i kind of just wanted to share with you guys it’s pretty a short

Video on these two storage areas that i found and i find them to be very useful if you guys enjoyed the video smash that like button if you haven’t yet subscribed don’t forget to subscribe hit that notification bell that way you guys are up to date with my latest videos if you guys have any questions don’t forget to leave them in the comments below and if you did

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2 Hidden Storage Compartments Found on The R3/25 By AC Productions