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2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke – 300 vs 300 – The Ride – Episode 240

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Have your guys i will turn my channel here today i’m out to drive the circle 300 at the frg back you back with the km 300 i see you throw against the for show today and we’re in i tried to find an area with good single track inderal style stuff this is right where the 300s gfr is in the television site in a trail like that hike turn like that stars and trees

Pop hills down hills that’s where this thing it made you go and it felt good you can happen we’ll know in a minute you when we compare it right with the 300 km two-stroke which one feels more nimble dr. ruth like the tight you gotta make sure you don’t set your hand off or your hat off in this stuff love these tree roots here tree branches right there well

If you literally just knock you right off the bike sheryl’s up you can’t spit dam through a lot of stuff shows if you stand do you nurture them you get wiped off the body there’s a great session would work to test this circle kiss me this is carbon through here and the thing is falling great all right doodlee okay toes i know a heck of a lot more power to

Another hill this year go all right guys you can see that i’ve lined up the video on these two bikes for the exact same point i’ve got the audio a little bit lower on the share co since we’ve already heard the sure ko go up so the audio is mostly from the ktm let’s take a look and see how they do on this section of trail the shirt was fine with howard i can

Tell you it looks like i’m about four or five feet ahead on the circle at that point right on about here and run this light don’t feel longer it doesn’t feel when you learned that like feels and ripen right now despite talking about how the kpm felt longer i’m about five or six feet ahead on the ktm at this point through this it feels right undocumented i’m

Not going to say that this is like that really any hater when i circle senor because because that means you’re filming on a circle turn which and despite the circle feeling faster to turn i’m about 15 to 20 feet up on the ktm here it makes it it makes it feel freaking quick around each turn knowing that tight turn on the brain mistaken i’m gonna go ahead and

Say it boyo it’s turning better than laughing did you hear that the circle felt more natural for me to corner but i’m a little bit faster on the ktm anyway i like the suspension suspension value better on the two more how come a shot for citrate only two it is heavier thing you can set all the boxes you don’t how i like to coming what these surprise at home

After intersection fung circle not again my perception there was that i was faster on the shirk oh because so easy determine as you can see by this freeze-frame here i’m about 60 70 feet up on the ktm definitely you definitely find the cosmi are damaged not circumcised principal and now you can see i’ve emerged from the wood on the ktm on the right and i’m

Just it’s just right up ahead on the shirt oh and there i’m out on a shortcut and then this sector the sector feels longer and you feel you feel it takes a little bit more effort to get this thing to lean over as opposed to that shirt oh oh my gosh okay this is the same section of trail in reverse see that flat white rock that’s up ahead of the fender off of

The left hand side or lined up again this ain’t got enough torque horsepower you see really i just been saying that for the last several weeks all i’ve been doing was riding the 300s efr the sure coe and you can see i’m pacing really well with it active in which to change the come on decide turn dajin trees two or three feet ahead on the circle remember to

Perales this way on the other bike looks like those little yes my line choice was obviously a lot better on the ktm in that last section because i’ve gapped it by like 60 feet so let’s see if i can close that distance at all on the shirt spoiler alert i never really do close that gap but i also never do get further behind and it’s just a testament to how

Good this 300 sef re basically good suprisingly nimble and then yellow horsepower employee isn’t only around those corners looks like i’m about two seconds behind on the shirt go again i think that was lying choice at the top of one of those hills and y’all have to ship it on not sure exactly what kara minimum in secular serving second nunim o’clock i’m not

Movin yes well there some three terms were really tight my hands there’s my hands left at this point i say in the video and i totally believed that i was faster on the shirt co i just felt like i was in a better flow in those trees going both directions and i was super super impressed with the shirt coat now the footage doesn’t doesn’t say that i was faster

On the shirt go the footage says that i was faster on the ktm and i’ve been riding the shirt oh a lot that’s the only bike had been riding here for the last three weeks so it was a little bit of adjustment for me to get back on the ktm but that shirt go it did phenomenal i was just a little bit faster on the two-stroke this time hey guys if you didn’t already

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2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke – 300 vs 300 – The Ride – Episode 240 By Dirt Bike Channel